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My #1 Top Penny Stock Trading Tip

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been totally wrapped up lately with my new guide to growing your following on social media, specifically instagram. I’m really excited about sharing everything I know about making money on the web’s fastest growing social network, but the sad thing is that it’s been taking up so much of my time that I haven’t been able to do as many Q&As and support messages as I like, especially since despite the new project, I’ve kept up trading pretty well in a tricky market, making daily video lessons and giving my weekly live trading/Q&A webinars to my trading challenge students.

Download a checklist of my top penny stock trading tips.

So today, I’m going to give you one of the best pieces of advice I can think of right now. Hopefully this’ll hold you over until Wolf Millionaire is launched and I can get back to doing what I do best – teaching students how to become penny stock trading millionaires.

Are you ready to get started? The one piece of wisdom I want to leave you with – the one that’s as responsible for my success as a penny stock trader as anything else – is this:

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How Risky Are You? Measure Your Risk Tolerance Before Day Trading

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In today’s video lesson HERE I talk about risk, and this is a stock trading blog, so we’ve got to talk about risk tolerance, right?

Risk tolerance is a big buzzword for most financial companies. Hell, take a look at the picture below. That’s the landing page for E*TRADE’s Online Portfolio Advisor system. And you can see, right there in Step #2, that this program is going to take your risk tolerance into account.

It’s right there – it’s one of the first things E*TRADE tells you that you need to think about when you’re opening an account: Continue reading

7 Penny Stock Trading Tips for Beginners

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7 Lessons From My Top Student Regarding Losses

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Tim Sykes on Below Deck

Anyway, this is a MUST READ post entitled “20 Lessons From My Top Student Passing $2 Million In Profits“, but like myself and all other millionaire traders I know, Tim Grittani experiences losses too. Continue reading

The 4 Most Common Trading Mistakes With Commodities

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But I have some solid excuses 🙂

We LOVE this bull market!!!!!!!

This trader is on fire, he’s up nearly $600,000 in August so far!

PS The biggest mistake traders make

Download the key points of this post as PDF.

This is a truly GREAT and useful guest blog post from one ambitious trading challenge student…we like to ignore the risks of trading and focus on the rewards, but you must ALWAYS consider risks and mistakes before you focus on the good stuff, the $$$$$$$ rewards! Continue reading

So You Want To Be A Trader? [Explicit Video Made For James Altucher]

This deal is only good for a few more days and this one is probly the best thing you can ever do with your life

A few weeks ago I wrote a response to James Altucher’s anti-day trading article with my own little article entitled “24 reasons to day trade” because this industry is put down waaaay too much…whether or not all his criticisms and my pro-trading bullets are applicable to newbie traders, this funny video certainly is: Continue reading

Regarding Baron Kimble Shutting Down As A Newsletter

UPDATE: Because my family and I are so overwhelmed with DVD orders and new subscribers, we’re waaaaaay behind on emails and getting everyone setup. Until we work through this backlog, our 50-75% blowout sale is still good and valid probly until the 2nd week of January 2011 — thank you everyone for your willingness to learn!

Hoped as I might that the emails would stop, I’ve now received over 20 from PennyStocking Silver subscribers and TIMalert subscribers asking my thoughts on this guy’s newsletter’s shutting down, despite its decent reviews, so here’s my one big reply to all of you. Continue reading

Check Out The Trader Who Made A Verified $113,000 In The Past 4 Days

This is the beauty of…we can FINALLY see REAL traders and their $ profits and losses…none of the typical half assed stats filled with disclosures and percentages that you see on other websites. After all, you get into trading to make MONEY, not to outperform the damn S&P 500.

(See my post listing 20+ reasons why day trading is great and any notion that it is not great, like the thoughtful but ultimately misguided post from James Altucher, needs to be addressed harshly (Sorry James, but there’s FAR more than enough negativity surrounding trading, it’s time to let this truly weird and great industry niche fight back!)

You can check out all the trades that it took to make $113,000+ in 4 days, trading the options of well known blue chip stocks like Apple Inc. (AAPL), MGM Resorts International. (MGM) and Research In Motion Limited (RIMM) and know that while this guy is trading with an already solid account size, it’s pretty amazing what his goal is–to take $1,000 and turn it into $200,000, detailing every step of the way on Sanglucci Trades.

(sounds like someone I know quite well)

Check out his trading chart: Continue reading