How To Buy & Invest In Penny Stocks (Must Watch Free Video With Examples) - Timothy Sykes

How To Buy & Invest In Penny Stocks (Must Watch Free Video With Examples)

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What a crazy week, my top trading challenge student whose story has gone viral HERE given that he’s taken $1,500 of his own money and turned it into $1 million, showing EVERY trade to get there, and I each made $50,000 this past week in trading profits.

Then we were featured on FOX the other night:

So yes, people are pounding on my door to learn, they don’t realize they can just signup HERE, but I’m trying to answer as many emails as I can even though I’m a few weeks behind! (you try going through 200,000+ emails)

Anyway, we banked this past week on the short side, but we’ve also had tremendous success in this bull market buying penny stock breakouts…in fact I’m up $20,000 right now on one right now that I think could run like PLUG…we’ll see…get excited for next week students…here’s a good video on how to buy and invest in penny stocks…and for the hearing impaired we even transcribed everything said below the video!

Tim: All right, lots to go over in just a little bit of time. I just
finished my trading challenge webinar. I did a weekly webinar to my trading
challenge students as one of the benefits, and thoroughly exhausted right
now. I’ve been up since 5:00 in the morning, since I’m in the West coast.

I’m getting more emails than ever because I created my second
millionaire student, and today, today is the last day of our 50%
off holiday sale for newsletters and DVDs. I’ll post the link in
this video, too, so I highly suggest you take us up on that,
especially Supermen.

I want to do a quick video. I just couldn’t go to sleep yet,
this is too important. During the trading challenge webinar,
some of my students, they’re like, how do you know if a stock is
really breaking out or if it’s topping?

As you’ve been seeing, a lot of my recent trades have been buys
because I’m trying to buy breakouts with this hot market. PLUG
was one of my best buys ever here at $1.19. I waited until the
afternoon. I actually gave – this was last week, a week ago, I
was giving a webinar to my trading challenge students and I said
I would not buy it at the open.

It was like $1.14, then it was down to $1.06, and I was like,
this is boring. When it broke – or threatened to break $1.20 in
the afternoon, that’s when I bought, and I bought big, 75,000
shares, because I thought that it had a chance to really break
out. I had no idea it would go up a dollar a share and I could
have made $75,000. I thought it would go up $0.10 or $0.20. It
went up like $0.08, and I took profits because I was like, you
know, it didn’t go up the $0.10 or $0.20 that I wanted, but
that’s pretty good.

I bought the breakout because it was an earnings winner, because
it broke the previous morning high, and because the volume was
huge, the volume was strong. I like high volume breakouts. It
means that even though the price is high, there’s more and more
people who are willing to buy this stock at a higher price,
which leads me to believe that it will go even further, as PLUG

I did not touch PLUG in here at all because I thought that it
was overextended. I didn’t buy it on the first down day because
I still thought it was overextended. But on the second down day,
I dip bought it here at $1.52, which turned out to be the exact
bottom, and that was because I saw that it had potential, it was
an earnings winner, and at $1.52, it’s already $0.70 a share off
of its high due to a poorly researched Seeking Alpha article.
And I was right about this bouncing $0.40 a share from my
bottom. I underestimated it, I sold it too soon here, too.

But the point is that my two buy alerts I bought because first,
I thought that there would be a breakout, and then second,
because I thought that it was a good dip buy. All this other
junk, this other choppiness, and especially now that it’s mid-
range, do not touch it. Do not touch it. And those of you who
shorted above $2.00 and you’re like, ha, ha, Tim, I shorted
above $2.00, I don’t short earnings winners, okay? This could
have gone to $3.00. You might have won this time, but I’ll tell
you, in 14 years of trading, it is not a predictable strategy.
The most predictable strategy is buying [grey doubts 03:13] like
right here, and again, I wish I had held, but what can you do?
And then buying, dip buying, after a big run-up in buying on the

A very similar example is GOGO, where I was buying it – wow,
it’s been more than 20 days? That’s crazy. It’s been more than
20 days, but I was buying it in here in the $18s, $19s and $21s;
the $18s and $19s before earnings, and then $21 after earnings.
And it went up, and I actually had some in my long-term
newsletter for, you know, it went up four days and I sold my
last remaining shares above $30, which was awesome. And then it
came down, and I should have really been aggressive dip buying
it, because this is the same kind of pattern as PLUG, because
obviously then it broke out to new highs.

But this is the kind of pattern that you need to think. I would
never touch it up here. I wouldn’t touch it here, and I wouldn’t
touch it here, and I’m not even touching it here, because now
you have an IPO lockup where insiders can sell in a few days,
and this might drop big.

But the initial breakout at $21, which was an all-time high, and
then the dip buy here at $24, after it had already gone to $31.
Those are the two times I would buy these earnings breakouts.

What I’ve been trying to do, unsuccessfully as it turns out the
past few days, XXII, I’ve been watching this. This is a new
technology for cigarettes. They’ve signed a licensing deal with
a $99 billion company, thus validating their technology. It’s
been going up. I actually tried buying some here in the $1.40s.
I missed my execution. But then when it broke out past the
previous high of $1.56, $1.55, I bought it at $1.60, thinking it
would have a lot more to go. It went up to like $1.64, and then
it went down into the $1.50s. I sold for a small loss, and now
it’s back to $1.58. It might keep going. But I bought it because
it had good news and the previous top was here at $1.75, and the
previous top here was $1.71. So I thought that even if it triple-
topped, I thought it could get to $1.70, and that would give me
enough room to make $0.10 a share. It turned out to be wrong so
far. I still have my long-term position. But this was me trying
to squeeze in a trade, and I didn’t wait for the proper

Same thing with Liquidmetal today. Actually, even in here, even
though I profited, I was buying in here in the $0.15s and
$0.16s, and it went up to nearly $0.19, but it couldn’t really
break out past this $0.20. And this one actually I was right on,
figuring that it could go to $0.18 or $0.19, and even if it
wouldn’t break $0.19 or $0.20, I could still have a decent
profit, which I did.

So the question is, do you want to wait for the actual breakout,
or do you want to try and get in ahead of time?

GSAT is my one hold overnight because it is a true breakout. On
the biggest volume ever today, it broke out past this resistance
back from two weeks ago here. The resistance was $1.80, and then
three weeks ago, the resistance was $1.80, and then aside from
this little blip here up to $1.84, the resistance back in
October was $1.81. So it closed at $1.82 on huge volume. That is
good enough for me. This is not a contract winner, this is not
an earnings winner, but there are rumors galore that this
company has a satellite technology that Amazon is rumored to be
testing. That’s why it started running up in here from the $0.70
range because Bloomberg wrote an article.

And so with this one, it’s a perfect technical breakout on huge
volume. There were big buy blocks. I waited until the afternoon
to buy, very similar to PLUG. It had a morning run-up and then
it kind of did nothing. I bought it actually pretty well here on
the dip before it closed strongly on huge volume. I mean, it
trades 400,000 shares in a minute, so my 80,000 shares is small.

The question is can it really break out tomorrow? And as I was
saying on the challenge webinar, the reason I wanted to do this
video before I took a nap was because if it breaks the day high
of $1.84, it can really run to, you know, who knows what? Then
it’s a breakout over this level back on November 6, and if you
go back a few years, you can see that it’s, once upon a time it
consolidated – well, I guess you can say it consolidated in
here. When it broke $1.09, it went straight to $1.40, so that’s
a nice 50% return. Then here, when it broke $1.50, it went
straight to $1.80. So not the 50% return, but a nice 25% return.

I’m not even looking for 25% or 50%, I’d be happy with 10%.
Because if you go back even longer, to five years, you will see
there’s resistance here at $2.05 and $2.10, and even a little
resistance here at $1.97. So this is kind of a mix between PLUG
and XXII. PLUG was a clear technical breakout with a huge
catalyst, and again, I should have held, whereas XXII was
potentially a breakout and the news wasn’t as good. GSAT has the
biggest volume and a perfect chart breakout, which is turning
into the news because if it breaks $1.84, everyone on twitter
tomorrow and every chat room is going to be like, it’s a
breakout, it’s a breakout, it’s going to $2.00. And if it goes
to $1.90 or $1.95 or $2.00, I make $0.10, $0.15, or $0.20 a
share, which is all I want. You know, $0.20 a share, I make
$16,000, that’s a good day. If it goes up $0.10, I make $8,000.
If it doesn’t break out, then guess what? I’m going to cut my
losses and I’m going to make or lose $0.01, $0.02 or $0.03 a
share. It’s worth the risk.

But I need you guys to understand these kinds of catalysts. It’s
based on earnings, it’s based on contracts, it’s based on
rumors, but most importantly, it’s based on price action.
Ideally, in a real perfect world, you want to wait for a clear
breakout. If this breaks $2.00, and then Amazon confirms it, it
can go straight to $2.50. Forget about making $0.20 a share, it
can go to $3.00 if Amazon confirms that they’re going to use

So the biggest volume today I think is the biggest indicator for
this one. It’s a nice chart breakout, at least it’s really
close. It’s the highest closing price, so even though it didn’t
break $1.84, if you scroll out to 30 days, I mean, you can see
it’s a clear – it’s the highest closing price, and that’s
something to be said because there was huge volume.

So this is what I like. I like these situations where worst
case, I lose a few cents a share, but best case I make good
amounts of money. You never know if a breakout is really going
to make it. All you can do is guess based on indicators, and the
indicator in this case is the biggest volume with the rumors,
and the perfect chart. XXII has the licensing deal, so
technically it is a breakout, but it moves like a promotional
stock, so I’m glad to be out of it short-term, even though I
still have a chance long-term to make back and make a sizable
amount. And PLUG was a classic earnings winner with huge volume.
So PLUG was the perfect thing, and it’s good example to show you
these three. And Liquidmetal is based on rumors, too. But it’s a
good example to show you these four.

Oh, I want to bring up one more, actually, MDDD, because this is
not an earnings winner, this is in fact a pure pump-and-dump. It
was pumped here as a 3D printing play here at $1.00-ish. You can
see the huge volume, they sent out mailers. The next day it
crashed, the next day it was kind of steady, and then the next
day it crashed again.

But now it’s built up this huge run-up, and people in my
challenge webinar were confused today when I said, you know, I
mean, I have a lot going on right now, talking with Reuters and
CNN Money and Fox News, and everybody wants me on because I’ve
created two millionaire students now. No one else is doing that.
So I’m a little distracted from absolute trades, but had I been
watching right here, the previous high ran into a brick wall
during the promotion, was $1.14, so here it went up to $1.17.
You might say, okay, then it ran into a brick wall, then it went
down to $1.10.

But the minute it breaks $1.17, let’s look intraday, the minute
it breaks $1.17, look at this, so here it goes up to $1.17, here
it goes up to $1.18, but right here, at $1.19 and $1.20 – and
it’s easy to say you want to do this in hindsight – but you can
see the volume. I’m not crazy, I didn’t even give a trade alert,
but if you want to follow my rules about buying breakouts, and
this is a pump-and-dump, this has no value whatsoever in a few
months or years, but it’s a perfect technical breakout. And the
perfect technical breakout can become a catalyst to buying a

And you can see here, if you buy it here at $1.19, $1.20, even
if you’re a little late here at $1.23 or $1.25 – what is the
time here? The breakout was at 1:28. 2:15, so 45 minutes later,
it’s at $1.58. You made $0.40 a share. And then I wouldn’t have
any position overnight because the SEC could halt it, and who
knows what’s going to happen?

But if you buy the perfect technical breakout intraday and over
the past few days, that in itself becomes a catalyst for gains.
And that’s really what you should look for when you’re trying to
find a breakout, whether it’s earnings, contract, technical
breakout, huge volume, that’s it.

And MDDD, if you’re buying pumps, you have to be extra careful
because the SEC will halt this overnight sometimes or bad news
will come out or they’ll just collapse for no reason like NNRX
did. But with a play like this where there’s a lot of shorts who
are just, haven’t seen a pattern like this, you can expect a big
short squeeze.

So if GSAT breaks $1.84 tomorrow at the open, or ideally gaps up
to $1.85 or ideally has news that pushes up to $1.90 or $1.95,
it might really squeeze. Even though it only moves $0.05 or
$0.10 a share every day, if there’s news, if there’s a perfect
breakout, if there’s huge volume, all of which is likely or more
likely than not, at least one of those indicators, then I’m
going to have a solid profit. I don’t know. Maybe it’ll do
nothing, maybe it’ll top at $1.84 and I’ll have to settle $1.82
or $1.81 and make $0.02 a share at $1.79. Maybe it’ll do
absolutely nothing and it’ll open at $1.82, $1.81, and I’ll have
to sell at $1.80 or $1.79 and break even. Maybe I might even
lose a penny or two.

But worst case, I’m going to lose, unless it gets halted or
there’s bad news which you can’t predict, worst case, I’m going
to lose like $0.01, $0.02 or $0.03 a share. Best case, I make
like $0.20 to $0.50 a share. That’s good risk-reward. Most
likely, I’m going to make $0.10 a share. That’s my guess. My
guess is it’s going to go up to $1.90 and then it’s going to
stop, and I’m going to sell and I’m going to make $0.10 a share
and I’m going to make $8,000 tomorrow.

We’ll see if it comes true. But I want to make this video
because I want you to see it in real time and I want you taking
us up on that 50% off newsletter and DVD sale. It ends. Take
advantage of it. Thank you, good night. I’m going to sleep.

So it is the next day on GSAT. I turned out to be 100% right
that it could go up to $2.00. You have the perfect technical
breakout. I sold a little too early at $1.84, $1.85-ish, for a
measly $0.05 a share. It didn’t really do anything until 10:03
in the morning intraday, so you have this delayed morning spike.
I mean, this is why I’m a better teacher than I am trader. I did
not expect it to go to $2.00. I mean, I said it was a
possibility, but I thought that there would be more resistance
at $1.90, $1.95. And remember, I said that most of the time, the
stock goes up $0.10 to $0.15 a share on the best days.

Today, it’s up $0.17 a share. Actually, the day high is $2.02,
so it was up $0.19 a share at one point. I wouldn’t be buying it
here. Some people are like, I know I’m late, Tim, but I like the
breakout, I’m buying it here at $2.00. You’re buying it 10%
above the breakout. It could keep going. Obviously, as I said,
there’s a lot of rumors regarding this company, and this is the
single best chart breakout we’ve seen in months, but I wouldn’t
be buying it here. This is a time to sell for a company with no

If there was news, like if Amazon confirmed that they were
working with them or more FCC approvals, then yeah, maybe it
could – it would have better odds to keep going. But right now,
I think the news is just that it’s a perfect technical breakout
on huge volume. And in a down market, this is what all the
traders flock to. This is near best-case scenario right now. So
10% overnight – I’m filming this at noon Eastern, so you would
have had to wait roughly two hours today. So, two and a half
hours of trading to make 10%.

It’s kind of laughable when you think about what money market
funds and mutual funds and quote ‘Wall Street professionals’
where they try to make 10% or 20% per year on your money, and
you can do this in two and a half hours of trading penny stocks
if you wait for the right patterns.

So obviously I teach a very unloved sector, the single most
unloved sector in all of finance, but I hope through my now
nearly 1,400 video lessons and DVDs galore, you’re able to see
that there are times of predictability if you look at the
indicators and if you look at the risk-reward.

I didn’t know 100% that it would go to $2.00 today. I didn’t
even think that it would get to $1.95, you know? Given how it
traded at the market open, I didn’t even think it would get to
$1.90, hence why I sold it. I still made $3,500, so don’t cry
for me, but here at $2.00 a share, I’d be up $16,000.

This is pretty much the story of my trading career. This is one
of the many reasons that I got into trading because I see all
this opportunity, I see – obviously, I became a millionaire, but
I haven’t captured all of my potential as a trader, and I just
think I’m a better teacher. I laid out the case pretty
rationally, but then when my little greedy, Jewish self saw
$3,000 plus in profits and it wasn’t really breaking out, I took
it. Perhaps I should have sold three-quarters of my position or
half of my position and locked it in. I don’t know what the
right thing to do is. I have always taken $2,000, $3,000,
$5,000, $10,000 profits. Rarely have I ever held when there’s no

If there was a catalyst, perhaps I would hold. But then again,
we saw PLUG when I bought it at $1.19, and it went to $2.23
within a few days and I sold it for the same $0.04 a share gain.
Again, I made $3,000 on that, so I’m making $3,000 at a time,
but I’m also betting big when I’m comfortable with the pattern.
So I still can improve as a trader, but as a teacher, I’m dead-
on, and I’m so glad that so many of you held to $1.85, $1.90,
$1.95 and that some of you are still holding, or some of you
sold it too. By my count, we’ve made about $57,000 overnight
between the people who have posted on, and obviously,
there’s more people who don’t want to be public. So solid, call
it $60,000, maybe $70,000 in profits overnight.

If you wait for trades like this, you’ll do better. That’s what
I try to teach you, to be more selective. But this was a perfect
breakout. I don’t know if it keeps going, but I’m glad that I
nailed the breakout, I told everybody in the alerts, I called it
perfectly in the video. This is why you’ve got to join in the
fun and start trading these.

Even if you’re not comfortable trading them – this is a very
important point. If you’re not comfortable trading them, at
least watch them. At least learn in real time. One guy, he’s a
new trading challenge student, and he was like, you know, Tim, I
saw it, I just wasn’t sure, I hesitated, I missed it. I feel
like crap. Don’t feel like crap, okay? You miss plenty of trades
over your lifetime. I mean, I miss thousands of good trades. The
key is being able to recognize them, being able to spot them,
being able to take action on them, and most importantly, being
comfortable. A lot of people will look at this and just see
gibberish. I see a perfect breakout right here, and this is
because I’m very comfortable with the patterns. And this
breakout is far better than this breakout, and far better than
this breakout, too. This is one of the most perfect breakouts
I’ve seen in I don’t know how many months, but it’s beautiful on
the highest volume. I only wish that there was news or a
catalyst which would have at least helped me hold maybe a little
bit longer, or hold some of my position.

But I’m comfortable with it, and I want you all to get to that
point. The way that I created my two millionaire students is by
getting them comfortable with these patterns and being able to
predict the next one, so every time you see this pattern, you’re
in your comfort zone. It’s not like it’s, oh my god, there’s
another trade, I don’t know what to do. It’s like, okay, there’s
another opportunity, I know exactly what to do. And that’s what
I want you guys to do.

Again, I don’t know if I said it in the previous video, but Tim
Grittani, who is my first true millionaire student, I mean, he
started with $1,500 of his own money two and a half years ago,
and now he’s over a million dollars in trading profits. Michael
Goode started with $100,000, so it’s not as impressive as going
from $1,500 to $1 million. But Tim Grittani, when he made
$200,000 in one day during one of his best trades, actually his
best trading day ever, it was on patterns that I had taught him.
If you Google how to make $200,000 in one day, you can see the
pattern, you can see my blog post about it, you can see that
that pattern is in my DVDs, and I was asleep in Japan when he
executed that trade – multiple trades. And that is the highest
compliment you can pay me, to be able to trade these patterns on
your own, to recognize them on your own, to profit off them, and
to feel comfortable on them all on your own.

I am just here to show you these patterns. I’m not a master
trader, I’m not buying a million shares at $1.80 and selling it
at $2.00 and being like, that’s how you make $2 million dollars
overnight. That’s not what I do. Although in this case, I
theoretically could have had I had a big hedge fund.

I’m not a hedge fund manager anymore. I wasn’t as great as I am
a teacher, so I found what works best for me. But any of you
guys could buy a million shares or buy a thousand shares, you
know, you buy a thousand shares at $1.80 and sell it at $2.00,
you still make 10%. It’s the same 10% whether you have a
thousand shares or a million shares, or anything in between. The
point is is that these kinds of setups happen every now and
then, and it’s very highly predictable money that you can make
overnight. Sometimes it takes two or three days, sometimes it
takes two or three hours. But the fact is that you need to be
able to spot these, and you need to be able to understand it.

When I posted that video last night of why I bought GSAT, a lot
of people were confused. They just don’t see the patterns yet.
And I’ll tell you that it gets easier when you watch all of my
video lessons, when you watch all of my DVDs. I can’t say, oh,
just watch this specific number of DVDs and you’ll get it. It
clicks at different times for everybody. Some people, it still
hasn’t clicked. I’m going to keep making videos every single
time an opportunity comes up.

And remember, this is a lifelong money-maker, for lack of a
better term. Whether it clicks for you this year or next year or
today or tomorrow, just keep up with that perspective of trying
to get comfortable with these patterns, trying to spot them on
your own, and then after you do that, then you can take action
and profit off them. And understand that even my millionaire
students and I, we don’t win every time. We each win roughly
65%, 70% of the time. So nothing is guaranteed. But we’re
comfortable, we take action, and that’s why our wealth has grown
so dramatically, so quickly.

If you don’t focus on growing your wealth so quickly, if you
don’t say, okay, I want to turn $1,000 into $1 million in two
years like Tim Grittani, don’t focus on that. Just take it one
trade at a time. If you have $1,000, say, look, I want to grow
my $1,000 to $1,500. Then, I want to grow my $1,500 to $2,500.
Take it one good trade at a time. I know it seems like it’s not
a lot of money, like if you buy a thousand shares of this at
$1.80 and you sell it at $2.00, or even if you sold it at $1.90
and you make like $100, but it’s the process. Some trades you’re
going to do better than others. Am I pissed that I sold at
$1.84? No. I went in with the specific thesis that it would gap
up in morning spike. It did, a little bit. It broke the previous
day high of $1.84, but that’s about it. Up until 10:00 am, $1.87
was the high, so getting out at $1.84, boo hoo, I gave away like
$0.02 a share. At 10:01 am, that was when it really surged, but
even here, I would be selling here at $1.95 because there’s
resistance. There’s very little chance I would have ever waited
until $2.00. Best case, I could have waited until $1.93, $1.95
and made another $8,000.

But whether I made $3,000 or $11,000 or $16,000 or $18,000,
actually is what it would be right now, the point is is that I
was right about the breakout, I felt comfortable with the
pattern, I went in big, and I profited. And that’s the best that
you can hope for.

That’s why I also say you need to join Superman’s newsletter.
We’ve extended the sale just through today. If you go to
Superman’s newsletter page on any annual plan and you type in
the word ‘Gobble’, you can save 50% over his regular monthly

But get comfortable with his patterns. Even if you don’t want to
follow him, it’s just an extraordinary pattern to recognize the
way that he researches, and this is why I’m so happy that he has
video lessons like me, and he’s growing his video lesson
library. Even if you don’t want to follow these trade alerts,
even if you have no money whatsoever right now, you can still
watch the video lessons every single day, every single night,
and get comfortable with the patterns, because we’re basically
putting up – we’re cataloging the entire history of our
patterns. His patterns are obviously different than mine, but
we’re cataloging the patterns that have made us rich, example
after example of how we do. Sometimes we trade them perfectly,
sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we’re wrong.

But watch them all. Get used to it. It’s so much better than
watching TV or movies where you have these crappy little plots,
you have a crappy payoff with maybe some twist or surprise
ending, or maybe not even a surprise ending, maybe it’s just a
typical bad M. Night Shyamalan movie these days. That’s a waste
of time, okay? People who watch movies and TV all the time, they
want to be entertained. They want to not think about their
lives, they want to be taken away to fantasy worlds and think of
places that are better than their lives.

This is something that I want you to watch and put hours, if not
tens, if not hundreds, or thousands of hours into, because this
is not as much fun as watching a movie, it is a little more
work, but the payoff is so much more. This can change your life.
And it’s tough for me to try and instill that message because
trading is weird and penny stocks are weird and short selling
and day trading, none of them are the most popular topics in
society today. But the fact that I have now created millions
from just – when I started with $12,000, and now I have two
students who started with just a few thousand dollars, and now
they have millions.

And it’s just going to keep going, so I’ll keep preaching. We
have a lot of new people who don’t understand what’s going on,
and what you need to focus on is learning from trades like this,
cataloging them, getting comfortable with them, and then
eventually profiting off them on your own – or first profiting
off them ideally with my help, and then eventually off on your
own as I scoot you out the door and you’re self-sufficient like
Tim Grittani and Michael Goode. And then the angle is that
you’re millionaires and I’m happy because I get more
testimonials. That’s how the game works. Watch this video 50
times and memorize it.

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Timothy Sykes

Hey Everyone,

As many of you already know I grew up in a middle class family and didn't have many luxuries. But through trading I was able to change my circumstances --not just for me -- but for my parents as well. I now want to help you and thousands of other people from all around the world achieve similar results!

Which is why I've launched my millionaire challenge. I’m extremely determined to create a millionaire trader out of one my students and hopefully it will be you.

So when you get a chance make sure you check it out.

PS: Don't forget to check out my free Penny Stock Guide, it will teach you everything you need to know about trading. :)

  1. LC

    Dear Mr. Sykes,
    If it is not falling, then they’re not selling.
    If they are not selling, then it’s not gonna go down,
    Jessie Livermore said people sell out of fear. Some fear is at the bottom. But he spoke of the fear when people sell after they have a quick gain, and they are afraid to lose something they didn’t have before.

  2. LC

    Or maybe you’re not patient?
    I like how you get all of these technical breakouts on volume. Technicals bring the plays to your radar, but fundamentals make you stay for the bigger profit.
    What’s you’re take? Been holding plug since 2.6…. Not gonna sell until the story changes fundamentally, the hype is gone, or get more than $8 per share at least. The story is too good and there are buyers.. Call me crazy but I’ve held long time for big gains lol
    The only drawback I have on my strategy is that I feel that I am waiting in the side lines on a ~50%*+ play.. Can take weeks or months but solid profit.. I hear you like to hold very quickly and sell fast. What I like, or it seems like, about how you operate is that you have about maybe 4 good plays per week? I like that it’s quick, but quick seems to add on to the element of risk.. If you can’t drive a car at 65 mph, then one sure as he’ll can’t control it at 130 mph..
    What are your thoughts on options and futures?

    Anywho, congrats on your 2 millionaires.
    I wish you the best on your future ventures.


  3. LC

    I heard you’re a philosopher, what are your thoughts on Ayn Rand or Bertrand Russell??
    Are you Jewish? Cultural? Practicing? Or a Jedi???


  4. LC

    You should really write a book mr Sykes. It’ll probably be a best seller…
    Everybody would want to grab a copy, I’ll buy 2 lol do you read regularly??
    Think about it a book on penny stocks, life, philosophy, and enlightenment..
    Revive bullshit press… I’m pretty sure your view of life has changed a lot since an American hedge fund..
    And the whole public wants to know about it


  5. LC

    What are your thoughts on giving to charity?? Tithing?? I’m not pandering socialistic ideals I mean I really wanna know how you think…


  6. LC

    You’re ‘big’ money now mr Sykes.. The reason you’re making not so big gains on your plays is that you are trying to use a strategy that doesn’t allow you to use all of you’re money to the fullest potential possible, you have 3$ million dollars , I’m going off what I saw on you’re website, I do not know exactly, yet in the box of your most recent profits, let’s say you make an average of 5k profit .. 5000/3000000 is close to non-existent.. I know you can be worth at least $100 million…
    Jim Rogers to Boone Pickens and warren buffet. They are all billionaires,, also, they hold for more than 15 minutes based in fundamentals. The reason professionals are happy with 10% per year is because they are using billions.. You have a crapload of money and you’re life is very different from when you started, maybe it’s time for you to get back to work and learn and find new ways of how to employ your money better. Don’t get me wrong, you are a hero to m, a mentor, and someone I study, yet that is one of the things I see that’s stumping you .
    I guess my questions are these:
    Is this it for your trading career? Are you still as hungry as when you were young? Do you want to become a billionaire?
    I saw your interview on tasty trade, also, I saw another one with a lady making 94$ million.. While you down talked options and said it would be a while to learn, she spoke of learning and doing whatever it takes.. So mr Sykes… Are you gonna continue to become a better market operator? Or are you comfortable??

    Once again with much respect to you
    I study you and your strategy and many other successful people
    I’d really like a response…
    Thank you for your time


  7. timothysykes

    i’ll become a billionaire when more people realize they can become millionaires by learning my strategy…my niche isn’t scalable enough ever to become a billionaire from trading purely…thats fine i prefer teaching and changing people’s lives although i still love trading

  8. Adèle

    Well 5000 in one trade is good, but keep in mind That during 12 months our mentor is up to million dollar and 1000000/3000000 is so good
    I believe and trust you tim

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