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4 Lessons From My Student Who Made $4,000 In A Week

URGENT: This great penny stock trader is giving a live trading webinar for my trading challenge students tomorrow morning 9am EST so be sure to wake up early as it should really rock!

We’ve all had rough trading weeks, but it’s in those times of confusion and loss when you can really search yourself and figure out what you need to do to improve, so I love this story below. One of my trading challenge students who has constantly studied hard and now turned around his earlier losses and is now profiting $4,000 in a week! Continue reading

2 Great Trading Challenge Webinars Posted For Free

URGENT: Back to school specials of 50% off on DVDs here and 50% off on newsletters here, enjoy for the next few days only!

Tomorrow I’m in Denver, Colorado with this great penny stock trader and I have my latest live trading challenge webinar…and we have not one, not two, not three not four but FIVE solid potential penny stock plays.

You trading challenge students are in for a treat so be sure to log in & ask questions galore during this live webinar 9-11am EST tomorrow morning…below I’m embedding 2 previous Challenge webinars so you can get an idea of what my live trading webinars are like and the 5 charts I’m most interested in for tomorrow: Continue reading

FREE 90-Minute Trading Challenge Webinar (Including Great Live Penny Stock Trades)

By now you probably know how proud I am of my turning a few thousand bucks into millions in a few years (detailed here) and, more importantly, my first 2 millionaire trading challenge students, see millionaire penny stock trader #1 here and see millionaire penny stock trader #2 here.

Continue reading

Smurfs And The Stock Market


Normally you wouldn’t put these two subjects together, they mesh about as well as lamb and tunafish, but in this case they are related.

Because I got a GREAT email from a trading challenge student with this cute picture attached: Continue reading