My Student Jack Kellogg Hits $1 Million in Profits

By Timothy Sykes

Last updated on January 4, 2023
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My top student Jack Kellogg keeps his eye on the prize — and just passed $1 MILLION in trading profits!* I’m so proud of Jack. As a teacher, these are the moments I live for.

jack kellogg on farm
Photo courtesy of Jack Kellogg

Jack is the newest millionaire Challenge student … and he’s only 22 years old. Just months ago in June, I posted about his $500K milestone.* That shows you just how crazy the hot 2020 market has been.

Now Jack’s my youngest seven-figure Challenge student to date. I think we can all learn something from Jack’s hard work.

Jack never went to college. Instead, he dedicated his time and energy the past few years to learning how to trade. You don’t need to be overly smart to make trading a profession. But you do need insane dedication, commitment, and discipline.

Jack’s dedication is what helped him officially cross $1 million in trading profits. And $850K came from his trading in 2020.* Now, Jack’s got his eye on the prize for something bigger…

I’m excited to see him hit this amazing milestone. But more importantly, I want to see more of my students make it to six and seven figures in trading profits. I want YOU to have your eye on the prize. Learn from Jackaroo’s dedication to trading.

I believe these results are possible for anyone with the right work ethic. Don’t think you’re any different. Put your head down, study up, dedicate yourself to the process. And remember…

(*I must remind you that these results are not typical. Individual results will vary. Most traders lose money. My top students have the benefit of many years of hard work and dedication. Trading is inherently risky. Always do your due diligence and never risk more than you can afford to lose.)

Success Is in the Details

jack kellogg trading stocks
Photo courtesy of Jack Kellogg

Most day traders fail in the stock market … It’s a tough profession for those who are lazy.

But the traders who put in the most work seem to reap the most benefits. I don’t think that’s a coincidence.

Jack is living proof that with the right mindset, anyone can make this happen. SO many people think you need to be good at math or some kind of genius to make it in the market.

Not true.

Jack didn’t go to college because he knew school wasn’t for him. His grades weren’t the best. I say good for Jack for knowing what works for him.

Just because you’re not good at school doesn’t mean you can’t find success in your life. But work to find your passion. Start with the right mindset.

Like many of my top students, Jackaroo studied his butt off in the beginning. And 2019 was a good year for him — he made over $150K in profits.

But his education paid off in the hot 2020 market.*

Yes, we’ve had a SUPER hot market. But a hot market doesn’t guarantee you profits.

Focusing on the details and the process can help you get there. But it takes a lot of time and experience.

And this is also key…

Managing Risk Is Crucial

Jack joined the Challenge in 2017. He went from hardly any savings to millionaire status inside of four years.

That’s due to Jack’s dedication, discipline, and work ethic. He manages his risk tight. If you look at his win rate, it’s about 60%. Think about that. He loses about 40% of the time and has still made it to the $1 million milestone.* Jack keeps his losses small.

Remember that for your own trading.

Even though Jackaroo’s taken over 800 losses, he’s still hitting big milestones.* He’s one of my best upcoming students when it comes to cutting losses quickly — maybe even better than me!

What’s the Prize?

For Jackaroo, the prize is consistency and continuing to grow as a trader.

Now that he’s in the seven-figure club, I have no doubt he can do that.

But I wouldn’t make money your prize.

I’m not discrediting any of my traders who hit big milestones — especially when it happens at Jackaroo’s young age.

Keeping your eye on the prize means finding what motivates you and focusing on that as you grind toward your goals.

That’s why Jackaroo isn’t eyeing a specific profit amount. As soon as you do that, you stop focusing on the process. You can end up chasing and overtrading.

Imagine where my top student Tim Grittani would be if he only focused on the money. He might have given up after no profits in his first nine months of trading. But now after years of working for it, he’s up nearly $13 million in trading profits — and arguably the best trader of all time.*

That’s the dedication it takes to keep growing as a trader. So I’m glad Jackaroo’s $1 million isn’t the be-all, end-all for him. I think he has so much more potential.

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And he gives so much back to the trading community with webinars and the TWIST podcast. This is why I’m so proud of my students. And you have the chance to learn from them. Apply for the Challenge today if you’re ready to make that happen.

I’m SO happy Jackaroo hit the $1 million milestone. But I’ll keep pushing him to do more — just like I will for all my students.

How Can You Keep Your Eye on the Prize?

I appreciate the work ALL my students put in. And I want you to keep your eye on the prize. So stick with it. Find your motivation and discipline. Make learning fun and get in a community that will push and support you.

The reason my top students like Jackaroo do so well is because they’ve dedicated themselves to learning. They put themselves out there and learn many lessons along the way.

Jack’s been at for a few years now, and he outworks a lot of other traders. And in doing so, he’s managed to gather a lot of data.

matt monaco and jack kellogg golfing
Pictured from left to right: Matthew Monaco, Jack Kellogg

So many students get discouraged when they don’t get it after 10 or 20 trades. Change your mindset. It doesn’t happen overnight.

Think of yourself like a scientist. It takes a lot of experimenting to find what works for you.

Jack’s taken over 2,000 trades over his career now. He has a lot of data to work with and he knows how to find what works for him. That’s how he adapts to changing markets.

You won’t get there until you put in the time and work. So don’t focus so much on a dollar-amount prize. Instead, make your prize be finding consistency in the market. Or make it learning to think for yourself in the markets.

Whatever your motivation is…

Find Your Community

Success is hard to come by alone. This is one reason I love the Challenge chat room.

When I first started trading, I had no one to teach me. I barely had friends who traded. So I had to learn a lot of lessons the hard way. But that’s not what I want you to have to go through.

I created my Trading Challenge because I wanted to give traders the education they need. But just as importantly, it’s a great way for students to network with like-minded traders.

Jack didn’t make it this far alone. In fact, some of his closest friends are some of my top Challenge students.

None of them were top students when they met. They all worked together to keep learning and improving. Remember…

A few brains are better than one. Having trading friends can help you find what you’re missing. More importantly, those friends can help you improve your edge and hold you accountable.

Two of Jack’s friends who he met on his journey are his TWIST co-hosts — Matthew Monaco and Kyle Williams.

Matt recently passed $360K in profits.* AND he helped me make the 30-Day Bootcamp. That’s a great place for new traders to start and for more advanced traders to build on their knowledge.

Kyle’s also having a record year. They’re all killing it together.* These like-minded traders have the same goal … being self-sufficient and continuing to grow.

I want more of my students to connect with each other and put in the work. I can only teach you so much. And it’s not like I can hold you accountable to follow each of my rules.

Very few traders are disciplined enough to do it themselves. Use the Trading Challenge as a way to meet new traders who you can work with. Apply here to join an incredible community of traders.


Always remember one thing…

Jackaroo isn’t special. He’s not gifted. None of my top students are.

All my top students put in exponentially more work than anyone else. Ask yourself what’s holding you back.

And while I’m excited Jack’s passed $1 million in trading profits…

I’m holding him to a much higher standard. I think this is just the beginning of his success story. He has the potential to be my best student yet — as long as he keeps putting in the work.

Learn from Jackaroo’s story. To this day, Jack still studies charts, reviews trades, and continues to learn. He’s still active in my trading Challenge, often giving back by helping newer traders.

This is exactly what I want out of all of my Challenge students.

Are you willing to put in the work? Are you willing to dedicate yourself to one of the greatest careers in the world? Apply to my Trading Challenge.

But don’t apply if you’re lazy and only wanna get rich quick. Jack wouldn’t be in the shoes he’s in today if he was lazy and unmotivated.

How do you keep your eye on the prize? And please join me in congratulating Jack! Leave a comment and let me know how I should celebrate his big milestone!


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