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My Take On The Facebook IPO ($FB)

UPDATE: It’s been four months since this post was published and Facebook’s stock has dropped from the $40s to $19 with no clear bottom in sight…I get emails daily from people who only read about my cynicism too late and have massive losses, which breaks my heart. Please watch these 7 free video lessons to learn about more predictable stocks like this and avoid painful losses like this…grrrrr, what a waste!

As my trading challenge students have learned, my specialty is trading and teaching others to trade penny stock pump and dumps.

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Is Scambook The Instagram Of Review Sites? [CHARTS GALORE]

With yesterday’s Facebook’s $1 billion acquisition of instagram — a fast growing photo-sharing community with no revenues or business model to speak of — already there have been dozens of opinionated articles by all the smartest and richest VCs, investors and technofreaks in the world…here’s a good roundup

To me, this article by Om is the best of the bunch as he argues it was all about buying a fast-growing competitor that specialized in an area Facebook was weak in…and given Facebook’s tremendous valuation and popularity among investors, while they certainly paid a premium for instagram, it’s not gonna keep them up at night given its 1% of their marketcap. Continue reading

How To Make The Most Money On Facebook’s IPO Today

UPDATE: I NAILED this drop as the stock tanked $5/share or 17%+ from my initial short at $29ish, now down to the $24 area…student profits in the thousands of dollars as you can see here since I found shares to short…stay tuned next week to hear about some solid PennyStocking Silver subscriber and trading challenge student profits

Facebook’s IPO filing the other day has created tens of thousands of articles from everyone analyzing how the company is doing and who stands to make the most $ from the IPO….that’s nice, but as is typical with financial journalism, they don’t say how you can make money on Facebook right now.

I will, as subscribers of my 4 newsletters just got this trading alert earlier today: Continue reading

The Next Great Restaurant Stock?

Three of the best performing stocks of the past few years have been casual restaurant stocks like Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. (CMG), Whole Foods Market, Inc. (WFM), Panera Bread Company (PNRA) which have outperformed older more established brands like Starbucks Corporation (SBUX) and McDonald’s Corporation (MCD) as each of these companies has put a new spin on an old formula that has struck a chord with consumers.

So what’s the next great restaurant stock?

Lately, it’s been Pizza Inn, Inc. (PZZI) which has doubled from $3 to $6 the past few weeks: Continue reading

3 Groupon/Facebook Penny Stocks To Buy Selectively [VIDEO]

I get asked this question so often I decided to finally make a video explaining my basic analysis on these Facebook/Groupon plays

Penny Stock Millionaire subscribers (my longer term investing newsletter) and PennyStocking Silver subscribers (my short term investing newsletter) have gotten and will continue to receive infinitely more detailed research, not to mention trade alerts if and when I buy or short any of these companies, but for the rest of you asking about my take on Facebook/Groupon penny stocks, here you go: Continue reading

Why I Shorted A Facebook App Stock Up 2,000% In 2 Months Whose Growth Is Slowing

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PeopleString: A Likely Undervalued Profitable Social Network Penny Stock

Learn from these free video lessons on my best trade in years

I’ve been putting the wrong emphasis on the wrong things in life, now I’m learning

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