Are You Studying And Working The Wrong Way?

By Updated on January 24, 2023

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A lot of people message me every day in my chatroom for my newsletter subscribers and on every social network wanting to get rich and I REALLY don’t think they understand how to actually achieve that.

The good news is I’ve been trading for nearly 20 years and now teaching for 10+ years so I have the actual blueprint and you just have to sit back and follow my instructions to a T.

It won’t be easy…at all…and in fact it’s going to be harder than you ever thought possible, but the journey alone is worth the price of admission and in the end you’ll look back at your grinding and hustling and appreciate it all, even when you make mistakes and fail a little every now and then along the way too…as long as you keep moving forward and learning from everything, your gains and your losses too!

Sure, sure, you see success stories like my top Millionaire Trading Challenge students and mine:

…and you message me saying things like “Tim, I’m definitely next!”, but do you really mean it. And even if you do really mean it, do you understand how many THOUSANDS of hours of research and study you’re going to need to put in to be able to rise above the roughly 90%+ of traders who continually lose?

Forget just about trading, most small businesses fail and no matter how hard you work to get into a good college, an Ivy League diploma doesn’t mean you’ll get a good job, let alone any job once you graduate. And even if you do get a good job, in this choppy economy, there’s no guarantee you’ll have it for very long.

The odds of you achieving great financial and career success are so small, but too many of you think you’re “special” and that it’s going to be you who will beat the odds.

This is your wake up call, when your mom says you can do anything you want in life and that you’re special, she’s lying…yes, that’s right I’m calling your mom a liar so get offended if you want or let me explain why.

You ARE capable of achieving anything when you put your mind to it and you ARE special to your mom, but you’re not special as in the sense that reality and the odds of great success vs. failure in life don’t apply to you.

Those odds apply to EVERY single one of us and my top Millionaire Challenge and upcoming Millionaire Trading Challenge students are no different, we just studied and worked harder than everyone else to get where we are.

And I’m not talking about working 2, 3 or even 4 menial labor jobs to try to pay for rent, mortgage, basic living expenses and saving up puny sums of money over many years that too many people mistakenly believe is the definition “working hard”.

That’s not working hard, that’s the definition of working in a dumb way.

And when I say you must study hard, I’m not talking about going to school for a decade and accumulating six-figures in student loan debt like too many people do.

That’s not studying hard, that’s the definition studying in a dumb way.

Now if you dream of being a Hollywood star, a doctor or lawyer or Wall Street banker one day this blog post doesn’t apply to you, you follow those dreams and you do whatever you have to do for the next few decades to make it happen in those tough industries.

But if you don’t want to spend decades chasing dreams in industries like those that literally do take that long to achieve anything substantial, it’s time I cut through all the BS you hear about how to really make it in this world and remind you that we’re in the single most exciting time in history where relative peace and democracy rule and you’re reading this blog post on the single most important invention in centuries, The Internet, that can speed up your path to financial freedom in life.

You don’t just have the option of doing things the old/dumb way any more — you could and should utilize this radical new invention to enhance your education and your life like all my top millionaire and upcoming Millionaire Trading Challenge students and I have done in order to study and work hard, but also study and work in a smarter, more efficient way.

No longer must you work jobs that depends on your manual labor hour after hour after hour forever and then try to save up over time for anything meaningful, instead learn skills like stock trading or even HERE so that whatever you learn to earn in the beginning might be small like those other professions, but which can multiply many times over years form now as if you choose well, the work you do on the Internet is SCALABLE, a word that doesn’t apply to old-world industries.

There are internet strategies now where you can make money while you sleep and wake up to more money in your account…tell me ANY construction worker, plumber, electrician, trainer, chef, cab driver, security guard, bartender, waiter, waitress etc where that happens?

It doesn’t…those jobs take hours and hours of back-breaking work and sweat to get paid and if you want to ever earn a ton of money that way, you better do it every damn day and save your pennies too.

Long story short, no longer do you need any BS college degree to try to find a solid paying job after you waste years or even a decade or more getting a fancy degree and entering into a profession like the medical field or Wall Street that is so intense and competitive that you’ll need another few years even after you graduate, or even another entire decade on top of the initial one you already put in studying, of nonstop dedication before you can pull in a consistent six-or-seven figures per year.

I’m sorry to be negative, but why are so many people wasting time on those old-world-time-consuming not-worth-the-time-and-headache industries when these new and better-paying-in-far-less-time industries are here and available to you?

Oh, that’s right, you’ve been marketed college and “solid” industries all your life and all these Internet businesses seem to have pretty low odds of success?

Wake up! Even if you go the old-world route you STILL have low odds of great success, you just have a basic financial cushion upon which many people rely and never allow themselves to fully spread their wings and see what they’re capable of.

It’s sad that it takes one of my Trading Challenge students whose English is his 4th language to help you understand your own potential:

And it takes blog posts like “What’s The Minimum Needed To Trade Penny Stocks?” to get you to realize that you’re not going to be a millionaire if you always put in the minimum investment and minimum amount of effort into ANYTHING!

Here’s another newsflash: even if you get into college and get your fancy degree and have all your manual labor jobs and you put in your minimum effort because it’s easier and you’re taking the safe route in life you’re going to be sorely disappointed with how your career and financial future plays out…you’ll get by financially-speaking, but just barely and I know too many downright people who get by barely and I don’t want that to happen to you.

In this life, and remember that as despite the many conspiracy theories we still likely only have one life, you must study and work your butt off to get anywhere and achieve your goals, so if you’re going to do all of that you might as well get rewarded the most and the quickest and partake in the new Internet world which requires less investment and less years of your life, right?

I mean it makes perfect sense to me, but what do I know, I’ve never had a real job as I gladly invested my time and energy into the Internet world of education, being a self-taught trader and blogger and it paid off handsomely as I became a millionaire right around the time I could legally drink…it’s good to get started early!

And when I started there was literally nothing on how to trade penny stocks safely, no free guides like this great guide and this free guide, no free video lessons like these bad boys it was all learning through trial and error and let me tell you that sucked!

You have it FAR easier now that you’re coming aboard now and you have all these resources, not to mention case study after case study of people who started out knowing NOTHING and now thanks to studying hard — and not just just studying hard on anything remember, but smart too — and working hard —and not just working hard on anything remember, working smart — they have financial freedom with just the smallest of investments in their education and just 1-2 years before they really mastered their strategy and made it work for them.

So, my only question to you is why don’t more of you realize this and why aren’t you following in the footsteps of young traders like Grittani and this young man, what’s stopping you?

Perhaps you just needed a blog post like this to simplify everything for you and help you realize your options?


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Hey Everyone,

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Which is why I've launched my Trading Challenge. I’m extremely determined to create a millionaire trader out of one my students and hopefully it will be you.

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