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Lessons From Tim Grittani’s Journey to $10 Million

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Updated 4/17/2022 15 min read

This is huge — my top student Tim Grittani officially passed $10 million in profits!

Looking back on the last decade, he blew all my expectations out of the water. In just a few short years, his trading ability far surpassed my own.

He’s one of the best penny stock traders on the planet.

I’m extremely proud of his achievements and truly honored to call him a friend. Join me in congratulating him:



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Today is a VERY proud day for me because my top student @timgrittani just passed $10 million in profits after starting with just $1,500 of his own money less than a decade ago! I know it sounds impossible, but it’s real and this is why we show EVERY trade publicly so anyone can see EXACTLY how we achieve these seemingly impossible stock market returns. For those keeping track, he’s now made double the profits I’ve made in half the time and along the way we’ve been featured on FOX and CNN, he got married to the incredible @donnagrittani they had a baby and we’ve taken some badass trips together to The British Virgin Islands, Italy and Bali, where, thanks to the great work of @balichildrensproject we even built The Tim Grittani School! Perhaps most importantly, despite his success, he’s remained so humble, hardworking and giving (he helps mentor my other Trading Challenge students now too, he’s got a Q&A webinar at 6pm EST tonight!) all throughout his journey and he’s completely self-sufficient as I was just his training wheels in the beginning. In total, I now have 6 millionaire students, with dozens of other students in the six-figure club getting closer to seven-figures, but Tim Grittani has really taken my strategy/patterns to new heights that I could only dream of when I first began teaching 12 years ago. And in case you didn’t know, I’ve been called every name in the book by people who don’t think that penny stock trading is a.) an actual/realistic investment strategy and b.) teachable to others. Tim Grittani’s success, and the success of my other students, lay that question to rest as none of our profits have been made from any one big trade, but thousands and thousands of small trading profits added up, along with many small losses too since none of us win 100% of the time, all from patterns that work more times than not in both bull and bear markets. So, let anyone who doubts me or Tim Grittani ignore my now 6,300+ premium video lessons and my 1,200+ FREE Youtube videos, but for anyone who wants to earn $10 million, realize it won’t be easy and it takes time, but with enough hard work/dedication, it can happen and I’m SO glad its happened to Tim Grittani!

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Grittani was one of my first Trading Challenge students and is now a millionaire mentor in the Challenge.

As the saying goes … the student has become the master.

Grittani is a master penny stock trader. He surpassed me in total trading profits a little over two years ago and now reports he’s at eight figures.*

Grittani should be everyone’s idol … but remember, he wasn’t an overnight success. Let me walk you through Tim Grittani’s success story…

[*Please note Grittani’s results are not typical. He has exceptional knowledge and skills that he’s developed with time and dedication. Most traders lose money. Trading is risky. Do your due diligence and never risk more than you can afford.]

Grittani’s Origin Story

Like many of my top students, Tim Grittani is from the Midwest. There must be something in the water out there … or there’s nothing better to do.

Grittani’s origins aren’t out of a fairy tale. He was always interested in the stock market and even majored in finance.

But a summer job at an insurance agency made him realize a 9–5 wasn’t for him. He was a finance major who didn’t like anything about finance. In his own words: “I knew long term it would bore me to tears.”

Then one day, while looking through posts on a stock forum, he saw an ad for my Trading Challenge. He didn’t join right away — he started with Pennystocking Silver.

The stock market became his obsession. He went all in and digested everything he could about penny stocks. He worked his butt off.

It took nine months for Grittani to become consistently profitable. The first three months he didn’t even trade — all he did was study. He watched video lessons and followed along in the chat room. When he finally started trading, it wasn’t easy. He blew up his first account.

It’s hard when you’re just starting your trading journey. You may think you understand the markets … I promise you, there’s always more to learn. 

Even after $10 million in profits and a six-figure trading day on his birthday last week, Grittani admitted he still has a lot to learn…

You’ll make mistakes over and over again until you either learn the lessons or give up. Frankly, that’s why so many traders fail.

Thankfully, Grittani didn’t give up. He’d saved money from his summer job. He started again with $1,500 of his own money and the determination to make it work. The rest is history.

Here’s Grittani explaining his journey in his own words…

Grittani’s Exponential Profit Curve

Tim started with a smaller account than most of my students. He busted through to consistent profitability and made millions of dollars. Use him as inspiration. Will it be easy? Hell no. But if he can do it, I believe anyone can.

Seriously, check out how smooth his profit curve is on his Profit.ly chart.

Grittani has now made double what I’ve made in a third of the time. And there’s so much you can learn from him.

You don’t have to learn his strategies specifically. He trades with a bigger account now. His strategies don’t necessarily apply to those trading with a small account.

But I encourage you to learn something from every single trader who’s transparent — especially those who start with small accounts. There are very few of us who show every trade and are willing to explain everything.

There are a lot of people who hide a lot and only show month-end statements.

Grittani is a gift to our community. He’s so transparent and humble.

About five years ago, he had multiple hundred-thousand-dollar losses. Instead of hiding them, we talked about them in detail:

Too many people ask him lazy one-off questions. All because they haven’t watched all his videos. I want people to get away from asking him single questions like what you see on his Profit.ly page.

I understand you have a lot of questions. But one single question doesn’t matter. There will always be one more question. Then one more … then another.

Don’t take him for granted. He doesn’t have to answer anybody. He does it out of the kindness of his heart.

Grittani’s Videos and Webinars

Tim Grittani has so many resources that too many traders don’t use.

It’s downright pathetic how few views his webinars have. Yes, I’m also talking to many of you in the Trading Challenge. What’s the deal?

Some students say, “Oh, this webinar is two months old…”

You’re telling me a webinar from arguably the best penny stock trader in the world doesn’t matter?

His most recent webinar has a lousy 600 views! What’s wrong with you people?

In this webinar, he shows his screen and trades live for over an hour and a half. In my opinion, this one webinar alone is probably worth tens of thousands of dollars. It’s unbelievable what people take for granted.

Are you a dedicated student and want access to Grittani’s webinars? Apply for the Trading Challenge today.

Profit.ly Ticker Symbol: GRITTANI

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If you’re a Trading Challenge student, you have access to all things Grittani. Profit.ly makes it easy for you to find his content with the GRITTANI ticker symbol (Check it out here — for Challenge students ONLY).

Every webinar and video is on demand. He’s recorded over 50 webinars to date and more will be coming. You need to watch them all. 

His Key to Profitability

Not in the Trading Challenge? Don’t worry, there’s plenty for you too.

I can’t emphasize enough how important joining the Trading Challenge can be for your trading career. But if you can’t join yet, check out my YouTube channel. There’s a ton of free Grittani content there.

I’ve done seven in-depth interviews with Grittani throughout his journey. It’s important to watch them all. Especially the earlier ones where he describes the beginning of his journey. Then in later interviews, he talks about the steps he took to find consistency.

Each one is at least 30 minutes long and PACKED with gold.

One of the earliest interviews with Grittani features another TimAlerts Millionaire Mentor, Micheal Goode. In that one, we’re on a sweet $10 million yacht.

I love to travel with my top students and pick their brains…

I took Grittani on another trip to Bali when he surpassed me in total trading profits.

This is an awesome video lesson. Grittani takes the time to break down how he learned to be profitable with a small account.

That video is over two years old and only has a lousy 24,000 views. Why are you people so lazy? It’s free — you have no excuses. 

Six months later … we made another video because he was up another $1.5 million!*

Before You Ask Dumb Questions…

Try to find the answer first. It drives me insane that students have hours of videos and webinars that answer their ‘pressing’ questions.

But most of you are too lazy to watch. So you just ask the same dumb questions over and over. If you come up with a question, stop and study everything available. Don’t find the answer after scouring everything? Then ask questions.

Do better. Work to improve.

That’s what I find most impressive about Grittani: his drive to improve. He made millions of dollars in just a few years but wasn’t satisfied.

Now he makes millions per year.* I’m excited to watch him take his abilities to levels I could never reach.

One of my favorite free videos with him is when we sat down to do a Q&A for my students…

Students submitted questions and we both answered them based on our experiences. Watch this video. You can get a peek into the minds of two millionaire traders:

This past year Grittani and his lovely wife had a child. So naturally … I thought he took time off from trading. Clearly, I was mistaken. Recently, he updated his Profit.ly chart and became my first 8-figure student. 

Check out the newest interview where Grittani talks about narrowing his focus and a possible sequel to “Trading Tickers.”

Come on, everyone. This awesome video was published four months ago and has only 28,000 views.

It blows my mind that you guys don’t utilize all the resources available to you. It’s not a total surprise … I know some of you just want hot picks. But I cannot encourage you enough to learn from those of us who have BANKED.*

One Last Thing…

If you’re also in the Trading Challenge, you may notice how helpful Grittani is. He’s super nice to alert and help people in real time.

But again, don’t ask those one-off questions. Especially when he already answered these questions in FREE content.

Please study his DVD. Study his video lessons and webinars. You can learn so much from him…

watchlist banner

Huddie, one of my newer six-figure students, reports he made about $250,000 based on Grittani’s lessons. He watched “Trading Tickersnearly 20 times. That DVD is a staple in my Trading Challenge.

Let’s congratulate Grittani on yet another incredible trading milestone. Let’s also thank him for being so open and nice. I know a lot of rich people who aren’t so open or nice.


Tim Grittani is a master penny stock trader who reports turning his starting $1,500 into over $10 million in total trading profits.*

His journey is legendary. It’s helped shape the course of many of my newest students. A lot of my six-figure students credit their journeys to Grittani’s guidance, video lessons, webinars, and DVD.

I can’t wait to watch him break record after record over the next several years.

Take advantage of his content. Learn from his mistakes and his lessons — it can help speed up your learning curve.

I’m always looking for the next Tim Grittani. If you think you have what it takes — apply for the Trading Challenge today.

[*Remember, Grittani’s results are not typical. He’s developed exceptional knowledge and skills with time and dedication. Trading is risky. Never risk more than you can afford.]

What do you think about Tim Grittani’s journey? Leave a comment!

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