How To Get Started With Penny Stocks

You guys. I can’t even tell you how excited I am to share something special with you today…

It’s not an exaggeration to say that this is the culmination of months of hard work – and of all the years I’ve put into learning to trade penny stocks profitably and teaching my strategies to others.

It’s something that nobody else is offering – and it’s something that nothing else online comes even close to in terms of value.

Ready for the big reveal?

Here it is…

My new, 100% free, completely comprehensive guide: “Penny Stocking 101: How to Get Started with Penny Stocks.”

(Go ahead and take a look… I’ll wait while you pick your jaws up off the floor…)

What is Penny Stocking 101?

Penny Stocking 101 is the guide I wish I’d had when I first got started. It’s totally comprehensive, covering everything from the terminology you need to know and will help you learn my strategies.

Download a PDF version of this post.

The whole thing is broken down into eleven chapters:

Chapter #1 – How to Trade Penny Stocks

In this introductory chapter, I’ll tell you who I am, what I do, and what I love about trading penny stocks (did you know they offer one of the greatest risk-reward ratios of any investment type around?).

Chapter #2 – Your Penny Stock Trading Mindset

Mindset is one of the biggest hurdles you’ll have to overcome as a penny stock trader. Here, I’ll ask you the four questions you need to answer before you even touch your first brokerage account.

Chapter #3 – Penny Stocks 101

We’re going to get a little technical in this section, but when you’re done, you’ll know what a stock is and how to analyze it, plus how the economic principles of supply and demand affect the market.

Chapter #4 – Penny Stock Terminology

This chapter’s got even more technical details, but you can’t go forward with my teachings if you don’t know what I mean when I say things like “short sell” or “short squeeze.”

Chapter #5 – Getting to Know Wall Street

As a former hedge fund manager, I’ve learned the ins and outs of Wall Street, and I’m breaking it all down for you here. Give this chapter a thorough read to understand where you’ll be trading and who you’ll be going up against.

Chapter #6 – How to Get Started with Penny Stocks

Do you know how to identify positive price movement? Or what signs mean a stock’s price is breaking down? You will after you read this chapter – and you’ll use these lessons throughout your career as a penny stock trader.

Chapter #7 – Penny Stock Chart Patterns

Clean bullish charts, and clean bearish charts, and clean breakout charts – oh my! This is the first chapter where we’ll dive into the chart patterns I trade every single day – and that you can see using real world examples.

Chapter #8 – More Penny Stock Chart Patterns

Chapter seven covered the different clean chart patterns you’ll see as a trader, but in this chapter, we’ll look at their messy chart counterparts. Consider this a great lesson in what kinds of stock trading charts you should never play!

Chapter #9 – My Penny Stock Chart Patterns

This where things really get good… You’ve probably heard me talk about supernovas before on this blog, but in this chapter, I’ll show you a few of them in action, along with other patterns like the stair-stepper, the snore and the crow.

Chapter #10 – Making Your Penny Stock Picks

Now that you know your patterns, we’ll use this chapter to get into the nitty-gritty details of actually making trades. You’ll walk away from this section knowing how to set up your brokerage account, do your stock research, build your watchlist, and create a trading diary.

Chapter #11 – Penny Stock Trading Rules

I’m not going to just set you loose with a few patterns and a new brokerage account. In this chapter, I’ll give you the rules I’ve developed over 15 years as an active trader that still govern my trading today. Trust me- these tips alone will save you valuable time!

Who Is Penny Stocking 101 For?

So how do you know if you should check out the guide? Well, I’ll give you the simple answer – the guide has something for everybody.

If you’re totally new to penny stocking, the guide will give you the background information you need to get started as a successful trader. And better yet? It’ll do it in a clear, easy to understand way that’ll let you get up and running  as quickly as possible.

But even if you’ve got a few trades under your belt already, you’ll still want to check it out as a great, centralized resource for key trading concepts and terminology. In particular, bookmark the chapter with my trading rules. If you ever find yourself frustrated after a bad trade – or even a run of losses – revisit it as a refresher to help get you back on track.

The bottom line is that this is the clearest, most comprehensive source of penny stock information ever put together online. No matter where you are in your trading career, you’ll find something of value in it – and the guide’s easy-to-understand style means you’ll be able to act on this information right away.

Why Did I Create Penny Stocking 101?

Altogether, my new guide runs more than 30,000 words, and it took me more than six months to get everything from the writing to the design right.

So why put so much effort into something I’m giving away for free? Well, there are a few reasons…

First of all, I had to get serious with myself and my goals. I talk about the fact that my #1 goal right now is to make the most millionaire trading students out of all the stock trading teachers out there.

And yes, I have my Millionaire trading challenge, my DVDs, my free video lessons and my newsletters – but was I really doing everything I could to reach people who are interested in learning penny stocks?

I took a look around, and I could see that there was a huge gap in the market. There are plenty of people out there talking a big game about how they teach penny stock trading, but I wanted to do something different. I wanted to put my money where my mouth was and actually get the information people need out there – no barriers, no excuses.

You know, it pisses me off to see so many other teachers locking down all of their best information and only giving it out to those who can afford to pay thousands of dollars. I mean, if they were serious about helping their students, why not really help them with materials they can use right away?

I look at it like the difference between high school and college. Sure, there’s a reason colleges charge tons of money to teach students really specialized skills. But a basic high school education is free – and for plenty of people, that’s all they really need.

I see stock trading education the same way. If you’ve gone far enough on your own that you need an educated mentor to help take you to the next level, that’s one thing. But the basics should absolutely be available to anybody and everybody who wants to put them to use to create a better life.

That’s why I put together this guide, and I hope that’s what you’ll get out of it. So go ahead – take a look. Check out “Penny Stocking 101: How to Get Started with Penny Stocks” today and start putting the basic principles of profitable penny stock trading to work today.


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  1. Erik920

    thank you for this guide. I have printed this guide and am sharing it with others so they can receive a firm understanding of stock trading. Keep the material coming, Its ALWAYS welcome. Appreciate your dedication bro

  2. keith flansburg

    tim I just wanted to say thanks I tried for your challenge with jared and then found out I couldn’t afford it but that’s okay I’ve been studying you for about 4 months now almost ready to start trading and this really helps out of all the teachers I studied you get me so pump up feels like my old days when i use to gamble. I get so pumped with my paper account.I will do it and make it I’m going to open up two small accounts to help me on that day trading rule again thanks keith

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