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10 Questions With Six-Figure Student Kyle Williams

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Updated 8/5/2021 15 min read

Back in July, I featured Trading Challenge student Kyle Williams in this spotlight blog post. I LOVE it when students become self-sufficient and consistent.

Not long after that blog post, Kyle broke through to become my latest six-figure Trading Challenge student. And he deserves it. He studies his butt off, adapts, and refines his process. I’m super proud of him.

Recently, Kyle was one of the speakers at my Trader & Investor Summit in Orlando. He gave a GREAT presentation. (Pre-order the conference DVD here.)

Here’s a photo of Jack Kellogg, Dominic Mastromatteo, Kyle, and me at the Summit…

Jack Kellogg, Dominic Mastromatteo, Kyle Williams, Timothy Sykes photo courtesy of Don Mash
left to right: Jack Kellogg, Dominic Mastromatteo, Kyle Williams, Timothy Sykes – courtesy of Don Mash

And this tweet shows Kyle on stage during our Summit live trading session. From left to right, that’s Challenge mentor Michael Goode, plus Jack, Kyle, Dom, and me.

Kyle was gracious enough to agree to an interview. Unfortunately, we didn’t get time for a sit-down in front of the camera. And my travel schedule is so crazy…

So I sent Kyle a few questions and he answered the same way he trades. Meticulously. I’ve included Kyle’s Q&A below. But first, check this out…

Refine Your Process By Sharing With Others

As you know, transparency is important to me. We need more transparency in this industry. Instead, it’s filled with people who hide behind big profit screenshots.

So it makes me happy when students share every trade on Profit.ly. And it’s cool when they create videos about their trades and their process. It helps them refine … and it helps everyone else in our community, too.

Kyle creates monthly recap videos to review his trades. And they’re excellent. Other Challenge students rage about them on Profit.ly…

Profit.ly user Sky_Hi_Trading had this to say: Thanks for sharing Kyle!!! Great work and awesome message!! Dont waste energy on the mediocre plays!

Here’s another from CrazyWillows: Yea great one Kyle!!! Enjoy seeing these lessons from you man, keep it up…

And another from BigMike2020: Just watched two of your videos on youtube: August recap and 0 to 100k! Very helpful to me a newbie! Thanks for sharing all your hardwork and documenting it so others can learn from your willingness to share! Means a lot! Best of luck going forward and thanks again and here’s to the next 100k!

Every video is packed with good lessons from this amazing young man. See Kyle’s Profit.ly page here.

And now, turn off all distractions and take notes. Here’s Kyle’s September trading review:


Wasn’t that awesome? Be sure to comment below — let me and Kyle know what you think of the video.

Now, for my Q&A with Kyle…

10 Questions With Six-Figure Trading Challenge Student Kyle Williams

sykes and kyle williams on laptop
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1. I’ve watched your videos and listened to your interview on the Beyond the PDT podcast. As a trader, you’re very detail oriented and meticulous. Are you always like that?

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Kyle: I’m very detail oriented and meticulous in most areas of my life. Both my parents are as well. So I think it’s a characteristic trait I picked up and something they instilled in me when I was very young.

2. In regard to trading, how important is it to be meticulous?

Kyle: Being meticulous helps drastically in trading. When dealing with large amounts of money with something as difficult as the stock market, there’s no room to be lazy or wanting to cut corners. As meticulous as I am, I find I’m still not to the level I want to be when it comes to trading more difficult patterns such as some Nasdaq plays.

3. How much time did you study when you finally got serious and focused?

Kyle: I made a routine for myself to stick by: I wanted to watch 30 video lessons a day (one video lesson is 5 minutes) and one webinar (hour and a half average). I made sure to watch the first and last hour of the market and study those videos and webinars midday. Then I’d make a watchlist and read a trading book at night for about an hour each. 

So in total, I probably averaged eight hours a day, even on weekends, leading to 50–60 hours per week. I think a lot of students make the mistake of thinking they need to study 17 hours a day like Roland and Dux did. But those guys are absolute animals. I’d much rather study 8 hours a day consistently every day than risk burning out after studying a few days for 17 hours a day.

Read Kyle’s last answer again. Read it a third time. That’s what it takes. Dedication and commitment over time. Kyle found a pace that worked for him and stuck to it. He didn’t try to be somebody else. But he also didn’t try to cheat success.

4. You mentioned reading trading books. What books do you recommend?

Kyle: I answer this question with these books every time because they’re that good…

  • First, “The Market Wizards” series by Jack Schwager. This series is very inspirational and motivational, reading stories from so many legendary traders is a gift to the reader.
  • Second, trading psychology books by Brett Steenbarger. “The Daily Trading Coach” is my favorite. It has so many action steps one can take to improve their psychology in the markets.
  • Third, trading books by Van K. Tharp, specifically “Super Trader.” This book made me take the seriousness of trading to a whole other level. It teaches you how to actually treat trading as a business by writing a business plan and many other things.

You should read every book Kyle recommended. I also recommend “The Complete Penny Stock Course” by another student, Jamil Ben Alluch. The reason is because it explains my strategies so clearly. It also answers about 95% of the questions I get from students. Read it!

5. When you’re testing a new setup, do you take smaller position sizes?

Kyle: Yes, I do. For students or myself when I had a small account, I can’t recommend enough to start with just 100 shares or smaller to test. Now that my account is bigger, my testing size is certainly larger. I usually risk $100–$200, which can lead to a few hundred shares instead of just 100.

6. I noticed you use StocksToTrade. What do you like about it and do you use the STT paper trading feature for testing?

Kyle: If you’re trading low-priced stocks, I think STT is such a useful tool. STT’s screener has allowed me to find so many plays that I wouldn’t have found elsewhere. Although STT offers paper trading, I never used it because I’d much rather trade extremely small and experience the emotions of having at least some money on the line.

I agree with Kyle about finding plays using STT. When asked how I find stocks, my answer is ALWAYS the same. I look for big percent gainers using the StocksToTrade built in screeners.

Here’s what Profit.ly user GooniesTrader81 says about StocksToTrade: I found BNGO using StocksToTrade. I highly recommend it. Studying breakouts for months is now paying off. BNGO 300s $2.67 out at $3.30 $190. A good win after beating myself up for selling SES and BIMI wayyyy tooo soon earlier this week. Now back to work. 🙂

Back to the Q&A with Kyle…

7. For someone considering the Trading Challenge, what advice can you give?

Kyle: Understand that this isn’t a get-rich-quick hobby. Even though trading doesn’t require any qualifications like a degree, it’s still a career path that one can choose if they’re serious about it.

If you join the Challenge, it should be because you want to learn to trade for a living, not to make a few extra bucks here or there. Trading takes way too much commitment to not give it a 100% effort.

Kyle committed. Do you have what it takes? Apply for the Trading Challenge here.

8. What advice do you have for someone who’s putting in the time and effort but still struggling?

Kyle: I say this to those putting in enough time and effort, you didn’t get this far … to only get this far. Like I said with the last question, you should want to learn to trade for a living for the rest of your life. When you have that level of commitment you’ll have much more power to keep pushing forward when times are tough.

9. I’m impressed that you’re so focused on trading well, rather than just profit and loss. What’s your best trade in terms of how well you traded?

Kyle: I love this question because it shows your biggest trade might not always be your best trade. 

My $IGC and $VBIV in June definitely made me feel incredible by just how in the zone I was to read the price action so well that day.

Another trade that comes to mind was $IGCC where on February 24 they put out news they would uplist to the AMEX from OTC and change to the ticker back to $IGC. The stock ran from 36 cents to over $3 dollars in just two days.

I was able to take two trades on it to total close to a $2,500 profit. Everyone I talked to thought I was crazy for thinking it could go back to its previous prices before getting delisted to the OTC market. But that’s exactly what happened and I was prepared for it. Pictures of both trades below:

IGCC chart from Kyle’s first trade — courtesy of Kyle Williams and StocksToTrade.com
IGCC chart from Kyle’s second trade — courtesy of Kyle Williams and StocksToTrade.com

[Please note Kyle’s results are not typical. Kyle has exceptional knowledge and skills developed with dedication over time. Most traders lose money. Trading is risky. Do your due diligence and never risk more than you can afford.]

10. OK, final question. I often say that people should have passions and interests outside of trading. (Mine are charity and awesome food.) So, what are you passionate about?

Kyle: I would say something that the trading community doesn’t know about me is my passion for my health and fitness. I work out four times a week with just as much discipline as in my trading — I don’t miss a workout.

I enjoy feeling good from eating healthy meals that I cook at home. Also, when my friends and I go out to bars or clubs, I’m the first person on the dance floor. Alcohol in my system or not, I’m out there dancing like there’s no tomorrow.

Nice! I’m so impressed with Kyle. I love his dedication and passion for trading. Thank you, Kyle and GOOD JOB! Keep up the great work!

What Other Students Say About Kyle Giving Back

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Again, I love to share my students’ success. Some, like Kyle, are self-sufficient. Others are just starting their journey, testing strategies, and building their knowledge base. Here are some recent chat room comments about Kyle’s videos…

Challenge Chat

_Stitch — kylecw2: Watched it mate, really enjoying your videos. That book’s been added to my looooong list of trading books to read.

AveryG — kylecw2: Great vid. Similar to a practice in meditation called ‘noting.’ Just acknowledging a feeling and saying “Oh that’s frustration.” etc

Sky_Hi_Trading — kylecw: thanks Kyle – always appreciated!!

Peachtart — kylecw2: Thanks so much!! I love the observer idea. Am going to use that…starting now. Hmmmm….should I post this? Yes.

Gardner56 — kylecw2: Thanks for the video.

JMad — kylecw2: oh nice! I love your recaps. stoked to check it out.

Millerruth23 — kylecw2: I’ll def be watching, thanks, man.

Ramesh_Kumar — kylecw2: Today I will watch your videos 🙂

AveryG— kylecw2: It was a great vid man! We can always do better

TonyG1 — kylecw2: Yes, watched it…Good Job tks

D22 — kylecw2: your videos are always good tho buddy (handshake)

Sky_Hi_Trading — kylecw2: great video bro – love all your videos!

MannyAFVet — kylecw2: GM…Your videos are sincerely appreciated for all the right reasons..thanks

Edu — kylecw2: Nice video bro! This is why I do Steenbarger‎´s report cards. It focuses more on the process than profits.

QuentinC — kylecw2: watched it this morning, it’s really adding value thanks!

LADONEGRO — kylecw2: oh yes thx man, always watching your videos !

RockRobster — kylecw2: Thanks for the video. Always good to hear from successful traders.

millerruth23 — kylecw2: Great video Kyle, lol, when I saw all the trades you posted, I was thinking, wow! that’s a lot of trades, not normal for you.

Familyguy — kylecw2: Great video, loved it! Thanx for your efforts.


And Kyle’s getting love for his videos over on Twitter, as well…




What do you think of Kyle’s video lesson and Q&A? Comment below! 

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