What Hard Work Means to Traders

By Updated on December 22, 2022

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Work = Profits

You get out of trading what you put into it.

I didn’t conjure my 7-Step Penny Stock Framework out of thin air.

Years of study and testing went into its development.

Trading is no different than any other skill.

Do you think Tom Cruise just pops up one day and pulls off his death-defying stunts?

World Cup star Lionel Messi toiled for years to become the champion he is today.

Detailed study isn’t just about looking at charts for patterns.

It’s about understanding why they work and how they form.

This article is a great example of how my millionaire student Tim Gritanni hit a $200,000 winner through hard work.

Now, you’re probably wondering what exactly I mean when I talk about ‘studying hard.’

While everyone is different, a few common themes apply to us all.

Anyone can incorporate them, whether you work a full-time job or trade for a living.

Quality over Quantity

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Do you think Tom Brady became the best quarterback in NFL history by just throwing pass after pass?

When Tom worked on his game, he made sure that every movement mattered.

And he never took the fundamentals for granted.

I watched some of the best traders I know all get owned by Intelligent Living Application Group Inc. (NASDAQ: ILAG) in October.

It’s one thing to lose a trade. That happens to everyone.

It’s another to lose big because you ignore basic risk management fundamentals.

Every action has a purpose.

Most of us have limited time to spend on any activity, let alone trading.

So, make the time you spend count.

Schedule regular blocks of time where you can focus on a lesson with no distractions.

It doesn’t matter if this happens at night or the weekends.

And it doesn’t need to involve real money trading at all.

Heck, Mariana didn’t make a single real money trade for an entire year. Today, she’s one of my youngest and only female millionaire students.

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Our celebration in Italy at the end of 2021 with Mariana on the left.

Making excuses about why you can’t find the time is easy.

I have students that come to me from all walks of life.

The successful ones make it happen.

Take it Piece By Piece

Learning how to trade is like drinking from a firehose.

There’s a ton of information that can feel overwhelming.

You don’t have to learn everything at once.

Chop concepts into small pieces.

For example. If you want to learn how to read level 2 data, I created a whole DVD series for my Millionaire Challenge students.

Take one DVD at a time.

Heck, spend the entire month on level 2 data until you feel comfortable.

There’s nothing that says you have to know how to do everything by a certain date.

Cutting up lessons into digestible chunks makes it easier to absorb and ask targeted questions.

Plus, I have hours of content on every topic, covering it from multiple angles. So if one explanation doesn’t resonate with you, try another.

Traders who try to crunch everything at once never get good at anything.

That’s why I talk about my 7-Step Penny Stock Framework so much and setups like the morning panic dip buy.

Just those two ideas alone are enough to keep you occupied for months.

Pay Attention to Your Surroundings

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I kept this intentionally broad to cover two key points.

First, headlines matter.

Penny stocks live and die by promoters and news releases.

I teach my students how to read filings, analyze statements, and know whether a headline is material or irrelevant.

Second, stocks like to trade together.

I’m not just talking about the broad indexes like the S&P 500.

I’m talking about periods like early 2021 when penny stocks, OTCs, and meme names all went on multi-day runs.

I’m talking about droughts like this past summer when most names went one and done.

I’m talking about oil and gas names running after Russia invaded Ukraine.

Markets have an ebb and flow to them.

You don’t need to be a CFA to understand what’s going on.

Just a little common sense.

Stick With it

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I have millionaire students that got there within a couple of years.

I have millionaire students that took a decade.

Everyone’s journey is different.

At times, it gets frustrating.

You need to find it within yourself to push through the bad so you can reach the good.

And I want to help you get there.



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