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Don’t Make This Classic Mistake In The Stock Market

Recently, I’ve been blogging about the problems that my students have, as I did in this blog post “A Controversial Problem That Too Many Of My Students Have” which tried to get students to be less narrow-minded in their approaches to various strategies and my blog post entitled “This Is A Big Problem” that outlined some of th fears that cripple too many students and prevent them from achieving all they can and becoming my next millionaire trading challenge student.

Today’s problem is exemplified nicely by this video I just posted: Continue reading

A Controversial Problem That Too Many Of My Students Have

I recently wrote a blog post entitled “This Is A Big Problem” in which I talked about how fear holds too many of my students back from achieving their full potential. While education, practice and experience all help solve that problem over time, it does take time and too many people give up along the way.

Today I want to expose another big problem I see — which really reared its ugly head in response to my charity’s latest $25,000 donation: Continue reading

How Much Should You Study To Be Successful?

Study To Be Successful

A few weeks ago I wrote these 2 important blog posts: “What’s The Minimum Needed To Trade Penny Stocks?” and “Are You Studying And Working The Wrong Way?” as sadly far too many people think they can become my next millionaire trading challenge student by putting in the minimum money and minimum effort.

So, you must ask yourself this same question and be honest with what’s the best answer for you as we’re all different!

I’m sorry to break it to you, but NOTHING in life worth doing comes easy and that is especially true in the quest to become a millionaire. That’s why there are so few millionaires in the trading world, because it’s damn tough and you need to work harder than you ever imagined on your preparation.

That’s why I make videos like this new one I just posted: Continue reading

Trading Challenge Success: How To Turn $2,300 Into $130,000 In 1 Year

trading challenge success

trading challenge Success

Many of my students have experienced trading challenge success and are finding six and seven-figure success, like this guy and this guy and this guy too, but lately some of my students who begin with just $2,000-$5,000 like this young but dedicated family man are having the most success…because of how little they start with, they’re hungrier and they spend more time watching all my video lessons, webinars and DVDs….and while there’s no magic formula for outright success in the stock market, every new successful student tells me the key to their profits, and understanding how to repeat the process of attaining such profits, all stems from constant study.

And I’m not talking 1-2 hours/day of constant study, my top trading challenge students are so obsessed with their education that they’re putting in 10-17 hours PER DAY into studying the past and present stock market and only after several months of such insane behavior do things really start clicking.

Read this blog post and this blog post and this blog post too if you have a small account and want to learn how to grow it exponentially.

I’ll give you a new example as today I woke up to a truly great email from one of my trading challenge students named Adrian: Continue reading

How To Get Better At Trading Penny Stocks

how to get better at trading penny stocks

How to Get Better at Trading Penny Stocks

You might think that becoming a successful penny stock trader is easy, but as you’ll learn if you want to become my next millionaire trading challenge student you will have to continually refine your trading process and learn the patterns that work best FOR YOU!

So, start by doing these nine things, and see for yourself the incredible effect it can have on your career as a penny stock trader as I want more millionaire trading challenge students like this guy and this guy and now this guy too! Continue reading

How To Develop A Trading Style

get motivated fast

How To Develop a Trading Style

If you want to separate yourself from the many traders who fail and set yourself up for long term success like my top millionaire trading challenge students and I, you must take the time to develop your own trading style.

What exactly do I mean by a trading style? Basically, I’m referring to traders who have really taken the time to develop, hone, and refine their personal trading based on their own strengths, weaknesses and comfort levels so that they can predictably and reliably gain incredible financial returns. Continue reading

8 Habits Of Successful Entrepreneurs And Self-Made Millionaires

things entrepreneurs do

This post contains some great habits that success entrepreneurs have that most other people don’t have and while from the outside it may seem that these habits don’t apply to “regular” people, once you begin to look a little deeper, you’ll see that these successful entrepreneur habits aren’t anything crazy or out of reach and can actually help you succeed!

Download the key points of this post as PDF.

And, more importantly, once you begin to cultivate these habits in your own life, you may find that you will begin to develop a lot more tendencies that will help you in life…so take a look at this list and see how you stack up: Continue reading

This Is A Big Problem

Penny Stock Fear

Overcoming Fear Of Trading

Before you can find success in the stock market, you have to overcome your fear as one of the biggest roadblocks that keeps people from finding financial success as traders is that they are too hesitant to actually take the leap…and because I trade scared every single day, I’m not scared to trade!

Download the key points of this post as PDF.

While it’s true that trading penny stocks comes with a healthy dose of risk, there are ways to overcome it. Here, I’ll offer some specific tips on how to overcome your fears so that you can open the door to making money.

1. Ask yourself: what’s the worst that could happen? It can be extremely effective to face your fears head on. Often, it’s fear of the unknown that is so scary. If you define your fears or worst case scenarios, you may find that they’re not nearly as bad as you think. Continue reading