Roland Turned $4,000 Into $170,000 In 7 Months

By Timothy Sykes

Last updated on April 18, 2022
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[Important 2020 Update]

In June 2020, Roland Wolf passed $1 million in trading profits.* Read more about his incredible accomplishment here. Use Roland’s story to inspire you. Do better, be better, gain your freedom.

Now read this post and check out where Roland was back in 2017. Here’s what’s possible when you’re willing to dedicate yourself to the process.


Roland Wolf Passes $170,000 in Profits

My Trading Challenge student Roland just passed $170,000* in profits. I featured him in this must-read blog post when he passed $100,000* in trading profits. You can see all Roland’s trades HERE and his profit chart HERE.

After starting with just $4,000 less than a year ago, he’s the latest to experience these kinds of exponential gains. It all comes down to preparation.

Roland says Tim Grittani’s “Trading Tickers” DVD and my “How to Make Millions” guide shaped his knowledge. He also spent time studying my “Read SEC Filings” DVD. Study up — I want more dedicated students like this!

(*These results are not typical. Individual results will vary. Most traders lose money. My top students have the benefit of many years of hard work and dedication. Trading is inherently risky. Always do your due diligence and never risk more than you can afford to lose.)

Must-Watch Video Interview With Roland Wolf

Enjoy this awesome video. In the video, Roland talks about…

  • Important rules people should utilize in trading. (I trade with these rules.)
  • How buckling down on his studies changed his approach to trading. “It was night and day…”
  • His daily routine: when he runs scans, when he plans trades, and why getting up early is so important. (He also discusses that in this interview with Tim Bohen.)
  • The trade that taught him to take profits. (He even admits I alerted it, but he was thinking, “F*** you, Tim! You don’t know what you’re talking about.”)
  • His take on why so many people hate penny stocks.
  • The advantage of learning to read SEC filings. (Yes, boring can give you an edge…)
  • PLUS: the weird way an athlete mindset can give you an edge as a trader.
  • And more…

Watch the video NOW and bookmark this post so you can come back and watch it again.

My Student Roland Who Turned $4,000 Into $170,000 in 7 Months

Please share the video on Twitter and Facebook and then tag me. Help me spread inspirational stories like these.

Also, please congratulate Roland in the comments section of this post. I know he appreciates our community so much. I’m SO proud of this hard-working, stay-at-home dad’s success. He’s PROOF that hard work and studying pays off.

Shout Out to Trading Challenge Students

On a personal note, let this be a lesson for ANYONE who rips on penny stocks or me. Nothing is stopping more Trading Challenge students from achieving six-and-seven-figure success. It all comes down to dedication and persistence.

The key is to take it one trade at a time and recognize you won’t win every time. Aim for singles instead of home runs. Those singles can really add up as you see from students like this…

Reviewing How My Top Trading Challenge Student Grew $1,500 To $4+ Million

What else is new in 2020? There’s also my latest young super students Jack Kellogg, Kyle Williams, and Matt Monaco.*

$150K in a Month? the Crazy Journey of 3 Extraordinary Students

Transparent Trading and Teaching to Prepare You for Battle

There’s SO much BS out there these days after such a long bull market. So be careful who you believe and learn from.

I’ll continue trading and teaching transparently. If you listen to me and actually study the past, you can come better prepared day in and day out. Better preparation means a better chance of success.

No Profit Guarantees in the Stock Market

I can’t guarantee that you’ll be my next millionaire Trading Challenge student. There are no possible profit guarantees in the stock market. (Anyone who says otherwise is straight-up lying.)

But I do guarantee I will teach you every single thing I learned the hard way over the past two decades. If you pay attention like Tim Grittani, Roland, and so many others, I can help speed up your learning curve.

If you have ANY doubts about me or my trading rules, it’s totally fine. I get it every day, especially from lazy people. So please, there’s NO pressure whatsoever to do this.

I have ZERO patience for lazies these days. The good news about being real is that I’m overwhelmed with people who ARE serious and ARE willing to be dedicated. So it’s only those people who my team and I bust our asses for.

Want to Be a Trading Challenge Student?

ONLY apply for my Trading Challenge if you’re ready to study your butt off. Do NOT waste my time trying to correct my grammar. Or whatever other BS excuses lazy people come up with.

I’m not here to be your friend. I’m going to be the toughest teacher you will ever have. But if you’re serious and willing to follow instructions, what I teach can change your life.

As a Trading Challenge student, you’ll get access to my knowledge, experience, and rules. I learned ‘em the hard way … over time. Which is why I want to be the mentor to you that I never had.

No Mood for Negativity or Doubters

Sorry, but I’m in no mood to deal with any negativity or doubters whatsoever right now. The market is SO hot with too many plays.

We’re doing big things every day lately because It’s good to be real and self-sufficient. I want YOU to get to this point, too!

Please do leave a comment and congratulate Roland below. We’re all SO proud of his success. We want him to continue staying humble, for if he doesn’t the market will humble him VERY quickly. And we want him to continue working hard the night before the market opens and on weekends.

Why Roland Is a Successful, Self-Sufficient Trader

Preparation is key…

Roland’s trading success is a testament to his work ethic, dedication, and preparation. Every day he shows up ready to go. When he started in the Trading Challenge he studied 17 hours per day. It has paid off…

Be sure to congratulate Roland below. Tell him how much his story inspires you to study every day!


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