Do You Share the 5 Traits of My 8-Figure Students?

By Updated on September 19, 2023

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It’s true. I’ve turned my bar mitzvah money into $7.5 million. 

But let’s face it…trading isn’t easy. 

The fact is the majority of traders struggle. Most of them lose money, feeling overwhelmed, and close to calling it quits. 

But I’ll be the first to tell you there’s hope. 

I’ve trained over 30 students on their way to becoming millionaire traders.

Two of them, which you’ll learn about today, have gone on to make eight figures in profits, Tim Grittani and Jack Kellogg. 

What do these two traders possess that most don’t?

It boils down to these 5 standout traits. 

If you’re struggling in your trading journey, this might just be the blueprint you need. 

#1 Persistent Perseverance

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Grittani didn’t have it all rosy. In 2011, he began his trading journey, and within three months, blew up his first account. 

But did he quit? No. 

He took that failure, learned from it, and started a trading journal. By 2012, he turned his fate around and became profitable.

Jack, on the other hand, faced massive discouragement. He almost quit in 2018 after losing a substantial part of his account in just two days. 

But he persevered, and by September, he found consistency. It’s this never-give-up attitude that sets the elite apart.

#2 Data-Driven Decisions

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In a world where every trader has access to the same information, what makes a difference is how one processes that data. 

Grittani’s methodical approach to trading data, constantly tweaking strategies based on real-time feedback, became his hallmark. 

This intensive tracking was pivotal in helping him transition seamlessly between going long on penny stocks and shorting listed stocks, thereby maximizing opportunities.

Jack Kellogg’s ascent as a trading prodigy was grounded in my 7-step pennystocking framework. Internalizing its principles, 

Jack demonstrated time and again how data, when leveraged with expertise, can be the magic wand that conjures consistent profits.

#3 Flexibility In Strategy

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Trading is about flexibility. Markets change. Strategies that worked yesterday might not work today. 

Grittani demonstrated this by his ability to both go long on penny stocks and short on listed stocks. 

Jack, although a fan of OTC breakouts and dip buys, didn’t shy away from listed stocks, leading to some of his biggest wins.

#4 Continuous Learning and Adaptation

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Complacency is a trader’s worst enemy. Grittani’s quest for knowledge led him to release his seminal “Trading Tickers” DVD in 2015, a compilation of his strategies. Yet, he didn’t rest on his laurels. 

Recognizing the market’s dynamic nature, he released an updated version in 2021, highlighting the shifts and nuances in strategies over the years.

Jack’s journey mirrored this sentiment. From being a novice in 2017 to joining the millionaire club in a mere three years, his trajectory was a lesson in rapid learning and evolution. 

Today, as a testament to his knowledge, he aids fellow traders by sharing his insights through weekly watchlists.

#5 Passion Beyond Profit

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Trading isn’t just about accumulating wealth; it’s about the journey, the growth, and the freedom it entails. Grittani, after achieving monumental success, chose to allocate more time to his wife and children. 

This transition from the screen to spending quality moments with loved ones showcases the deeper purpose trading served in his life – the gift of time.

For Jack Kellogg, the immense profits are just one side of the coin.

His revelation that it isn’t solely about the money, but a larger goal of being etched in the annals of trading legends, paints a picture of a young man driven by a passion that transcends mere material gains.

Do You Have What It Takes?

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While Tim and Jack’s accomplishments are exceptional…they started off with humble beginnings.

Neither one of them had success right off the bat. 

However, they worked hard and continue to work hard. 

A lot of folks have that same attitude but they don’t have the right approach. 

That’s where my team and I can help. 

Everyday we host live training sessions. 

They spread throughout the day which means there’s a time slot that fits your schedule. 

All you have to do is register and sign up. 

They won’t cost you a thing to attend. 

And who knows, it could be a game-changing moment for you. 



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