How Multi-Millionaire Trader Kyle Williams Crushed My Challenge

By Timothy Sykes

Last updated on November 11, 2021
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Kyle’s Epic Grind: Key Takeaways

  • How Kyle used his early failures to get on track to become a millionaire trader…
  • Why short-selling makes him good at going long too…
  • The key to Kyle’s trading approach that never changes…

Get into this chat room with Kyle + 2 more millionaire traders daily!

Top trader Kyle Williams has done a lot since he broke the million-dollar milestone back in January 2021. For starters, he hit $2 million just over four months later!

But Kyle isn’t some superstar who never makes mistakes. This is a trader who almost blew up his account before he started trading smaller. He’s the student who watched ALL my DVDs and Trading Challenge video lessons in six months…

He’s a perfectionist who learns from his mistakes. That’s why he’s gotten to where he is today. Check out what you can learn from him…

Kyle: The 411

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Here’s what sets Kyle apart.

Kyle’s Go-To Trading Patterns

  • Shorting OTC promotions and overextended runners. This was his bread and butter on his way to his first million.
  • Dip buys. When OTCs heated up in 2020 and 2021, Kyle adapted. Now OTC dip buys are a big part of his arsenal.
  • Breakouts. He tried buying breakouts as a newbie — then he almost went bust. But he kept at it … Now he’s so good, he moderates the Breakouts & Breakdowns chat room.

Kyle’s Trading Stats

  • Trading superpower: Kyle’s a switch-hitter. His expertise at shorting makes him good at going long too.
  • Favorite Trading Challenge resource: Video lessons! Kyle says that at one point he watched 30 video lessons a day.
  • When he’s not trading … Kyle hits the gym. He’s been doing four workouts a week longer than he’s been trading. This is where he learned his killer discipline.
  • How he splurged after passing $2 million: Kyle didn’t buy a Lambo after $1 million, he just went back to work. But when his grandparents’ dog died, he put his career on hold… He chartered a private jet, then flew out to surprise them!

Kyle’s Trading Timeline

  • June 2016: Kyle enrolled in my Trading Challenge a long way back. There’s a reason you didn’t hear his name back then — he just lost money.
  • Late 2016: After running into trading trouble, Kyle went back to basics. He watched all of my DVDs. AND he watched EVERY Trading Challenge video lesson.
  • 2018: Kyle made back the money he’d lost by the start of 2018. By the end, he had $32,282 in his trading account.
  • 2019: Things start clicking into place. Kyle ends the year as a six-figure student, making just over $92,000 in profits.
  • 2020: When 2020 hit, Kyle was prepared. His account went exponential, raking in $700k by year’s end.
  • January 26, 2021: Kyle passes $1 million.
  • June 5, 2021: Four-and-a-half months later: $2 million.

Kyle’s Trading Story

sykes and kyle williams on laptop
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Before watching the movie “The Big Short,” Kyle was a mild-mannered engineering student at San Diego State University.

But when he saw the possibilities in the stock market, everything changed. He switched majors to finance and applied for and was accepted into my Trading Challenge.

Like so many traders, he started out too cocky. Kyle lost more than half of his $6,000 starting balance before he turned things around. Here’s how he dialed in:

  • Sizing down to smaller positions
  • Committing to learning the process
  • Devouring everything the Challenge has to offer and becoming an active part of the community

By the end of his first 18 months, Kyle learned how to be profitable. Then, years two and three were devoted to perfecting his strategy…

When the market turned hot, Kyle was ready to capitalize.

Now, all of his work is paying off for him. As I write this, Kyle’s over $2.7 million in trading profits.

He hosts a podcast called TWIST and a StocksToTrade alert service with fellow top traders Jack Kellogg and Mariana Hincapie

He’s a leader in my Trading Challenge. He has over 20,000 Twitter followers. But at his core, Kyle is the same hard worker he’s always been.

From the Archives

I’ve tracked Kyle’s journey for a long time. Check out the steps he took along the way:

Kyle’s Video Highlights

Kyle isn’t too busy to share his hard work. Here are a few of his best videos. Take notes!

Kyle’s 2019 Trader and Investor Summit Speech

This one is awesome. It’s from the year Kyle broke through to six figures

Since then he’s gone exponential. This was a turning point:

The Birth of a New Trading Edge

Smart traders adapt to the market. When OTCs got hot in December 2020, Kyle was prepared.

He finished the month up more than 30% on his LIFETIME profits. Here’s how he did it:

Kyle’s Charting Superpower

Kyle’s trading gets the headlines, but it’s his charting that makes all the difference. See how he breaks down charts here:

Learn with Kyle

Kyle is a co-host of the TWIST podcast and has made appearances on the SteadyTrade podcast as well. Here are some highlights:

Breakouts & Breakdowns

Breakouts & Breakdowns is the KILLER StocksToTrade education and alert service that Kyle runs with Mariana and Jack…

Want to go in depth with three millionaire traders at the top of their game?

Start your two-week Breakouts & Breakdowns trial TODAY!

Daily Accelerator Newsletter

Kyle is part of the all-star roster on the StocksToTrade Daily Accelerator newsletter.

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Kyle’s Top Trading Wisdom

kyle williams
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Kyle had a head start on the discipline front. When he realized that trading was something he had to learn, he got serious…

  • He’d tune into the first and last hour of the market every day.
  • In between, he watched 30 video lessons a day — averaging five minutes each — and one webinar.
  •  At night, he’d make his watchlist and read a trading book for about an hour each.

He figures he spent eight hours a day on all this. Some traders put in 17 hours a day, like Roland Wolf when he was starting. No, that’s not right for everyone.

The key, Kyle says, is consistency.

If you can study a ton and keep it up, congrats. You’re a machine. But if you burn out, you’ll learn your limits.

If you can study for six hours a day consistently, commit to that. If three hours is what you can do every single day, that’s your magic number.

Build your knowledge account at the pace that’s right for you. Or give up and have something in common with most traders who fail. Your choice.

Key Quote from Kyle

“I watched “Trading Tickers” with Tim Grittani. He was going through trading plans and then he’s making money with those trades. I felt like, if he can do it, I can do it. There’s just something I’m not getting yet.”

The Trading Challenge

I’ve had the pleasure of being Kyle’s teacher and watching him grow.

I’m so glad to have him teaching alongside me in the Trading Challenge. He’s still growing as a trader … and as a teacher.

Every month, he posts trading recaps. I can’t overstate how INCREDIBLY VALUABLE they are — and how generous it is that he does this.

If you want to learn from Kyle every day, apply to join us in the Trading Challenge.

But you must be ready to commit. We need more Kyles in the market!

I hope you’re inspired to learn from Kyle now. Leave a comment and share your favorite moment from his journey!


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