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Details Of My Upcoming Conference, September 16-18th, 2017

We literally just released 70%+ off early-bird tickets here for my 10th annual Trader & Investor Conference happening September 16-18th, 2017. We’re already 75% sold out with a little over 2 months left before our conference in Orlando, Florida. This is the single-best opportunity you have to learn and trade live with several self-made millionaire traders…and those of you who’ve attended previous conferences, know I like to have some surprises each year. Like last year, when I handed out $100 bills to those who sat in the front row and showed their actual dedication.

Download the key points of this post as PDF.

Hint hint: let’s see who is going to sit in the front row this year, my guess is you’ll have to arrive earlier than others to lock in your seat! Continue reading

Here’s $800 From Me To You

If you go here and claim it right now, I’m giving $800 for a limited time…seriously!

That’s because this upcoming event-of-a-lifetime with the most millionaire traders & investors gathered in one place at one time featuring live trading by me and several other millionaires is just $297, or $800 off, for just the next few days only during this earlybird sale.


This year this event is going to be BIGGER and if you act now and register HERE I’ll give you $800 back off the regular $1,100 price so it’s only $297 for a few days if you lock in these prices before the earlybird tickets sell out.

Not only am I going to be trading live with the conference attendees during market hours, but a host of other millionaire speakers will be doing the same…all with different yet successful strategies…all worth learning and see which strategy/strategies will change your life like my strategy has done for me and now several of my top millionaire students, not to mention dozens of my students who earn a solid six figures/year like this guy and this guy Continue reading


URGENT: There are EXACTLY TWO SEATS LEFT to my upcoming October 12-14 Vegas conference, see all the details HERE, if you want to attend in person or via live HD streaming, email

This is your FINAL NOTICE for something that will literally change your life in just one weekend.

The trading strategy I have refined over 14 years which has changed so many lives as you can see HERE, namely making me a multi-millionaire and several of my trading challenge students almost-millionaires: Continue reading

Two Years Ago…

URGENT: There are EXACTLY FOUR SEATS LEFT to my upcoming October 12-14 Vegas conference, see all the details HERE, if you want to attend in person or via live HD streaming, email

The other day one of my trading challenge students did a recap of last year’s 5th annual PennyStocking conference in this blog post, now she goes back one more year to look at the 4th annual conference in 2011: Continue reading

Why Tomorrow Is The Most Important Day Of Your Life

You have the single most important email of your life coming tomorrow, are you ready for it?

As you’ve read in posts like THIS the 6th Annual PennyStocking Conference October 12-14, 2013 at the Hard Rock Hotel is quickly approaching and the conference is already 80% sold out!

(save $ by booking your rooms using THIS link for a limited time) Continue reading

10 Rules To Making 52x Your Money In 2 Years (A Hero Trader Who Did It)

URGENT: Save 50%+ on these annual newsletters with our Thanksgiving sale…use coupon code GOBBLE on any annual Profitly newsletter or visit the holiday sale store HERE!

The other day I introduced you to this ex-penny stock promoter who is speaking at my upcoming Vegas conference, today I want you to meet another conference speaker, a trading challenge student who has turned $13,000 into $684,000 in just over 2 years making him one of my top students….yup, that’s 52x his money.

Download the key points of this post as PDF.

I for one am SO excited to hear him speak — that presentation is gonna be worth its weight in gold — not to mention the other dozen or so speakers we have as you can see HERE

Another one of my students inspired by Tim’s success interviewed him and Tim was gracious enough to give a few solid tips on the secrets of his success: Continue reading

The 6th Annual PennyStocking Conference, October 12-14, 2013 At The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

With just under 2 months to go, we FINALLY got the conference page up at just in time for earlybird discount pricing ends next week (email if you’re interested in attending in person or even via livestream from anywhere in the world!)

When you go to that page, you’ll see the 10 speakers, all of whom are multi-millionaire traders, upcoming traders making six-figures year in year out and stock market experts with decades of experience. Continue reading