The 5 Best Stock Market iPhone Apps

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I’m always on the lookout for new “edges” to help my trading challenge students and I make more money in the stock market, this is a great list of some stock market iPhone apps from a great stock market/trading veteran, Cody Willard who wrote this blog post a few days ago that was so useful I had to repost it below:

One of the most popular articles I’ve ever written on was called “Best iPhone and Android Apps for Investors” from back in 2010, when the word “apps” was still new lexicon for anybody who wasn’t a computer nerd. At the time, there had been several hundred million smartphones out there that people wanted apps for. Fast forward to today and there will be more than one billion smartphones sold this year alone, and units sold in the last quarter of this year will likely top the total number of smartphones in the market back in 2010.

I was adamant back in 2010 that this smartphone/app explosion was going to lead us into an “App Revolution Stock Bubble” and boy are we in one now. I don’t know when the app bubble will pop or how big it will be by the time it’s over, but the fact is that it certainly isn’t over yet. Meanwhile, no matter what happens to the valuations and business models of the smartphone and app world in the next few years, there will still be billions of people downloading hundreds of billions of apps and opening those apps trillions upon trillions of times every year.

And I remain an app addict, telling myself and my wife that I’m doing research when I’m on an app. And truly I am. But I also enjoy apps, I guess, including the Marketwatch iPhone app.

I remain so bullish about the app world that I recently acquired an app company that had what is without a doubt, my all-time favorite iPhone app – Scutify. So full disclosure ahead of time, the #1 on my current Top 5 Best iPhone Apps for Investors (and Traders for that matter) is indeed, obviously, the one that I just put my money on.

Read on and download these apps to help you become more informed by (and more addicted to) your iPhone than you ever thought possible. And tell your spouse that you too are doing research for work when you’re on one of them. It’ll be true.

#5 Stock+Option – Get live quotes and track your portfolio with the Stock+Option app . In addition, you can use charts, fundamentals, technical indicators, and unusual options scanning to help you find your next buy. All these features make for a great, but expensive, app. You can buy it for $150. You can buy a free version of the app from the same company, it’s called Super Stocks with Options.

#4 Yahoo! Finance – I stopped using this app as much after I downloaded the aforementioned Scutify app, but Yahoo! Finance remains a must-visit resource and the app is pretty darn functional too. They need an update though.

#3 TD Ameritrade Mobile – I use several different trading platforms, and this is my favorite broker app to trade on. It’s quick, intuitive and unlike some of the other broker apps, doesn’t try to be a Bloomberg Terminal in a box, when it never will be.

#2 Bloomberg – Bloomberg has built its brand on technology and the Bloomberg app is reliable though not as deep and easy to surf as I might like. Regardless, it’s one of the main apps I open to read as I sip coffee in the morning.

#1 Scutify – Real-time tweet feeds for each symbol, quotes, newsfeeds, and my personal favorite part of the app — the “Latest Scuttles” which longer and better versions of market- and stock-related tweets.