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Which Financial Newsletters Are Fake vs Real?

Thanks to a 7+ year bull market in the US stock market and the growth of social media/the Internet industry, there are a TON of financial newsletters headed by groups and gurus proclaiming to be “experts” and “real” and yet many of them are fake as I hope you saw in this crucial video lesson:

While they can’t say anything bad about revolutionary stock scanning tools like this, some of the fakers do try to discredit my teachings with fake dislikes on my videos as I screenshotted here: Continue reading

My Bad, I Meant To Expose This Pump Before It Crashed!

My bad, I had this blog post all ready to go, since this penny stock pattern is often effective on pumps, but ever since this TV show featured me and several of my top trading challenge students, the past few weeks have been a blur.

Anyway, heres the latest blatant penny stock pump EXPOSED….its already begun crashing today before I could even post all the fun research LOL

Download this cheat sheet to learn about the latest penny stock pumps.

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Another Blatant Penny Stock Pump I Must Expose

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As I tweeted earlier today:

And if you’ve read THIS, you might know I have a talent for exposing penny stock pumps and scams and frauds…I’m not a lawyer so I don’t know what’s exactly legal and what’s not, it’s all gray area, so I’m just here to expose the bullshit promotion and cut through to the cold hard truth…that’s why I have more millionaire trading challenge students than any one else, full transparency and honesty isn’t easy in the financial world, but neither is making a million dollars…you gotta work your ass off on both!

Since newcomer penny stock pump Cloudweb, Inc. (OTCMKTS: CLOW) burst onto the public market late last year, investors—and the OTC—have been paying close attention. We think you should, too.

CLOW has seen some serious ups and downs on the back of some heavy promotional pieces that are still being disseminated to investors far and wide. If you look beyond the surface of the impressive ticker movement and deeper into the company’s financials and its position in the market, what you find is a bit strange. And strange in the OTC world should raise some red flags. Continue reading

Exposing The Most Blatant Penny Stock Pump Right Now

URGENT: Check me out along with 2 of my top Millionaire Challenge students on The Steve Harvey Show tomorrow, January 28th, 2016, check your local listings as it’ll be on sometime in the afternoon on FOX or NBC, 3-4pm EST on NBC if you’re West Coast like I am for the next few days…the exact time/channel depends on where you live, but it should be a VERY exciting episode, Steve’s first since his Miss Universe controversy, with lessons from several young self-made millionaires.

When a penny stocks makes sudden massive gains—like XLI Technologies Inc. (XLIT) did late last year and early so far in 2016 — all based on blatant stock promotion, hold onto this maxim: penny stock pumps are alive and well, it’s your job to spot them and ideally short sell them like I outlined here.

The 2 top trading challenge students** appearing on The Steve Harvey Show with me tomorrow are great at short selling penny stock pumps, check out some of their recent trades here: Continue reading

Exposing 3 Penny Stock Scams

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Yesterday, the SEC put out a press release detailing its charges against Samuel DelPresto – a penny stock promoter they’re accusing of pocketing more than $13 million dollars through elaborate pump and dump schemes, saying that he: Continue reading

Exposing A New Wolf Of Wall Street-Like Stock Pump

One of my newsletter subscribers is a mailman and he emails me every time he’s about to deliver mailers on a penny stock pump!

Penny stocks promoted by scumbags like this career criminal and The Female Wolf Of Wall Street here.

I formerly wrote about this mailman HERE and it’s actually very logical to buy a pump if it’s early enough in the promotion (since a penny stock pump’s entire existence is to enhance the wealth of insiders/promoters who prop up a worthless “company” by marketing it to unsuspecting and financially ignorant people all over the world, sadly mostly to midwesterners, the kind of people who believe reality shows are real (newsflash, as I wrote HERE, they’re not) Continue reading

Exposing Some Dangerous Lies

BUSY weekend as everyone LOVES my blog post from yesterday “20 Lessons From $2 Million In Losses” and it’s the birthday weekend of this great trader who is up $1+ million in 2014 so we’re having a special 72 hour blowout sale HERE on annual newsletters and 50% off DVDs HERE in his honor!

Thanks to my recent features on this TV show on Bravo (highly edited as I come off terribly despite treating 6 trading challenge students to a $10,000 per person trip and making a great $70,000 profit even with terrible wifi), my November 2014 Men’s Journal feature article HERE (where I swear a bit too much but am DEAD ON with my hatred of glorified newbies who ruin other people’s accounts), more people than ever want to know how I make my money trading penny stocks and what I teach…and exposing lies and liars is a big part of it.

First, let me show off my CNN article “Trader turns $1,500 to $1 million in 3 years” as this is the proudest achievement of my life, when my top trading challenge student Tim G. passed $1 million, and is now over $2 million in profits, in just a few years since becoming my student.

See his journey here: Continue reading

A Mailman Is Delivering Mailers On This Penny Stock TODAY


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Yesterday I wrote HERE about an incredible trading challenge student with the right attitude who has learned SO much as my student in just a few weeks.

Much of that comes down to preparation and understanding the best trade setups just like you can see in these live trades and videos: Continue reading

An Apology To The Wolfpack & Marijuana Penny Stock Longs

A few days ago I came down hard on the #wolfpack in this blog post and after talking with the #wolfpack leader last night for nearly 30 minutes on the phone I sincerely apologize for my aggressive tone.

Give the Wolf’s comments “u have no idea what we’re doing for support behind the scenes”, “we all work together” & a quick tweet he deleted showing he’s still holding (if still holding why delete the photo?), I figured he must be a penny stock promoter and he had convinced his ignorant minions to help promote his junk companies when in reality it appears he’s just a newbie trader who nailed the amazing runup in the marijuana penny stock sector, turned a few grand into $500,000 in just a few months in 2014, blew up bigtime on twitter due to his accurate calls and then naively didn’t realize he was investing in a typical boom/bust pattern just like the patterns I detail in my DVD study guides HERE and the same patterns my top trading challenge students and I short sell rather consistently for big profits like: Continue reading