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3 Ways To Make $300,000

Back in April I introduced you to a young trader who was making $300,000 per year…

He’s speaking at my conference this year, but more importantly right now, because he’s having yet another blowout year, he’s offering 40% off on his one instructional DVD that covers his buying smallcap breakouts strategy when you purchase it right here for just $250 (regularly $400) only good until the end of July aka roughly 48 hours from now.


I’ve watched the DVD several times and its helped me spot the breakout in MERU on Friday where my students and I made $12,000 as you can see here (so far) for a cool 15% gain.

Another great trader I introduced you to in this blog post about my upcoming 5th annual conference (it’s still 2.5 months away but nearly sold out so if you want in, email admin@timothysykes.com ASAP) specializes buying smallcap breakouts, but he goes for BIG breakouts on low float stocks.

Paul Scolardi

Nobody ever really knew how much $ he actually made until I just recently convinced him to post his trades on Profitly…I mean I knew he did well, since he picked stocks like ROSG and LIVE in the low $3/share to $5/share range before each jumped to $15+/share within a few weeks, but I wasn’t alone in wondering how much money EXACTLY did he make on those.

We have an answer on ROSG, $300,000+ as you can see from this verified trade

$303,901profitROSGLong Stock
Originally entered in the $34s where I tweeted it it…….bought as it went up………..as you know it hit $23’s…………my highest sales were in the $14-15’s did not take enough off table on parabolic move to $23 made most on second pop from $9 to $15 @super_trades www.super-trades.com

Posted by super_trades /

Pretty friggin amazing and now verified.

I’m SO excited to hear him detail his strategy and his experience sat my conference this year…and you should be excited too!

Hopefully we can get the results of his other trades out of him too since I knew he banked on stocks like LIVE, PDO, KEQU, AERL and dozens more.

And last but certainly not least, as I talk about in my 7 free video lessons here and all my DVDs here, I make roughly $300,000 year in year out on my short biased strategy.

I made $247,000 in 2010 as you can see here trade for trade (to be fair I started with a much smaller account though to prove I could grow it from nothing as I did with my Thinkorswim account growing from $12,415 to $213,000+ in just 3 years)

Download a PDF version of this post.

I made $334,000 in 2011 as you can see here, trade-for-trade

And I’m up $172,000+ so far in 2012, right on track for another $300,000+ year, as you can see here trade-for-trade.

That’s right, all 3 of us traders trade pretty much the same stocks, we each know how to make $300,000 and we all have different approaches that are worth learning.

I can’t encourage you enough to email admin@timothysykes.com if you wanna see us in Vegas Oct 13-15, 2012 at The Hard Rock Hotel…I’ll also be throwing a $50,000 party just for kicks and we have several other multi-milionaires like the #1 trader on Profitly, James Altucher of VRNG, PIP fame and a soon-to-be-announced entrepreneur/trading challenge student who is richer than all of us combined whose gracious enough to be sharing his experiences too.

See all the conference details here and see a video recap of last year:

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Which is why I've launched my millionaire challenge. I’m extremely determined to create a millionaire trader out of one my students and hopefully it will be you.

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