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The Best Penny Stock Trading Chatroom Even Surprised Me

There are so many chatroom’s, forums, communities and websites in the world of traders, especially the penny stock trading world, but the vast majority of them are worthless and even dangerous. So you must be VERY careful who you learn from, as this ridiculously long bull market has opened the door to many fakes who you can see – don’t show ALL their trades transparently and many of whom simply buy low float stocks in the hope of spiking them all within minutes, or even seconds, with no real strategy at all ! Hence why they’re not real Trading Millionaires and therefore cannot show any multi-year trading track record, like I do here because they’re just pretenders.

It’s truly astounding more “teachers” don’t simply share live trading videos like I do HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE for example, after all if you’re real why wouldn’t you do this? Continue reading

How To Trade Penny Stocks With A Small Account

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Just a quick blog post for you today, because I know a lot of you are freaking out about the overall markets being down.

I’m here to tell you not to worry.

There’s tons of money to be made out there with penny stocks, even when the market is crashing, watch this lesson specifically: Continue reading

Rules For The Largest Penny Stock Chatroom On The Internet

Thanks to my CNN article HERE and FOX TV appearance HERE, my subscriber-base has grown dramatically as I push even harder and do everything possible to achieve more millionaire trading students (see millionaire #1 HERE and millionaire #2 HERE)…my latest ones are a little more private so I must respect their privacy!

In fact, there’s nearly 1,000 people in the chatroom every day these days (up from the 200-300 range a year ago) so we had to update these previous rules to keep the chatroom a useful and educational tool in your arsenal (this new trading software and these video lessons also help) Continue reading

The New Trading Chatroom Rules

We had some more last minute issues launching the new subscribers-only chatroom yesterday, but by later today or tomorrow, we should be perfect….finally….6+ months working on this new chatroom, but it should be great once we have all the bugs worked out given that we are now archiving everything said by trader and ticker and we’ll be adding more new features in the coming months.


Here are the new chatroom rules as written by chat moderator Reaper who himself is a proven trader, up $300,000+ since he began trading my strategy just over 3 years ago….and yes, he’s a trading challenge student

Recommended Brokers For Trading Penny Stocks

500+ Blog posts of Sykes trading rule basics

The point of chat

Chat exists for two main reasons:
1. So that traders can alert each other to momentum stocks that may be worth trading.
2. So that followers of TIMalerts have another method for seeing Tim Sykes’ alerts and he can discuss his thoughts on current trades.

A Caution

Most alerts in chat are solely to announce that a stock is on the move … this means that it is worth watching, not necessarily worth trading. In addition, there are plenty of bad traders (as well as good traders) in chat … please do not follow others’ trades unless you have a clear understanding of their strategy and their success rate and are willing to take responsibility for your own profits and losses.


If you have questions about anything related to chat, please enter a private chat with Reaper (Michael Goode), the chat administrator (see Helpful Hints below for how to enter a private chat). If for some reason you get cannot connect to chat, send him an email (

Chat Rules

1. Be polite.
2. Tickers must be typed in CAPS. Stock chat abbreviations can be found below (and should never be in CAPS). There is also a list of general chat abbreviations below.
3. The topic of the chat room is momentum stock alerts, primarily for stocks priced under $15. If a higher-priced stock has momentum (such as a 10% move due to news) then it is acceptable. While people can make money from other kinds of trading, scalping stocks such as AAPL or playing merger arbitrage or scalping ETFs is off-topic. Stocks that do not have much volume are generally off-topic as well … to day-trade we need volume.
4. We are not investors. The chat room is not the place for your in-depth due diligence on stocks you are trading. If you do something like that please discuss it outside of market hours or in the off-topic chat room (feel free to announce in main chat “Hey, I want to discuss HAUP earnings in off-topic room, please join me.”
5. Stay on topic during the trading day and for the 30 minutes prior to the market open (from 9am Eastern to 4pm Eastern); keep to stock alerts and brief discussion of potential trades. Feel free to chat about anything after trading hours. If you wish to discuss something random during the trading day, use a private message or go into the off-topic room.
6. Everything that is not a stock alert or a brief discussion (two sentences or less) of a potential stock trade is off-topic during the trading day. There is no tolerance for off-topic posts in the main chat room. Off-topic posts will result in a gag, without warning. The only one who is allowed to post anything off-topic is TimothySykes, because it is his chat room (consequently, people can respond to any of his off-topic posts).
7. Colors, bold, and italics are reserved for the chat room administrator (Reaper) and Timothy Sykes.
8. No pumping or promoting stocks or bashing stocks. If there is relevant news, then post it. But do not say things like “Come on SIRI!” or “XXX is a fraud.”
9. No stocks under $0.05 unless specifically approved by the chat administrator (Reaper).
10. If you give an alert, give a reason; don’t just type the ticker. For example, instead of typing “ECOB!”, type “ECOB dropping like a rock!”
11. Do not alert stocks that aren’t moving or don’t have interesting charts. Avoid mentioning higher-priced stocks (those over $15) unless they have a lot of momentum.
12. Please no random questions during the trading day (i.e., “What brokerage do you use?”). Use or wait until after hours or use the off-topic room to ask others in chat. You can ask the chat administrator (Reaper) in a private chat.
13. Questions and alerts on whether a stock is shortable are off-topic during market hours. To find out how to check whether your broker has shares, see How to Borrow Shares to Short on Reaper‘s blog. If you want to know where a particular trader borrowed shares to short, send them a whisper message.
14. Anyone violating chat room rules or just being annoying will be gagged (anything they type will not be seen by others). Significant abuses can lead to completely banning a subscriber from the chatroom. Significant abuses that will lead to banning from chat include but are not limited to: spamming, harassment of other users, use of sexually demeaning or racist language, and encouraging people to violate the law.
15. Ownership of and responsibility of the comments made in the chat room remains with those who type the comments. We (Millionaire Media LLC, Timothy Sykes, and Michael Goode) are not responsible for the statements of those who make comments in the chat room. We reserve the right to gag, kick, or ban anyone from the chat room for any reason whatsoever.
16. We (Millionaire Media LLC, Timothy Sykes, and Michael Goode) are not financial advisers. We do not give financial advice. We cannot tell you if you should make a trade. All traders need to make their own decisions about what and when to trade.

Helpful hints for using chat

1. To request a private chat with a person, left-click on their name and select “Request Private chat”. The private chat will open up in a new tab in the chat window.
2. To send a whisper message (a short message to another user that no one else will see), left-click on that person’s name and select “Send Whisper Message”.
3. To send a private message (a short message to another user that others can see), left-click on that person’s name and select “Send Private Message.” Please use these sparingly and only for on-topic comments.
4. To go to a different chat room (such as the offtopic chat room) click on “Roam” at the top middle of the chat window and select the room to join. New rooms open up as new tabs in the chat window. You can be in multiple rooms at the same time.
5. To block a user, left-click on their name in the user list and select “Add to Blocks List.” Blocks only last as long as you are logged in to chat.
6. To see what people said before you joined, click on “History” towards the top middle of the chat window (just to the right of “Rooms”).
7. To change your chat settings, click on the gear icon in the top right corner of the chat window.

Stock chat abbreviations

adr – Average daily range of a stock over a number of days (the larger the number the more volatile the stock).
b/o – Breakout
o/n – Overnight
a/n — Afternoon
e/r – Earnings release

ss – Short sell
l/f – Low float stock (very few shares oustanding, generally under 10 million, so these stocks can move a lot on low volume)
hod – High of the day
(not including pre-market data)
nhod – New high of the day (used when a stock has broken above a previous high)
52s – 52 week highs
lod – Low of the day
(not including pre-market data)
nlod – New low of the day (used when a stock has broken below a previous low)
pre hod – the pre-market high of the day
pre lod – the pre-market low of the day
sup – Support
res – Resistance
red – A stock that is below its previous day’s close
green – A stock that is above its previous day’s close
r/g – A stock going from red to green
g/r – A stock going from green to red
pre – Pre-market trading
a/h – After-hours trading
eod – End of day

Common chat abbreviations

afk – Away from keyboard
idk – I don’t know
iirc – If I remember correctly
imho / imo – In my (humble) opinion
ttyl – Talk to you later
bbl – Be back later
lol – Laughing out loud
pm – Private message (this is called private chat in the chat program)
tia – Thanks in advance
ty – Thank you
yw – You’re welcome

Common stock / penny stock abbreviations

MM – Market maker
TOS – Thinkorswim, a brokerage
IB – Interactive Brokers, a brokerage
Sogo – Sogotrade, a brokerage (they also have another trading platform called SogoElite)
prawn, jackaloon, jackal – derogatory terms Tim Sykes will sometimes use for dumb and undisciplined traders of various sorts.