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8 Lessons From My Latest $600,000+ Profit Student, Chanukah Gifts #6-8

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Happy New Year! Save 35-70% off here and watch this free guide for just a few more days. The stock market is closed tomorrow, but the key to success is preparing ahead of time, just like my latest $600,000+ profit student understands, little different than how pro athletes improve their game in the offseason…so this video will help you prepare for this week, study ahead of time and see what’s working best in the market right now…and also be sure to be in my chatroom premarket Tuesday morning!

Here’s a recap of the presents I got you:

Chanukah gift #8 was 8 lessons from my newest $600k+ profit student Steven

Chanukah gift #7 was a video on the proper trader mindset

Chanukah gift #6 was my exposing a common newbie trap

Chanukah gift #5 was a MUST WATCH video reviewing features of this website you should be using daily

Chanukah gift #4 is the best pattern right now

Chanukah gift #3 were 3 top stocks I was watching

Chanukah gift #2 was a presentation by $630,000 profit student Mark

Chanukah gift #1 is 50% off Wolf Millionaire, which is this 20+ hour guide on how to make money on social media

I want to call your attention in particular to Chanukah gift #8, because in this video, we’re reviewing the 8 lessons my latest trading challenge student used to surpass $600,000 in profits in just 10 months, Steven Dux, is VERY important…kinda funny this comes just days after I highlighted my trading challenge student of the year, Mark Croock, who also just passed $600,000 in profits. Continue reading

My Review Of ‘Trading Tickers’ The Best Stock Trading Guide Ever Created

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I’ve been meaning to post my full review of my top student Tim Grittani’s 16-hour DVD study guide ‘Trading Tickers’ which will be ready August 1st, it’s just that it’s difficult for me to put all my thoughts down in one blog post since I’m so excited, awestruck, amazed, pumped up, proud, shocked, stunned and every other word you can imagine because this is a 26-year-old guy who has not just turned a few thousand dollars into $2.7 million in 4 years, and remember that nobody else in the world has that kind of track record the past few years, but now has worked for the past 7 months on creating this study guide that is the single most useful educational tool ever created for traders. Continue reading

20 Students Speak Up, How Should I React?

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Continue reading

The Most Controversial Trader In The World Right Now

I’ve exposed a lot of SKETCHY people in the trading world like this career criminal and this charlatan, not to mention calling out celebrities like this famous NBA player and this spoiled teen pop sensation for their questionable penny stock dealings and that’s gotten me several cease & desist letters, but ZERO lawsuits since what I post is backed up by mountains of legal filings and publicly available information.

If you want a laugh, check out some of my cease & desist letters I’ve received I proudly share considering all of the companies and stocks in question have gone bankrupt or lost 99.9% of their value. Continue reading

13 Things Successful People Do In Their 20s

My second millionaire trading challenge student profiled here on CNN is only in his mid 20s, yet he’s more successful than many people will ever be in their entire life.

You don’t have to trade penny stocks to be successful, but there are several traits that the best traders have that you should consider too just like I said in my most popular article in Entrepreneur magazine “8 Daily Habits That Will Make 2015 Explosive“.

Learn to recognize what successful people are doing and copy them to achieve success for yourself!

When you read this post with 20 lessons from Tim Grittani passing $2 million in profits in just 4 years, you’ll realize he has done many of the things on this list of what successful people do in their 20s…just like what I said during my speech at Harvard University last year: Continue reading

8 Of My Students Speak Up

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A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post entitled “The Best Email Ever” highlighting this email I got from a VERY happy trading challenge student: Continue reading