Case Study: The Evolution of Mark Croock

Mark’s Case Study: Key Takeaways

  • I met Mark Croock as a student in my Trading Challenge way back in 2010…
  • He’s a conservative trader who’s used my chart patterns to take on the options market…
  • PLUS — I’ll reveal the 3 technical indicators Mark looks for in every trade…

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In the crazy world of day trading, there are gunslingers and grinders. My longtime student Mark Croock is a grinder! From ditching a boring day job to becoming a millionaire day trader, Mark’s proven he’s meticulous and careful with everything he does. And it’s paid off for him— Mark’s made a cool $3 million+ trading penny stocks and options. (Not too shabby!) See the major milestones in Mark’s amazing career…


  • 2010: Mark joins my Trading Challenge and begins trading full time
  • 2012: Mark’s trading account reaches $100K
  • 2016: I name Mark Student of the Year…
  • 2018: Mark hits the million-dollar milestone…
  • 2020: What a year! Mark makes $1,220,135.34 ( biggest year yet!)
  • 2021: Mark bags his biggest trade of all time ($127,800)!


Mark’s a technical trader. He studies charts and looks for very specific patterns. Beyond that, there are three technical indicators Mark looks for in every single trade: volume, volatility, and catalysts.

Another thing to know about Mark is that he has a negative bias — he likes to short stocks more than he likes to go long. Mark usually buys weekly put options to cap his risk and leverage his gains.

The Former Accountant’s Numbers

  • Started trading with $50,000 in 2010
  • 53% win rate
  • Over $3 million in lifetime trading profits (and counting…)
  • Average gain of over $1,800 per trade
  • Average % gain of over 7.5% per trade

Trading Superpowers

  • Versatility! Mark trades penny stocks and options, both long and short…
  • The Best Kind of Stubborn. Mark’s never satisfied. He’s always looking to improve — even when he’s winning!
  • Patience. Mark waits for his best setups and sticks to his comfort zone.

Evolve Your Trading With Mark!