Top Penny Stocks to Watch for March 2023

By Timothy Sykes

Last updated on March 16, 2023
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Penny stocks refer to stocks which trade at $5 per share or less. That’s the official definition at least. In spirit, these low-priced stocks are volatile and sketchy. They sell hope like other companies sell products. Despite it all, penny stocks are still the best way to build a small account quickly.

The top penny stocks I’m watching in March aren’t your ticket to fame and fortune …

NO, they won’t become the next Tesla or Amazon. And NO, you shouldn’t “set it and forget it.”

The market is full of deluded newbies who want to HODL until they get rich quick … or more likely, blow up their accounts. Frankly, traders like this make our job easier. That’s because they don’t understand the right way to trade these stocks.

The approach I teach my Trading Challenge students relies on reacting to what the market tells us, not predicting. It relies on chart patterns that I’ve been trading for the past two decades — which still work in the dumb world of penny stocks.

Most of all, my approach relies on HARD WORK, not picking the right stocks. I want you paying attention to my process, not my stock picks. That’s how you learn to build your own watchlists.

Let’s get to it!

Top 3 Penny Stocks to Watch for March 2023

My top 3 penny stocks to watch for March 2023 are:

  • (OTCPK: AABB) — Asia Broadband Inc. — The Penny Stock That Cried Market Manipulation
  • (OTCQB: CLNV) — Clean Vision Corp. — The Choppy Penny Stock on a Multi-Month Run
  • (OTCQB: ABML) — American Battery Technology Co. — The EV Battery Penny Stock Play

March 2023 has been rough …

The markets surged through January. There was some consolidation and a little weakness in February.

But in March … so far there’s the beginnings of a bank crisis and the markets are moving toward lows for the year.

It’s pretty scary stuff for Wall Street. Here’s what I posted to Twitter about it …

Don’t worry. If you’re not directly exposed to these banks, you’re probably fine.

The FDIC seems to have things under control. And the crisis is localized to banks involved with crypto and venture capitalists in the tech industry.

With that being said … this is a catalyst that will likely alter my trading.

If the market continues lower, I might trade more conservatively.

It’ll be the same patterns, but I might take profits sooner or cut losses more quickly than usual.

Three out of four stocks follow the market. And in my niche, that means any potential stock spikes might be a little more muted.

There are still opportunities, but less room for error.

Another thing I’m watching for … sector momentum.

Sometimes, when there’s a big catalyst in the market (like a bank crisis), the volatility appears in a specific sector and spikes a bunch of low-float tickers that relate to it.

There isn’t anything specific that I see yet. But as I’m writing this, the catalyst is still young.

Best Penny Stocks for March 2023

These are the top 3 penny stocks to watch in March 2023 …

No, that doesn’t mean that I’ll trade them. Learn the patterns that work best for you — you might see a chance to use them with these stocks!

#1: Asia Broadband Inc. (OTCPK: AABB) — The Penny Stock That Cried Market Manipulation

My first penny stock pick is Asia Broadband Inc. (OTCPK: AABB).

I’ve traded this ticker many times.

Most recently on March 9, 2023. I managed to squeeze almost $1k out of it (starting stake $15,648).

The bounce I traded is one way I’ve made more than $62k on this stock in my career (click the link to see my individual trades).

Past spikers can spike again. And AABB is a wonderful example of that.

There are spikes from 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023.

Here’s a video from when I traded it back in 2021 …

The reason why I stay in this niche … the same stocks will spike over and over. And these stocks follow the same patterns…

Check out my number one pattern here!

The predictability is truly remarkable.

With that said, understand it’s still possible to lose while trading these stocks. Go back a few years, look at the chart and realize these spikes never last forever. The price will come down eventually.

It’s our job to capitalize on the volatility and get out before it crashes.

The stock is spiking this time because it claimed there’s some illegal trade activity going on.

It’s very similar to the catalyst that spiked Genius Group Limited (AMEX: GNS) 1,400% earlier this year.

Watch AABB for a continued move higher.

#2: Clean Vision Corp. (OTCQB: CLNV) — The Choppy Penny Stock on a Multi-Month Run

My second penny stock pick is Clean Vision Corp. (OTCQB: CLNV).

It’s interesting that I mentioned GNS and illegal trading for my first pick … because CLNV is part of the same sector.

It announced an illegal trade investigation on February 24, 2023. I day traded it for a $418 profit (starting stake $5,747).

And it’s not the only time this ticker’s gone on a run. The price has a recent history of spiking. It surged 400% in November 2022 and another 100% in February 2023 before I traded it.

I’ve made more than $8k in lifetime profits on this stock (click the link to see my individual trades) … I’ve got it on watch whenever there are recent spikes and a hot catalyst.

It’s a quality play to watch for more volatility.

#3: American Battery Technology Co. (OTCQB: ABML) — The EV Battery Penny Stock Play

My third penny stock pick is American Battery Technology Co. (OTCQB: ABML).

It’s the top EV play on my watchlist right now.

This sector isn’t as hot as it’s been before. But clearly there are solid opportunities when it comes to the right stocks.

ABML is a lithium battery company — the type used in electric vehicles.

Considering the current market pivot toward EVs, it’s easy to see the reason that demand for lithium batteries continues to grow.

And one of the largest U.S. lithium deposits was just discovered, and is owned, by none other than ABML.

Consequently, the price surged 140%.

I’ve already traded this catalyst a few times. As well as the huge 2,400% spike between December 2020 and February 2021. Here’s some live trading footage from that move …

I’ve made more than $22k trading ABML in my career (click the link to see my individual trades).

I’m hoping for some continued volatility ahead.

A huge lithium deposit is the kind of news with legs. It could propel the price past recent highs if we get some more volume.

How to Use This Penny Stocks Watch List

My watchlists aren’t rocket science. They’re a product of paying attention to what’s already happened.

The stocks on this list are former runners with recent news. That means I’m not the only one paying attention to them.

You should use this list as a model for your own watchlists.

Don’t just copy the stocks on this list. Learn my selection process and create your own.

Sign up here and I’ll send you a new NO-COST watchlist every week.

Can You Trade Penny Stocks?

Penny stocks get a bad rap, especially from Wall Street types.

Sure, 99% of them are crap. Some are even outright scams aiming to take money from their stock customers.

But where else can you earn 15-30% profits on a single day trade?

Penny stocks are only bad if you start to believe the hype. Take Ocean Biomedical (NASDAQ: OCEA), a biotech penny stock that’s had some early 2023 spikes on positive news for its cancer treatment candidate.

It’s got an awesome story to sell. And — just maybe — they’ll become the maker of a front-line cancer treatment.

But you know who I’d bet on instead? Eli Lilly and Co. (NYSE: LLY), a $300-billion company with several FDA-approved cancer treatments already on the market.

They’ve got a $7 billion R&D budget. So yes, they’ll probably beat OCEA to any game-changing advancements.

If you buy a penny stock thinking it will become the next Amazon, you’re basically buying a lottery ticket. That can be fun, but it’s no way to build your trading account.

The right way to go about it requires discipline and a good trading plan.

5 Tips on How to Choose the Best Penny Stocks to Watch

I want my students to become self-sufficient. Like I said before, my watchlists aren’t rocket science. I build them by sticking to these five steps.

Tip #1: Look for Big Percent Gainers

How do you find hot stocks? The first step is learning to use the right stock screener tools.

I use StocksToTrade — a powerful trading platform with more than 40 built-in scans. It doesn’t hurt that some of them were tailored around my strategies.

I scan in premarket to know what’s moving. Penny stocks that know the game often put out PR in premarket. This gives traders the whole day to send their stock prices up before they dilute.

I typically look for 10% gainers. These are the stocks that the rest of the market has their eyes on.

Tip #2: Look for Big Volume

Volume is the proof of demand. If a stock has enough volume — on a small amount of shares — that’s a good sign that the price will continue to move.

Plus, big daily trading volume usually signifies liquidity. Even if you lose money on these stocks, you can always unload them quickly.

Tip #3: Look for a Penny Stock News Catalyst

The ‘product’ of most penny stocks is their own stock. They want to pump it up, then the stock’s insiders can trade into this built-up demand.

A lot of penny stock traders will believe anything, but I won’t. I want to see real news and events behind a stock move before I trade it. News catalysts can come from anywhere — Instagram, newsletters, actual news outlets …

News catalysts usually come from companies that are frequently in the public eye. Find penny stock companies for your watchlist with a strong media presence and you’ll be prepared for future catalysts.

You can look on the internet for news — or better yet, check out my favorite news alert service, Breaking News Chat!

Breaking News Chat is my secret weapon — and the key to a good number of my recent trades.

Add Breaking News to your arsenal for the next 2 weeks — it’s $17 to try out!

Tip #4: Look at the Long-Term Charts

I talk about former runners a lot. That’s one reason I’ll research a stock’s long-term chart…

If I know it has run in the past, I’ll know it can do it again. And looking at its past performance data can help me tell the difference between a multi-day runner and a one-and-done spike.

My usual advice still stands — react, don’t predict. Don’t research past data trying to predict when the stock’s going to run. Research it to understand the effect that unusual volume and news has on the stock, so you can react faster.

I don’t do anything too complicated with my charting and analysis. I’ve been using my 7-step pennystocking framework for the past 10 years…

I still use it because the game hasn’t changed.

Check out my 7-step framework here.

Tip #5: Use the Twitter Scanner on StocksToTrade

You have to know if a stock is being pumped before you trade it. Twitter is the first place all the wannabe influencers go to hype up a stock.

If you’re wary about getting sucked into the Twitter hellscape, StocksToTrade is way ahead of you. Using the built-in Twitter scanner, you’ll have access to a running feed of stock tweets.

You can even customize the feed if you like.

Get your 14-day StocksToTrade trial HERE — only $7.

If Most Penny Stock Companies Fail, Why Not Just Short Sell?

Shorting is the easiest way to blow up your account. And it’s even more dangerous now that retail traders know the signs of high short interest.

Since GameStop squeezed on short interest close to 120%, they’ve been out for blood.

When you buy a stock, you can only lose what you put into the position. When you short sell, you risk all the money in your account.

Of course, you can hit your targets as a short seller. Many of my top students focus on short selling, the same way I did a decade ago. But the number of messages and comments I get almost daily from short sellers getting caught in short squeezes is … scary.

How Much Money Do I Need to Get Started?

Many brokers have done away with minimums for cash accounts. But that isn’t the cost you should be worried about. The market will take your money if you’re unprepared.

Education is what separates the winners and losers in trading.

Trading gurus can point you to all the “trading opportunities” you ask for. All the market information, resources, and updates in the world mean nothing if you don’t understand the basis for a good trade.

But fear not — giving new traders their education is what I was put on this earth to do!

I’ve been trading for more than 20 years. During that time, I’ve made over $7.4 million in career earnings.

That isn’t what I’m most proud of. It’s that more than 30 of my Trading Challenge students have developed into millionaire traders.

This didn’t happen because they got hot stock picks. I was relentlessly honest about my successes and failures and taught them to be that way too.

How Do You Become a Millionaire Trader?

You don’t become a millionaire trader by trying to impress your Twitter followers with results, like so many other ‘gurus’ do. You get there by being honest with them, and yourself. That’s why I’m always honest with my students — ESPECIALLY about my failures. I’ve even written articles about failures and how to recover from them.

Because they’re not real failures if I’m following my rules, and cutting my losses quickly. When I lose, I want to show my students the right way to trade. That’s the secret to becoming a self-sufficient trader — knowing how to manage your losses.

Join My Trading Challenge Today

Are you ready for this level of real talk? Apply for my Trading Challenge and show me what you’ve got.

We don’t accept everyone. We like to limit our community to people who are humble, people who work hard.

Think you’ve got what it takes? Apply to my Trading Challenge today!


Penny stocks can be a blessing or a curse — it’s all in your trading strategy.

If you’re new to this, start paying attention. Study the things I teach.

Working hard is the only way to survive in penny stock land.

What’s on your penny stock watchlist? Let me know in the comments!


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