Yesterday’s +100% Spiker

By Timothy Sykes

Last updated on January 18, 2023
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When you trade the type of stocks I do, it’s not uncommon to see a stock rip 100% or more in a single day.

It usually happens at least once a week, and when the market is rocking, it happens a few times a day.

Right now, OTCs are pretty dead.

However, there’s a lot of action in listed stocks, primarily due to the January effect…beaten up names like APPH, FUBO, BBBY, and PRTY have all caught a bid.

Today, I want to talk to you about a 100% mover from yesterday’s session. I didn’t take the trade, but it serves up plenty of good lessons that I believe can help you navigate the current market environment.

The Monster Move In Celyad Oncology SA (NASDAQ: CYAD) Explained

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The first reason it caught my eye … at 4 A.M. it spiked +280%.

If a stock can spike that high in premarket, there’s usually more juice in the tank.

Plus, it’s a cell therapy biotech play. Biotechs are notorious spikers. Especially if they’re related to something serious like cell therapy and cancer.

Here’s a chart of the whole move…

There were multiple opportunities to enter this play …

First when it double-bottomed at $1.20, second when it pulled back after a spike past the open price, and third when it consolidated before the final push of the morning …

Anyone who bought at the first opportunity had the chance to profit +100% …

When there’s that much volatility, the stress level is off the charts for traders that aren’t disciplined …

That’s when they panic and get predictable.

And that’s when I profit.

In order to find volatility like this, I scan for very specific stocks.

They need to have …

  • A price below $5
  • Recent news/catalyst for movement
  • High volume (at least 1 million shares traded on the day)
  • Proven volatility on the day (the price has spiked at least 20%)
  • A history of spiking

After that, it’s all about the wait …

Stake Out

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These tickers move up and down all day long.

If you buy in at the wrong time, you could subject yourself to the same market-induced stress you’ve been trying to trade.

That’s where the patterns come into play.

We wait until the chart matches a popular pattern, we buy safely above support, and we ride the momentum to profits or a small loss.

I say a small loss because any trade can fail.

It’s all part of staying disciplined. If a trade starts to turn sour, I always cut the loss.

It’s easy to get back in later for another trade. And I definitely don’t want to get stuck holding the bag.

This is my favorite pattern at the moment …

And remember, these trades are quick.

The goal is to be in and out for a cool 10 – 20% profit in a few minutes.

After the trade, I sit safely in cash and wait for the next one.

It takes a bit of time to get the hang of. But anything worth having never comes easy.

Mark Croock knows that better than anyone. He’s one of my millionaire students.

After a few years, he’s managed over $3 million in profits.

And tonight at 8 PM ET we’re sitting down to discuss his most recent strategy LIVE.

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— Tim


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