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Ask My Student Who Turned $1,500 Into $4.7 Million ANYTHING

Ask my Student Anything

You Can ask My Student Who Turned $1,500 Into $4.7 Million ANYTHING!

As you might’ve read the other day in this post “3 Big Milestones This Week” my top trading challenge students and I have had a VERY busy few days/weeks even though August is typically the slowest month of the year…but the past 2 summers August has been on fire, along with June and July so take advantage of it! Continue reading

3 Big Milestones This Week

Big Milestones

It’s been an absolutely crazy week, with some big milestones, for my top trading challenge students and I as the Bitcoin plays have made us all a good chunk of change and I congratulate SO many of you on making $500, $1,000, $even $5,000-$35,000 in a day…here’s a new video lesson I just posted of this student who I previously wrote about HERE as he outlined how he made nearly $10,000 in one day the other day…and mind you this is a guy who had just $4,000 to his name less than a year ago so he’s come VERY far VERY fast: Continue reading

Bitcoin’s Amazing Performance And Responding To All Those Who Hate It

Bitcoin's Amazing Performance

I just made this new video lesson a few hours ago:

Bitcoin’s Amazing Performance And the feedback has been interesting to say the least — not 1 Bitcoin guide sold despite hundreds of messages to explain it further, and more surprisingly, SO MANY hateful messages regarding this crypto-currency despite it now spiking to $4,100+ adding another 5% since I made the video lesson so the hate truly blows my mind.

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How To Make Exponential Gains

Your goal should be to make exponential gains. Unlike most of Wall Street that is obsessed with generating 10-20% annual returns for investors — because it’s safe and a good cash cow in terms of fees for brokers, mutual funds, hedge funds and pretty much the entire financial industry — I’m focused on helping with generate ridiculous annual returns in the realm of 200%+, 500%, even 1,000%+ by focusing on weird little niche strategies that are ideal for small accounts.

URGENT: I convinced one of my most financially successful friends to give you a free webinar HERE in just a few days Continue reading

How To Become My Next Big Student Success Story

student success story


Before we get into how to become my next big student success story. Yesterday I reviewed different dip buying patterns HERE, so please be sure to watch that video lesson and realize that not all dip buys are created alike…this game isn’t as simple or as easy as anyone wants it to be and if you ignore the different catalysts and intricacies it’ll cost you a lot of money and I don’t want that to happen. Continue reading

Meet My Student Roland Who Turned $4,000 Into $170,000 In 7 Months

URGENT: This just opened up today, jump on it ASAP

I hope you’re having a good weekend because I have so much good news to report, it’s crazy…first, my student Roland who I just featured here in this must read blog post when he passed $100,000 in profits is now at $170,000 in profits as you can see ALL his trades HERE, after starting with just $4,000 less than a year ago…he’s just the latest after this young man to experience these kinds of exponential gains and it all comes down to preparation. THIS DVD and THIS GUIDE shaped Roland’s knowledge, along with THIS DVD he also mentions so study up as I want more dedicated students like this!

Secondly, get excited all your trading challenge students because this great trader just informed us he’ll be doing a live trading webinar tomorrow at 9am EST so be ready!

Third, my conference sold out in just a few days and we had the biggest room at the hotel, but we just bought out one of the neighboring smaller conferences in the room next door so we have 50 extra spots HERE and trust me they will go fast so lock in your ticket ASAP

So, enjoy this awesome video below, please share it on twitter, Facebook and tag me as you can help me spread inspirational stories like these and good rules too that more people should utilize.

And please congratulate Roland in the comments section of this blog post, I know he appreciates our community so much and I’m SO proud of this hard working stay-at-home dad’s success as he is proof that hard work and studying pays off


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How To Make Money With Penny Stocks Right Now

penny stocks

Normally summer is a slower trading time, but these past 2 years have been outliers and now the past few weeks have been crazy with SO many hot penny stocks it’s tough to keep up…please use this weekend to review all the best patterns working right now.

First, watch this new video I just made summarizing today’s biggest winners with XXII and GPRO being PERFECT multi-month breakouts and LBUY having a solid morning panic I predicted in this video lesson ahead of time:

Congratulations to 2 of my top trading challenge students, Roland and Mark who each made $1,000-$2,500 today and both are now well on their way to becoming my next millionaire trading challenge students. Continue reading

10 Quotes To Inspire You To Become A Better Trader

Quotes About Trading

Given the mentally trying nature of trading, you really can use all the support and motivation you can get. These ten quotes about trading offer inspiration and insight that can help you stay with it during the hard times and inspire you to become a better trader.

Trading is not for the faint of heart and we must always remember that 90% of traders lose so preparation is key. Even with a lot of hard work and preparation, it can be a challenging profession at times, fraught with risk and potential loss. However, the benefits and financial rewards can make it all worthwhile for those who are up to the challenge.
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8 Ways To Spot More Trading Opportunities

URGENT: 2 days left on this special

Having the patience to wait for truly great setups like these is a skill you can learn, but have you ever noticed that some traders seem to spot trading opportunities with no problem, while others struggle to get ahead?

Download the key points of this post as PDF.

No, it’s not just a matter of good (or bad) luck. There’s a direct correlation between a trader’s attitude and conduct and the volume and quality of opportunities that they capitalize on. These are 8 easy ways to spot the best trading opportunities. Continue reading

3 Must Watch New Video Lessons

You gotta see these new trading video lessons!

If you read my Friday blog post entitled “You WILL Study These Videos This Weekend…Or Else” you might have sensed that despite there being SEVERAL perfect plays the past few days — for longs and short sellers alike — and the fact that SEVERAL of my top students and I are on absolute fire with our trading, I am not a happy camper right now because only a few of my top trading challenge students and I are profiting consistently while the vast majority of my social media followers and students waste opportunity after opportunity.

Download the key points of this post as PDF.

Why must I keep featuring the same top trading challenge students like this who understand the key to profiting four and five figures in a day or two is constant study and preparation as the absolute best trades can be planned in your head BEFORE you risk your hard-earned money: Continue reading