You vs. You: Challenge Yourself and Change the World

By Timothy Sykes

Last updated on April 18, 2022
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Life and trading have a lot in common. Both can seem like a ‘you vs. you’ game.

Are you holding yourself back without even realizing it?

I started out as a penny stock trader, but now I’ve settled into my true role in life — teacher and mentor.

Yeah, I want to teach you about trading. But as my personal development evolves, I want to lead by example in other ways, too.

Here’s what I want to teach you today.

If you want to make things happen in the world, start by thinking for yourself … and by making money. 

No, money isn’t everything. And it definitely won’t solve all your problems. But money can open a lot of doors. It can free up time and space in your life and be the gateway to making your dreams a reality.

A lot of people want to get rich, a lot of people want to change the world … but they have the wrong mindset.

Wanna change the world? Start by changing yourself.

Haters, Haters Everywhere

No matter who you are or what you do, you’re gonna encounter haters and naysayers. I definitely do.

I have a few things to say about people who criticize me … or people who criticize anyone on social media, for that matter.

Recently, I donated about $370K from my personal trading profits to the people of Yemen.*

In addition to money collected as part of a fundraiser with Karmagawa, plus proceeds from Karmagawa merch, the combined donation totaled $1 million.

The story was featured in the New York Post

Yemen is in the midst of a humanitarian crisis — this money will help so many families and children in need.

But not everyone saw this contribution as a victory. I got a ton of critical messages about my decision to donate to this particular cause.

Haters had ‘better’ ideas of where I should allocate my time and money.

My response? You do you. I’ve made millions of dollars by trading penny stocks.* I’ll invest my time and money in what I believe in.

What about you? Do you want to change the world and have a positive impact? Or do you want to play a game of you vs. you?

Here’s what I think: Let go of what other people do and focus on improving yourself.

(*Please note: My trading results, along with the results of my top students are far from typical. Individual results will vary. Most traders lose money. My top students and I have the benefit of many years of hard work and dedication under our belts. Trading is inherently risky. Do your due diligence and never risk more than you can afford to lose.) 

Talking the Talk, Walking the Walk

Yeah, I talk a lot about making the world a better place. But it’s not just talk. I back up what I say with action.

One way I actively work to make that happen with my charity Karamagawa, my donations and fundraising efforts, and through raising awareness on social media.

Earlier, I mentioned my Yemen fundraiser. But that’s just a drop in the bucket in terms of what I want to do and where I want to give.

I already have another fundraiser in the works to aid the people of Lebanon following the recent explosion that killed hundreds and hurt thousands more. Check it out here.

And I started a fundraiser to help Mauritius deal with a devastating oil spill cleanup that is threatening marine life and coral reef. My personal donation was $25K. Check it out here.

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⚠️SEE @karmagawa BIO FOR OUR NEW FUNDRAISER TO HELP MAURITIUS, I AM DONATING $25,000, HOW MUCH CAN YOU SPARE?!⚠️ Repost from @savethereef Swipe over to see the tragic videos of the locals in Mauritius trying to clean up the worst oil spill in their history….THEY NEED OUR HELP NOW! The MV Wakashio ran aground on a coral reef carrying 4,000 tonnes of fuel oil and 1,000 tonnes of which are estimated so far to have leaked out into nearby waters, beaches and mangroves, destroying more and more of their fragile ecosystem! France and Japan have dispatched disaster relief teams, but that takes time and the oil leak has already caused unprecedented damage to the island's lagoons, marine habitats and beaches so a citizen-led cleanup operation has started trying EVERYTHING to stop the oil…people are collecting the thick black sludge with their hands and buckets alone! THIS IS ABSOLUTELY TRAGIC AND WE MUST HELP THEM NOW! Please click the link in the bio of @karmagawa or @savethereef and donate to our new fundraiser to help get them more equipment in this URGENT battle against oil…and more importantly, against time! Also share this post with your followers and tag people, celebrities, influencers and news media who need to see it as we must make everyone aware and get help NOW before anymore of their ecosystem is destroyed! People always message us asking how can they help…now is your chance because Mauritius does not have the equipment necessary for a full cleanup and every minute more oil leaks out and is killing everything the people here hold dear. Let’s use our social media platforms for good and help Mauritius with their oil cleanup RIGHT NOW! Videos by @willowrivertonkin @indie.marea @mauritius__explored @savemauritiusreef @karmagawa #SaveMauritiusReef #oilspill #karmagawa #savethereef

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Why have I decided to donate to these causes? Why give so much overseas?

Giving Back at Home

One of the beautiful things about America is freedom. Once you’re financially free, you can spend your money however you see fit.

Some of my critics seem to think like I’m not doing that much domestically.

Wrong. I’m not ignoring needs closer to home. I’ve already donated millions of dollars to charities in America.

I’ve given to food banks in Houston…

I’ve given to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Miami…

I helped a homeless family find and move into a new home in L.A.

I’m committed to helping people everywhere. Those are just three examples … I’ve given much more. And I’m not going to stop.

My years in the market have given me perspective and I know that the better the world is, the better a place it is to trade.

Are you starting to get it?

Why I Donate

I’ve worked hard over the years. I turned my initial $12,415 account into $5.6 million by trading penny stocks.*

A lot of my personal success has come because I’ve been able to adapt and grow in the stock market. I’ve gone from a primarily short-biased trader to more long-biased in this age of crazy market volatility and short squeezes galore.

My trading isn’t the only thing that’s adapted. I’ve changed a lot as a person, too. My goals have shifted.

When I first started out, buying fancy cars was a top priority for me.

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I just finished a live 7-hour #stocktrading webinar for my students (I didn’t even lose my voice) and I’m damn glad to be done with it now as it’s been a hell of a week for my students and I and I’m SO glad it’s the weekend and the #stockmarket is finally closed so I can breathe a little! Come to think about it I haven’t been this happy since my first #lamborghini got delivered a few years ago, literally this has been one of the craziest weeks of my life with more students than I can count making at least $1,000 all the way up to $150,000 in the past week alone so I’m going to relax for a bit, but then get started tomorrow on a massive recap video lesson so you can understand just how insanely well my students are doing with all these #marijuana #cbd and now surging #chinese stocks too as it’s not just me and my #millionaire students anymore, there are hundreds of students messaging me daily now as #education pays off quicker than you realize when you utilize the #nodaysoff approach that I teach and live by! #fbf #lambo #flashbackfriday #relaxtime #lamborghinigallardo #lambolife #gallardo #whataday #longassday #cheerstotheweekend #jewllardo

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But as I continued my career and traveled more, I started to see better things I could do with my money.

Plus, I started to relax more about money because I didn’t need it anymore. Once I became rich, I was able to make sure my family was taken care of and that I had everything I needed. It opened up space in my life for different things.

It can be an incredible shift in the game of you vs. you. It’s how I evolved to care more about the planet.

Getting involved with charities has been one of the best things that’s happened to me. Along with Karmagawa, I’ve helped build 70 schools.

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How cute are these kids who are getting excited for their new Karmagawa school that will be 100% finished in just a few days!?!? We can’t wait to return to Bali to attend the grand openings of our newest schools and libraries with @balichildrensproject which will be our 18th, 19th and 20th projects in Bali and our 68th, 69th and 70th total Karmagawa schools/libraries worldwide! Our goal is to build 1,000+ schools and libraries in underprivileged communities around the world because education is truly the key to making this a better planet for humans and animals alike and sadly it’s the younger generation that will be forced to deal with the greatest consequences due to how poorly we’ve treated our planet for far too long. But while we humans are the cause of these problems, we’re also the solution so it’s imperative that we invest in our future generations as far too many children around the world are not given the chance at a proper education…let’s continue working together to change that! #newschool #educationmatters #balichildrensproject #karmagawa

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To really understand my story and what motivates me, I suggest checking out these links:

  • “An American Hedge Fund” — access my autobiography for FREE. Read it to learn how I made my millions and how my approach has changed over the years…
  • Evolution of a Conscious Trader — this blog post details my journey from making millions to becoming the co-founder of Karmagawa.
  • Charity documentaries — check them out here and here.

Get Inspired by My Students

It’s not you vs. the market or you vs. the world. It’s you vs. you. Are you clear on what you want out of life and trading? If not, get clear.

Studies show that specific goals are more motivating than vague ones like “get rich.”

It doesn’t matter what your goals are. Maybe it’s to buy fancy cars like I wanted to at first. Or maybe it’s to provide for your family, like my latest millionaire student, Roland Wolf.

Roland saw what I was doing. He didn’t get angry or resentful. Instead, he was motivated to see how I did it so that he could make good things happen for his family, too.

He started trading with $4K. A few years into his trading journey, he just passed the million-dollar mark.* Read more about it in this New York Post article …

Or look at my top student Tim Grittani. He was miserable working in an insurance office. He wanted a better life. So he started trading. Grittani really devoted himself to the process, and now he’s up over $12 million.*

The world can be a scary place for college grads … It’s hard to get a job, and student loans are killer. Matthew Monaco doesn’t have to worry about that.

He just graduated college, but he’s up over $250K.* Now, he’s a moderator in my Trading Challenge chat room, and he collaborated with me on the just-released 30-Day Bootcamp program …

You vs. You: What Motivates You?

Everyone wants something different out of life.

I consider one of my jobs as a teacher to help people realize that they can get what they want by providing for themselves.

I’m pretty clear on what I want out of life right now.

Nothing that anyone says will change my mind about doing things like giving to Yemen. A child is dying every 10 minutes there … It’s terrible. I can’t stand by and not do anything.

We’re all in the world together. By giving back to Yemen, I’m giving back to humanity.

For me, penny stocks have been the gateway to have the life I want and to be able to contribute in the ways I want. And when it comes down to you vs. you, how would you treat yourself? How do you want others to treat you?

What motivates you?

Invest In What Matters

I don’t invest in penny stocks. Instead, I trade penny stocks, which is totally different.

I don’t trust these companies at all. Instead, I rely on a stock screener to look for patterns that repeat and play the price action to attempt to profit from fluctuations.

It doesn’t work all the time. Check it out for yourself: I post every trade and my stats publicly. I’m wrong about 25% of the time. However, I have more wins than losses, and I cut losses quickly. That’s how I stay ahead.

I don’t invest in penny stocks, but I invest in what matters. For me, that’s my students and the causes I care about.

I’ve worked hard to earn the resources I have to offer — knowledge and money. I’m honored to be able to share both.

That’s why I devote so much time to my Trading Challenge students. I’ve earned my chops in the market, and it can help others.

But I’m not a saint. I don’t just want to give all my hard-earned knowledge to idiots who just want hot stock picks. I want students who will actually benefit long term from my lessons and learn how to find their own way in the trading world.

What Will Be Your Legacy?

Ask yourself this as you face off in a challenge of you vs. you. How dedicated are you? I don’t want students who are after hot stock picks and alerts.

That’s not because I don’t wanna be a bro. It’s because you’ll never become self-sufficient if you don’t learn how the stock market works and develop your own strategy.

Or framed differently, your odds of consistency and success are greater if you figure it out yourself. Don’t live in someone else’s shadow.

I want to motivate my students to do good in their own lives and to do good for the world, too.

That’s why I’m so vocal about my causes on social media. For example, my recent donations inspired this trader to make a donation to the Wounded Warriors Project.

He gets it. He didn’t take my donations as a literal step to follow. Instead, he got inspired to contribute to a cause he cares about.

If you make money, you can make your own decisions about how to make a difference, or what to put your money into.

How to REALLY Change the World

If you really want to change the world, start by working on yourself.

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Throwback to my climbing the actual Stairway To Heaven in #zhangjiajie #china as you have to push yourself in life so despite my massive jetlag flying to #asia I challenged myself to climb 999 steps at #tianmenmountain and while it was certainly a struggle without my stunt double @sam_kolder there to push me, I did it and felt a great sense of accomplishment afterwards. This is just a corny little video I made of my climb, but I hope you get my meaning here and set some goals to accomplish whatever it is that you love and then push yourself to actually achieve those goals in record time…and then once you achieve your initial goals, dream bigger and set even bigger goals and so on and NEVER stop trying new challenges and pushing yourself to do more! #dreambig #dailyinspiration #outofshape #dailymotivation #traveltuesday #stairclimber #heavensgate #throwbacktuesday #workhard #challengeyourself #traveladdict #pushyourself #jewsofinstagram #jewishjetlag

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It all starts with desire and education. Everyone wants something — money can help make a lot of goals a reality.

Right now, we’re in the hottest stock market in decades. There are opportunities out there.

My students are prepared. Are you ready to join them?

Consider applying for my Trading Challenge.

Or, at the very least check out some of the free or low-cost resources I have to offer, like…

Free Resources

Low-Cost  Resources

  • 30-Day Bootcamp. This series was designed to help traders build a solid trading foundation.
  • The Complete Penny Stock Course.” My student Jamil wrote this book. It covers the basics of my rules, strategies, and more.
  • How to Make Millions” This DVD remains one of my most popular resources … plus, all profits go to charity.

You vs. You: The Key to Change

What’s the key to changing the world and getting what you want?

It’s not being a troll, telling others what to do, or passing judgment on social media. You have to work on improving yourself. It’s a matter of you vs. you.

You have to learn the rules. Find the discipline. Don’t just go through the motions and be someone who hates life.

If you’re willing to put in more than the minimum effort, that’s when you can really make great things happen in the world.

So will you be a troll? Or will you take control of your life, make money, and strive to make a difference?

What do you think? Is it really you vs. you or is someone or something else holding you back? Leave a comment!


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Which is why I've launched my Trading Challenge. I’m extremely determined to create a millionaire trader out of one my students and hopefully it will be you.

So when you get a chance make sure you check it out.

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