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1. Brokers for short selling (Thinkorswim is my favorite broker, Interactive Brokers is best for shorting penny stocks under $1/share)

2. How to short sell penny stocks?

3. Legal to short sell stocks under $5?

4. Where do I find my stocks to trade?

5. Why you don’t trust promoters

6. Overview post on penny stock fraud & manipulaton

7. Why my success is due to preparation each day

8. How much $ do I make blogging? $1.3 million in the last year or so

9. Why premarket watchlists are useful

10. How much $ can you make trading? Shutup you greedy little child & learn

11. Do CEOs ever get mad at me for exposing them? Yes, check out this one CEO…right before the SEC halted them

12. 10 good penny stock websites

13. 94 trading lessons

14. Example of the kind of stock I LOVE shorting

15. See all my recent trades

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