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How To Become A Profitable Trader: A Lesson In Patience And Adapting

become a profitable trader

I recently received a wonderful email from a former trading challenge student that may very well serve to quash every preconceived notion about trading that you’ve ever had. Think you can rely on my trades alone to grow your account? Think you’ll have success right away and you can just ignore my rules? Nope! You can’t! Here’s how to become a profitable trader!

You have to learn these key penny stock rules and to make your own trades, find your own strategy, and learn what works best FOR YOU as we’re all different and we each have our own strengths and weaknesses.

Joe, a trading challenge student from 2016, learned this the hard way, and has shared his experience with me so I could share it all with you. No sense learning the hard way! You have to trade like your own man, just like Joe

Please read his email to me in its entirety and leave a comment under this blog post if the lessons makes sense to you. Continue reading

Trading Challenge Success: How To Turn Your Losses Into Profits

Turn Your Losses Into Profits

Turn Your Losses Into Profits

One of the things I find myself repeating endlessly is something that you all need to hear over and over again to keep you going, especially for my upcoming trading challenge students. EVERY trader…even the greatest…experiences loss and it’s SO important to learn from your losses and turn your losses into profits! If you haven’t lost, you haven’t learned. The hardest part of trading is learning to deal and cope with the losses, learning from them, and turning those lessons into the foundation that can help you achieve major wins.

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I’ve called my program for my most dedicated students The Millionaire trading challenge because it’s truly a ‘challenge.’ And a challenge is…well, challenging. This isn’t a walk in the park, 90% of traders lose so it’s my job to help people turn their losses around…and if you’re still having a tough time dealing with the losses that will eventually make you the trader you want to be, then maybe the story of one of my newer students, John Papa will restore you to your senses and keep you from throwing in the towel prematurely.

The you learn to lose and manage your losses, you’re not failing. You only fail if you can’t accept losses and cut and run when it doesn’t all click right away.

Remember, I only win roughly 70% of the time, but still I’ve turned thousands into millions, a point I try to hit home to my students on a weekly basis in my live trading webinars here.

John recently wrote to talk about his struggles during his first six months of trading. During that time, he kept thinking “I’ve finally got this,” but then he would get hit with a big loss and watch his account plummet: Continue reading

Lessons From My Student Who Just Made $20,000 in a Day

lessons from my student

These lessons from my student will make a believer out of you, and if it doesn’t inspire you, then…well, day trading probably isn’t for you.

Still not studying much? Still not watching, taking notes, and shedding some blood, sweat and tears to become my next millionaire trading challenge student? Still not a true believer in hard work when it comes to trading?

Download the key points of this post as PDF.

And, if the story itself doesn’t inspire you, maybe $20,000+ profits in a day will.

This is what I want to hear from all my students—every day.

So, pay attention to what my student Mitchell E. just wrote me: Continue reading

Meet My Student Roland Who Turned $4,000 Into $170,000 In 7 Months

URGENT: This just opened up today, jump on it ASAP

I hope you’re having a good weekend because I have so much good news to report, it’s crazy…first, my student Roland who I just featured here in this must read blog post when he passed $100,000 in profits is now at $170,000 in profits.  You can see ALL his trades HERE, after starting with just $4,000 less than a year ago…he’s just the latest after this young man to experience these kinds of exponential gains and it all comes down to preparation. THIS DVD and THIS GUIDE shaped Roland’s knowledge, along with THIS DVD he also mentions, so study up as I want more dedicated students like this!

Download the key points of this post as PDF.

Secondly, get excited, all of you Trading Challenge students because this great trader just informed us he’ll be doing a live trading webinar tomorrow at 9am EST, so be ready!

Third, my conference sold out in just a few days and we had the biggest room at the hotel, but we just bought out one of the neighboring smaller conferences in the room next door, so we have 50 extra spots HERE and trust me they will go fast so lock in your ticket ASAP.

So, enjoy this awesome video below, please share it on twitter, Facebook and tag me, as you can help me spread inspirational stories like these and good rules too that more people should utilize.

And please congratulate Roland in the comments section of this blog post, I know he appreciates our community so much and I’m SO proud of this hard working stay-at-home dad’s success, as he is proof that hard work and studying pays off


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10 Lessons From Another Student Who Just Passed $100,000 In Profits

Nothing gives me more gratification than one of my trading challenge Students hitting that whopping $100k mark (or, in some cases, like this and this this, even more)!

Because the strategy I teach aims for singles, not home runs, the key is having lots of little gains add up over time, so that when you make six, or seven, figures, it’s not a fluke.  It’s a very meticulous strategy that’s all about trading like a sniper as I outline here. And, whether the student begins with just $1,500, like this guy, or $27,000, like this guy or maybe even $50,000, like this guy, when you learn to grow your account exponentially, it’s ALWAYS the result of lots of testing, studying, paying attention, hard work, perseverance and…lessons learned. Continue reading

How My 22-Year-Old Student Made $900,000+ In 1 Year


Here’s a little birthday gift for you in honor of my 36th birthday next weekend and to honor this great student who has taken $27,000 and turned it into $900,000+ in the past year or so, all while using this tool every step of the way…

The video below is the culmination of 20 years of my stock trading and refining my strategy over time and now 10+ years of hard work getting better as a teacher too and refining my trading challenge program enough so that students don’t just learn from my, but also several other self-made millionaire traders like this young guy and this gizzly millionaire too, along with upcoming millionaires like my favorite student in Miami
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10 Lessons From The Latest $100,000+ Profit Student

The stock market has been so hot as of late that we’re finding more and more successful students like this young guy who just passed $900,000 in profits (leave a comment below this blog post if you’re excited for when I’m going to post a 40-minute interview I did with him in just a few days!) and my student of the year from 2016 who just passed $700,000 in profits too!

Below is the latest student to pass a big milestone, that being $100,000 in profits, the vast majority coming in just the last few weeks alone: Continue reading

4 Lessons From My Student Who Made $4,000 In A Week

URGENT: This great penny stock trader is giving a live trading webinar for my trading challenge students tomorrow morning 9am EST so be sure to wake up early as it should really rock!

We’ve all had rough trading weeks, but it’s in those times of confusion and loss when you can really search yourself and figure out what you need to do to improve, so I love this story below. One of my trading challenge students who has constantly studied hard and now turned around his earlier losses and is now profiting $4,000 in a week! Continue reading