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Exposing The Most Blatant Penny Stock Pump Right Now

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When a penny stocks makes sudden massive gains—like XLI Technologies Inc. (XLIT) did late last year and early so far in 2016 — all based on blatant stock promotion, hold onto this maxim: penny stock pumps are alive and well, it’s your job to spot them and ideally short sell them like I outlined here.

The 2 top trading challenge students on The Steve Harvey Show with me tomorrow as great at short selling penny stock pumps EXACTLY like this, check out some of their recent trades (busting the lies of doubters everywhere who claim there are no more penny stock pumps nor are there shares to short…somehow they didn’t look at one of my favorite brokers, Interactive Brokers, which has had shares to short, of ALL the latest blatant penny stock pumps like EURI, AREN and now XLIT too…just not every single day as newbies would like, but as proven by my students Ivan B. and Michael G., solid profits can still be had short selling penny stock pumps like this: Continue reading

Short Selling Advice From A Billionaire Trader

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Yesterday I posted such an important video lesson on what exactly the SSR (short-selling restriction) is, I encourage alllllll my newsletter subscribers to go watch it ASAP as it influence every single one of my short selling trades, even some of my long trades too (when I buy in anticipation of a short squeeze) Continue reading

When Penny Stocks Squeeze Short Sellers

Much has been made of CYNK, which is one of the best examples of a penny stock short squeeze, with over 500 articles in the mainstream press all focusing on the company’s “social media website” and their marketcap, ignoring the reality of the situation that it’s simply a great penny stock short tradisqueeze, mainly because they just don’t understand that kind of terminology (perhaps they should watch these penny stock video lessons!)

Download the key points of this post as PDF.

See my blog posts on the situation HERE and HERE and I also just gave this interview to the NY Post the this past weekend for the article published today entitled “Cynk, penny-stock ‘star,’ continues tumble”

Here’s some of that great interview: Continue reading

What Created $CYNK The Biggest Penny Stock Pump Of 2014

Major financial media is confused by CYNK’s extreme runup:

Don’t be confused all you cute investor-types, just recognize that your rules/valuations don’t apply to penny stock pump and dumps and that it’s up to veterans like me who have far too much experience with these kinds of plays to inform people of what’s going on.

See this video I just made on CYNK, the world’s most popular penny stock pump & dump right now:

Unlike Bloomberg, CNBC, Pando Daily, Business Insider, NY Magazine which have all written/done videos focusing on CYNK’s budding “social media business”, or lack thereof, and their multi-billion dollar marketcap (which probly isn’t even right as I’m guessing they screwed up the SEC filing meaning to put a 1-75 reverse split instead of a 75-1 split which would decrease the # of shares outstanding, not increase them, thus wiping away their multi-billion market cap), I am not surprised that a company with no cash, no revenues, no business and not more than one employee is spiking exponentially.

Because I’ve seen it happen hundreds and hundreds of times in the past, the alleged market cap of $6 billion on this one being the sole differentiator as to why this pump has gotten so much press while financial media uniformly ignores me and my crazy penny stocks at all other times.

Wide distribution for my teachings or not, I have exposed a few of these plays in my day, read:

$75 million penny stock pump & dump

$150 million penny stock based in a barn

$455 in sales company worth 1/3 of a billion

Marijuana pump which late crashed 99%

The greatest pump of all

The penny stock pump that put out an SEC filing telling people not to listen to me…before they crashed 99% 🙂

Remember that over the past 15 years I’ve seen, shorted and catalogued the largest list of penny stock pump and dumps with crazy charts like these: Continue reading

10 Short Selling Basics To Know

I’ve locked in profits of nearly $500,000 in the first 3 months months of 2014, but with the overall US stock market turning bearish and speculative stocks hyped by penny stock pumpers like this getting crushed, it’s time we take a step back from being so bullish and remembered you can make money when the stock market drops thanks to short selling.

I HIGHLY encourage you to see which brokers are best for short selling and to watch this study guide on short selling and to watch these 2 GREAT short selling live trades:

…read below for some more basics: Continue reading

Why This $270 Million Company With $455 In Sales Should Drop 40%

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While I’ve enjoyed trading profits of over $130,000 in the first 2 weeks of 2014, I got a little too aggressive and lost $9,000 late last week, see lessons from that loss HERE

The good news is that much of my gains come from the newly-hot sector of marijuana stocks as I discussed in this interview, as ever since weed became legal in Colorado, this sector has been on fire…and that creates a ton of volatility both on the long and short side.

Just as my top trading challenge student and I discussed on FOX the other night: Continue reading

10 Things You Must Know In Order To Short Sell Successfully

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This is a GREAT guest post from a trading challenge student who has fallen in love with short selling…rightfully so as these free video lessons teach: Continue reading

How To Short Sell Penny Stocks FAQs [VIP POST]

For the past five years that I’ve been teaching the strategy that had made me a multi-millionaire, people have been confused.

Their brokers says short selling penny stocks is illegal (no it’s not, most brokers just don’t have the tools so they lie instead of admitting their mistake)

Why bet against companies trading at $1/share anyway, how low can they go? (if a company is totally worthless, even 1 penny/share would mean it’s overvalued, $1/share offer 99 cents/share of downside!)

So I’ve tried uploading videos of live trades showing EXACTLY how I make my money…even when I on’t time a trade perfectly.

This was during a live webinar for trading challenge students: Continue reading

Trader Gratitude Vs. Ingratitude

In today’s watchlist for subscribers of my 4 newsletters, I highlighted one trade…not a huge $ gainer, but a solid 30% profit saying this:

WSGP I just wanted to give a special shout out to a few dedicated trading challenge students who have been looking for shares to short and they finally found some, enough to really bank on the collapse…I got lazy here and missed this gimme…I LOVE when my students do better than me, it’s inspiration…see one of their trades here

After all the short on WSGP had been a gimme…the chart is straight out of all my DVDs, video lessons, etc…the only question was finding shares to short, which is not always easy: Continue reading