Superstar Trader Head Check: Mindset Tips From Tim Grittani

By Updated on December 9, 2021

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Grittani’s Brain-Pick Session: Key Takeaways

  • Tim Grittani sees three steps ahead of other traders — here’s what they are…
  • Grittani’s fix for a choppy market…
  • How Grittani saw CEI’s breakout before it happened…

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Ever want to be a fly on the wall when three highly accomplished traders talk about the things that have had the biggest impact on their success? Today’s your lucky day…

Mike “Huddie” Hudson and Dominic Mastromatteo recently had the opportunity to pick the brain of my top student EVER, Tim Grittani, about a topic that affects traders everywhere — including YOU. Read on to find out what it is.

Grittani, Huddie and Dom have all been through my Trading Challenge. I’m so proud of their success. And what I want you to see here today is a peek into the mind of a master trader.

Here’s what happened…

Picking Tim Grittani’s Brain

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Dom, Huddie, and Grittani know for most traders, trading isn’t the hard part. It’s how you deal with the mental aspects of trading that will define you as a trader.

Do you cut before your risk is broken? Do you tend to go in oversized or undersized?

You need to understand yourself as a trader FIRST…

It helps to get insight into how different traders approach the same problem. And when Grittani offers to share his take on it, you’d be wise to listen.

Grittani has made more than $13.5 million over the past 10 years…

He’s also been a big influence on Huddie and Dom. They say his first DVD, “Trading Tickers,” is basically the textbook for how they trade. Huddie’s watched it well over 10 times!

One thing that makes Grittani such a great trader is his analytical nature. That’s always been how he approaches the market.

And he’s just as analytical with himself. Here’s what Dom and Huddie have learned from Grittani…

Grittani’s Market Mindset

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Let’s break down how Grittani approaches the market. Take notes!

Look at the Big Picture

Grittani sees the field in a way that few traders do. He’s followed so many stocks, in hot and cold markets…

He has a sense for how charts behave. This means knowing the players:

Knowing their motives:

  • Where the demand is
  • Who’s about to get out

So now he’s two steps ahead of most people. Knowing the step after is fundamental to his trading:

  • Where the squeezes might be
  • Where the falling knives can drop

That’s the point where he gets an idea of which side will have a more explosive move up or down.

Lean Into Your Strengths

Grittani is SO good at this.

There are so many ways to make money in the stock market. What you’re trying to do as a trader is find what resonates with you.

A common mistake people make is trying to turn their weaknesses into strengths. You can spend your whole life doing that and not become good at anything.

After 10 years, Grittani has become good at everything. “My risk/reward is a lot better on longs. My win percentage is a lot better on shorts,” he told Dom and Huddie.

Here’s a video on how he did it…

The Market in 2021

The market has changed, but Grittani’s philosophy hasn’t. That’s because his philosophy is built on results. Here’s what has changed:

  • The market is choppier than it used to be
  • There are no super clean runners
  • There are a lot more fake outs, a lot of red days after a breakout
  • Or there are red mornings and then an immediate recovery

Sounds messy, but it’s all good for Grittani. He just widens his risk levels. It allows him to stay in a trade and not have to micromanage it.

What Grittani Looks for in a Trade

Let’s look at how Grittani targeted Camber Energy Inc. (NYSE: CEI) in September…

“I like messing with CEI,” Grittani told Dom and Huddie. “I made a YouTube video on CEI a few years back. I’m very familiar with the story of what a disgusting company CEI is.”

Watch that video here.

Dom calls it “making friends with tickers.” You get to know how they act because it’s the same story again and again.

A lot of what was in Grittani’s CEI video still applies to what’s going on today.

This is a company with zero employees and no real news. Because Grittani saw the volume holding up, he knew that it was no ordinary pump

He had an idea that it was going to break out.

Act Like a Retired Trader

This is how I tell my students they should trade…

Act like you’ve already achieved your goals — and only trade if the setup is too good to refuse. 

That’s what Grittani has done for the past two years. He’s taken time off to spend with his family…

Never forget — that’s the reason we’re in this. Grittani has built an awesome future for his two young children, and he gets to decide how he wants to spend it.

So when he comes out of retirement to trade a stock, you’d better listen.

Get the Same Education as Grittani, Huddie, and Dom

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All these traders — and all my 20+ millionaire students — found their way in my Trading Challenge.

I’m proud to teach traders like this. And I’m even more proud when my students exceed my talents. That’s a sign that I’ve done my job well. It’s incredible that so many of my students go on to become teachers themselves.

And in my Trading Challenge you have the opportunity to learn not just from me, but from so many others who have studied for years to find their way. These traders have changed the course of their lives forever.

That’s powerful.

And it’s not easy. It takes so much dedication, determination, commitment, and sacrifice. Think you have what it takes?

Apply for my Trading Challenge today to find out.

What did you learn from Grittani’s approach and what can you apply to your trading? Let me know in the comments!


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