Top Penny Stocks to Watch for September 2021

Top Penny Stocks to Watch: Key Takeaways

  • Clean Vision Corp. is up on a patent filing and an article calling it “one of the most promising sustainable stocks to buy.”
  • Cuba Beverage Company has all the makings of a classic pump.
  • Metal Arts Co., Inc. spiked 630% on change of control news.

Be grateful that OTCs are hot again, but please don’t trust penny stock promoters. Blatant pumps lead to blown-up accounts every time. Ride the hype, but don’t believe it.

  1. Clean Vision Corp. (OTCPK: CLNV … read my analysis here)
  2. Cuba Beverage Company (OTCPK: CUBV … read my analysis here)
  3. Lightwave Logic Inc. (NASDAQ: LWLG … read my analysis here)
  4. Metal Arts Co., Inc. (OTCPK: MTRT … read my analysis here)
  5. Gex Management Inc. (OTCPK: GXXM … read my analysis here)

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Here’s the list of top penny stocks to watch in September 2021…

Top 5 Penny Stocks to Watch September 2021

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Clean Vision Corp. (OTCPK: CLNV)

Clean Vision Corp. is a holding company that acquires and runs companies in the clean tech and energy sectors.

On August 24, subsidiary Clean-Seas filed a patent for its blockchain-based Plastic Conversion Network (PCN).

Clean Vision CEO Dan Bates said, “The PCN was created to solve a global problem. We recognize that these millions of tons of waste plastic have a high caloric (energy) content and can produce high-value, environmentally friendly commodities […] Using the blockchain to manage and load balance the network, we improve transparency, efficiency and operational costs, driving down the cost of processing and further increasing our profitability.”

Read the full press release here.

This August 26 article said CLNV “may be one of the most promising sustainable stocks to buy.”

Check out the CLNV one-year chart…

As you can see, CLNV is way off its 52-week high of $0.228. But the patent news and article, along with higher than average volume, spiked it 240% in four days. I’m watching for potential dip buys into any big intraday panic.

Cuba Beverage Company (OTCPK: CUBV)

Cuba Beverage Company is a shell company with no operations. But it does have Twitter on fire. The company started tweeting about potential merger candidates in July. It also tweeted it was negotiating with a lithium-extraction company.

An August 27 tweet linked to California-based lithium extraction company Lilac Solutions, Inc. And an August 31 tweet said, “We’re driving out to the Salton Sea today for inspection.” (Lilac Solutions has been linked with the Salton Sea and an investment by Bill Gates.)

Before you believe the hype, a little perspective…

Cuba Beverage Company has a history of name and business description changes. (See them here on the company’s OTC Markets profile page.) It has one full-time employee and zero revenue

I won’t try to predict whether a merger will happen or not. Just remember, 99% of OTC companies fail.

Here’s the CUBV one-year chart…

CUBV spiked 44% in 15 minutes after the Salton Sea tweet. It hit a 52-week high of $0.043 before pulling back. I’m watching for potential dip buys into any big morning panic. But I’ll also watch for more spiking with volume and, ideally, a news catalyst.

I traded CUBV on August 27 and 31 thanks to StocksToTrade’s Breaking News Chat.** The most recent was a $542 win after the company tweet. See details of all my CUBV trades here.*

Lightwave Logic Inc. (NASDAQ: LWLG)

Lightwave Logic also featured on my top penny stocks list and weekly update. The company is developing electro-optic photonic devices using organic polymers. Think faster data transmission. Hopefully, it leads to faster Wi-Fi. (I’m always in search of faster Wi-Fi.)

LWLG gained roughly 25% on August 27 news that the company is uplisting to the Nasdaq today. It gained another 16% on Monday.

Here’s the LWLG one-year chart…

LWLG is a classic example of my 7-step framework. It went full supernova in late June. Since then it’s done a #4, #5, and #6. You can learn a lot from it. Study the chart and read this post, especially if you missed it.

I’m watching LWLG for potential dip buys into any big morning panic. Once it starts trading on the Nasdaq, it will be available to more traders/investors. And that means it will trade differently. The question is, how will the market view the uplisting?

Metal Arts Co., Inc. (OTCPK: MTRT)

Metal Arts is a shell company. In the past, it was in the metal fabrication business.

On August 30, the company announced a change in control and new management…

“[…] as a result of a private sale of 7,665,000 shares of common stock of MTRT, control of MTRT passed to Medium, Inc., a company incorporated under the laws of South Korea.

A new board of directors of MTRT, consisting of Messrs. Pan Jong Kim, Kiwoon Biak, and Yunho Chung, were appointed.”

Read the full press release here.

Check out the MTRT one-year chart…

MTRT spiked 630% on August 30 before pulling back to close up 348%. On August 31, it hit a new 52-week high of $1.19. Thanks to a StocksToTrade Breaking News alert I traded it for a $774 win on August 31.*

I’m watching MTRT for potential dip buys into any big panic, ideally at the open. I’ll also watch to see how the change of control plays out with Twitter promoters. Again, ride the hype but don’t believe it.

Gex Management Inc. (OTCPK: GXXM)

Gex Management Inc. is a business management services provider.

At the time of writing, GXXM is up 900% in August. It hit a six-month high of 10 cents per share on August 30 before pulling back. The most recent news is the company’s 10-Q quarterly report filed on August 23.

Check out the GXXM 100-day chart below

GXXM is relatively thinly traded. It needs more volume, ideally with a solid news catalyst. I’m watching for potential dip buys into any big panic. But I’d like to see it trend higher and pick up momentum first.

That’s it for the best penny stocks to watch for September 2021. Here are some tips on choosing stocks for your watchlist. Also, some answers to frequently asked questions…

How to Use This Penny Stocks Watch List

how to use this penny stock watchlist
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Keep in mind that my strategies involve trading some of the fastest moving, most volatile stocks in the entire market. That said, some of the stocks on this list could be completely out of play by the time you read this. (Yes, even after only one day, stocks sometimes leave my list.)

The point is … don’t use this list as a signal to buy any stock. I don’t put stocks on my watchlist based on fundamentals. It’s not that I don’t look at fundamentals. But I’m not gonna lie to you. (Like so many other ‘top penny stocks to watch’ articles.) I won’t tell you to buy and hold a stock because “the market is undervaluing this stock.”

Frankly, that kind of thinking with penny stocks is … total BS. Most penny stocks fail. Just like most traders — roughly 90% — lose. So use this list — and each of my monthly penny stocks to watch lists — as a tool for learning to create your own watchlist.

Can You Trade Penny Stocks?

If you’re brand new to penny stocks a great place to start is with my FREE penny stock guide.

Once you go through the entire guide, I suggest you read “The Complete Penny Stock Course” written by my student Jamil (I wrote the forward). That book answers so many of the most frequently asked questions that it blows my mind more people haven’t read it.

With the internet and online brokers, you can trade penny stocks from anywhere in the world. As far as the basic requirements, you only need a decent laptop, solid Wi-Fi, and a trading account. But don’t be fooled into thinking you’re gonna succeed if you jump right in.


Because 90%+ of traders lose. So be willing to invest in your education — because if you don’t, the market will make you pay a much higher price

Now for five tips on how to choose the best penny stocks to watch…

5 Tips on How to Choose the Best Penny Stocks to Watch

Tip #1: Look for Big Percent Gainers

My method of choosing which penny stocks to watch always starts here. At the end of every day — and again in premarket — I look for the biggest percent gainers. And that’s what I focus on. I’m not interested in stocks that aren’t on the move.

I use StocksToTrade stock scanning software. With 40+ built-in scans — some created specifically for my strategies — it’s amazing right out of the gate. Yes, you can also create custom scans. (Hint: when you start using the software there’s a bunch of training videos on how to set those up. Take advantage.)

Tip #2: Look for Big Volume

The next thing to look for when choosing the best penny stocks to watch is trading volume. Sometimes a stock makes a big percent gain, but the trading volume is so low it doesn’t make sense to trade it. One of the top penny stocks to watch this month, Rivex Technology, is tough to trade because the volume is so low.

So after I find the big percent gainers, I organize them according to trading volume. Be aware of dollar volume traded, too. If you have a true penny stock trading at 2 cents a share, and it trades one million shares, that’s still only $20K. You have to be meticulous.

Tip #3: Look for a News Catalyst

The next thing I look for when choosing penny stocks to watch is what’s making it move? Is there a press release announcing a new contract? What about positive earnings? In biotech and pharma penny stocks you might see news of test results. Read this post to learn more about catalysts.

(Also read chapter II.7 Understanding Catalysts in “The Complete Penny Stock Course.” If you already have the book … it starts on page 183. If you don’t have it … get it now.)

supernova placement

Tip #4: Look at the Long-Term Chart

When you’re trying to find the best penny stocks to watch, it’s easy to get fooled by one-day or one-time spikers. So look at long-term charts to see if the stock has a history of multi-day runs or has gone supernova in the past.

Which long-term charts? As many as you have time for, really. But at the very least, look at the one-year chart. I like to look back a couple of years depending on the stock and the news. If the stock trades a certain way when the company announces a big contract, I want to know.

Tip #5: Use the Twitter Scanner on StocksToTrade

This might sound a little strange if you’re new to penny stocks. But if you want to understand which penny stocks to watch, one of the best ways is to see what others are watching. Or, more accurately, hyping.

Yes, Twitter has become a vehicle for influence with stock traders. Want to know which penny stocks are being heavily shorted because they’re up 50%? Check out Twitter. Use StocksToTrade because the scanner is built-in. All you have to do is open the Twitter scanner and, voila, you get a running feed of stock tweets. And you can customize the feed if you like.

Frequently Asked Questions About Penny Stocks

frequently asked questions about penny stocks to watch
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I get a lot of questions from students. Thing is, my students already accept that penny stocks provide a massive opportunity. And they’re studying to learn the strategies and rules.

But there are a lot of misconceptions about penny stocks. And I want to address a few of those now…

What Are Penny Stocks?

Penny stocks trade for $5 or less per share. These are the stocks of micro- and nano-cap companies. Many trade on the OTC markets, but you can find many penny stocks on the big exchanges like the NYSE and Nasdaq.

Are Penny Stocks Worth it?

Penny stocks are suitable as trading vehicles but not long-term investments. Most penny stock companies eventually fail.

Are Penny Stocks Dangerous?

All trading involves risk. If you are willing to learn appropriate patterns, rules, and strategies, penny stocks are no more dangerous than other trading instruments.

How to Watch Penny Stocks?

1.) Focus on big percent gainers. 2.) Look for high volume 3.) Search for a news catalyst 4.) Look for a history of spikeability on the long term chart. 5. Use a scanner like StocksToTrade. (StocksToTrade was designed for penny stocks.)

If Most Penny Stock Companies Fail, Why Not Just Short Sell?

Because it’s a very dangerous, overcrowded game right now. The level of risk so many moron newbie short sellers take these days is unconscionable. It’s completely crazy.

Of course, you can be successful as a short-seller. Many of my top students focus on short selling and I’ve personally made millions from short selling. But the number of messages I get almost daily from short-sellers getting caught in short squeezes is … scary.

How Much Money Do I Need to Get Started?

I’m going to say, again, invest in your education first. It doesn’t take a huge amount of money to get started trading. Different brokers have different account minimum requirements. (I use these brokers and avoid offshore brokers altogether.)

But the market will make you pay more if you aren’t prepared. Preparation is key. The stock market is a battlefield, so arm yourself accordingly. Keep in mind that my top students all studied hard over time to get consistently profitable. Tim Grittani — arguably the best penny stock trader in the world — didn’t make anything for nine months.

So before you fund a trading account, fund your knowledge account. If you’re not quite ready for the Trading Challenge, try Pennystocking Silver. It gives you access to more than 6,000 video lessons. (You also get access as a Trading Challenge student, of course.)


conclusion about penny stocks to watch
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Your goal as a trader is to become self-sufficient. And my goal is to be the mentor to you that I never had. So I hope you’ll take this list of the best penny stocks to watch in September 2021 and use it as a learning tool.

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Focus on the process. The best way to learn which penny stocks to watch is to make a daily watchlist yourself. Follow the five tips above. It doesn’t matter if every stock on your list is not perfect. Or doesn’t play out the way you thought. You get better by making your daily watchlist and then seeing what happened during the trading day.

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… this list of penny stocks to watch is NOT a recommendation to buy penny stocks. Also, my results are not typical and I’ve developed exceptional skills over two decades of trading.

What do you think of the top penny stocks to watch in the September 2021 watchlist? Comment below, I love to hear from all my readers!


*​​Results are not typical and will vary from person to person. Making money trading stocks takes time, dedication, and hard work.  Most who receive free or paid content will make little or no money because they will not apply the skills being taught. Any results displayed are exceptional. We do not guarantee any outcome regarding your earnings or income as the factors that impact such results are numerous and uncontrollable. 

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