Top Penny Stocks List and Weekly Update

By Timothy Sykes

Last updated on October 26, 2022
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Many of you saw the behind-the-scenes of this penny stocks list …

The knowledge that goes into charting. The discipline that goes into safe trading. And the understanding that helps me see what the market is telling me.

We just wrapped up the first Trader & Investor Summit since 2019 …

It was amazing to have so many of my top students in the same place! For me, it’s the antidote to the doom and gloom all around us.

Over two days, the audience got to see successful traders find opportunities in this recovering but still choppy market.

The most important part of becoming a better trader is getting screen time in. When you’re looking over the shoulder of someone who can explain what it all means? That’s priceless.

I recapped Day 1 for my Challenge students. Some of my students actually alerted me to a midday panic on one of the stocks on this watchlist …

I traded the bounce for a $450 profit (starting stake $9,060).

This is the type of collaboration I try to encourage with my teaching. And it happens every day in my Trading Challenge.

Your biggest enemy in trading is yourself. Like in most things, your perspective on trading is helped by your community.

There are always opportunities. I’m filtering out the noise, and watching these stocks.

Top Penny Stocks List: October 26, 2022

2022 has been rocky…

But this summer we’ve seen signs that the market can potentially recover.

The S&P 500 is one of the most widely-followed stock indices out there. It’s down from all-time highs in December 2021…

We caught a break in the summer before the slump continued into September. Now the market is back to lows it hadn’t seen since 2020.

Here’s the SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust (NYSEARCA: SPY) which tracks the S&P:

I broke down my thoughts on the market in a recent Challenge webinar.

Here are the bullet points:

  • I’m staying patient and all in cash
  • Sometimes the best trade is no trade
  • I think we’re getting very close to capitulation — a full-on market crash
  • There will be some solid opportunities for agile traders who take small gains and don’t hold onto losers

You can’t rush a market bottom. The S&P is making lower lows and failed bounces. Eventually a full-on crash will come. I’ve seen it before, and it isn’t pretty.

I’m staying overly safe right now. That’s how I’ve managed to stay green this year when so many people have gotten absolutely crushed.

I’m staying in cash, and waiting for the big crash. It won’t be 3%, it’ll be more like a 7% or 10% loss. Small-cap stocks will get punished in this environment. They will also bounce higher than large-cap stocks — prepared traders will be able to dip buy and make a quick 10–20%.

There are still opportunities in this choppy market. Just make sure to keep your risk tight.

Think like a sniper. A sniper can watch a target for days, weeks even. When the right moment comes, they’re prepared.

Top 5 Penny Stocks to Watch This Week

Some of these stocks might give you déjà vu…

My watchlists aren’t rocket science. They’re a product of paying attention to what’s already happened.

The stocks on this list are mostly former runners with recent news. That means I’m not the only one paying attention to them.

Meta Materials Preferred Shares (OTCPK: MMTLP)

My last weekly watchlist spotlighted MMTLP too. That was right before its October 13 run into the $7s and its October 14 panic into the $2s.

I was excited about MMTLP because of its panic potential. Promoters are swarming these preferred shares of meme stock Meta Materials (NASDAQ: MMAT). And they typically don’t let their pumps just fall apart.

That means that MMTLP’s panic bounces fit my 7-step framework to a ‘T’.

Promoters provide support for panics like MMTLP has had. They want their brainwashed followers to believe that its struggles are just a bump on the path to greatness.

I trade sketchy stocks by playing it safe. That’s how I’ve managed to stay green in 2022 while other traders blow up their accounts.

My best trade of MMTLP was for $1,132 (starting stake $14,500).

The overall market is choppy. There are never any guarantees in the market — period. That goes double for sketchy stocks like MMTLP.

I sell into strength and tell my students to do so too. But some of them managed to trade this bounce for bigger gains.

I bought at $2.90 and sold at $3.13. I wanted to make 5–10% on the trade and I did…

MMTLP ran all the way to the $4s before stabilizing.

MMTLP has put together five green days. I’m waiting for it to panic — again.

Global Tech Industries Group Inc. (OTCQB: GTII)

GTII is my other favorite pump of the month.

Since the pumping started at the end of September, I’ve made over $4,000 trading GTII. Yes, that’s by trading as conservatively as I could.

GTII was right in my wheelhouse. That’s why it’s been my top watch for most of the month. It’s featured on my Trading Challenge watchlists almost every day …

This stock followed my 7-step framework so well I even made my first short sale in YEARS.

Other traders saw the trade. The only way I could find shares was through TradeZero. E-Trade had no shares for shorting.

Check out TradeZero yourself — I’ll give you a free gift if you sign up!

Shorting is dangerous — especially with penny stock supernovas like GTII. But I’m happy I did it …

Not only did I make $1,081 (starting stake $8,700) by playing it safe … I also EXPOSED a legion of promoters.

This is an old trick. They came out of their Twitter nests to blame GTII’s 50% drop on ME!

Promoters make the chart pattern more predictable. Right now, I’m watching for potential dip buys into intraday panics.

Sobr Safe Inc. (NASDAQ: SOBR)

Let’s move to a slightly less sketchy stock …

SOBR started its late-September run with a real catalyst.

Breaking News Chat alerted a government report suggesting a BIG future catalyst …

The report recommends that passive alcohol detection technology become required by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. That’s what SOBR sells.

There are a few steps from this report to actual sales, but that isn’t what traders should focus on.

Breaking News Chat alerted the news when volume began pouring in. That’s what triggered a 300% gain.

Try out my secret weapon today — a two-week trial of StocksToTrade and Breaking News Chat is only $17!

This run put SOBR on the map …

Although it collapsed over the week that followed, that was only the start of SOBR’s run.

A $6 million private placement drew in even more volume, all while keeping the public float under 8 million shares.

It’s still running. I traded it for small gains on October 24. I opened my position at $3.74 and exited at $3.83 … before it ran to $4.20 an hour later.

It fell to $3.60 two hours after that.

This is a choppy stock in a choppy market. This can be a good thing if you keep your trade plan tight.

Cann American Corp (OTCPK: CNNA)

CNNA was a Weekend Trader play …

Get my Weekend Trader alerts here — plays like this are how I take advantage of Friday momentum!

I made $1,089 on the trade (starting stake $2,871). And yes, I traded safe.

Unlike most of my trades, my goal was BIG. The news was an upcoming merger, which has been spiking stocks nicely.

I thought it could gain 30%. I made nearly 38% on the trade.

If I’d held it until Monday afternoon, I could have made 86%.

I sold 60% of my shares into a big runup before the weekend. When the stock failed to gap up Monday, I sold the rest.

Speculative runners like this are NOT a sure thing.

But look back to 2021. This stock has proven it can run. And it’s never had volume like this before.

CNNA’s tweet promised a press release. I’m watching for when that drops.

American Battery Technology Co. (OTCQB: ABML)

Any time ABML is running, you know I’ll be watching. Watching ABML run — and then dip buying its panics — is how I made $21,474 trading it over the last two years.

Many traders look at its chart and think that the glory days are over. But that’s not what I see.

The 12 million shares that ABML traded on October 19 were the most it’s traded since January …

The catalyst was a government announcement of $2.8 billion in grants headed to the EV battery sector.

ABML followed this announcement with more direct news on October 19 — $115 million of the total has been earmarked for ABML’s lithium battery plant.

This plant has been a catalyst before. It’s also been an excuse for diluting the stock. This grant should safeguard the run that ABML’s been on from this kind of threat.

In the big picture, nothing much has changed. ABML still doesn’t have the big contracts it will need to become a major player in the battery sector.

But retail interest has returned. That’s giving ABML’s chart plenty of panic dip buy opportunities.

Trading Education

Education is what separates the winners and losers in trading.

I can give you all the “hot picks” you want — but that means nothing if you don’t know what to do with them.

Becoming a self-sufficient trader isn’t a game of getting the right picks before anyone else…

The market is based on supply and demand. In order for a stock to move, other traders have to know about it.

If you spend just five minutes with a powerful trading platform like StocksToTrade, it will be obvious what stocks are hot on any given day…

Guess what? Other traders know that too.

Trading is a battlefield. If you don’t read the instructions, you just get the location — no weapon.

But fear not — giving new traders their education is what I was put on this earth to do!

**Apply for the Trading Challenge Today**

I’ve been trading for more than 20 years. During that time, I’ve made over $7.4 million.

That isn’t what I’m most proud of. I’m prouder that I’ve turned more than 20 of my Trading Challenge students into millionaire traders.

I didn’t do this by giving them hot stock picks. I did it by being relentlessly honest about my successes and failures, and teaching them to be that way too.

You don’t become a millionaire trader by trying to impress your Twitter followers, like so many other ‘gurus’ do. You get there by being honest with them, and yourself. That’s why I’m always honest with my students — ESPECIALLY about my failures.

Because they’re not real failures if I’m following my rules, and cutting my losses quickly. When I lose, I want to show my students the right way to trade. That’s the secret to becoming a self-sufficient trader — knowing how to manage your losses.

Are you ready for this level of real talk? Apply for my Trading Challenge and show me what you’ve got.

We don’t accept everyone. We like to limit our community to people who are humble, people who work hard.

Think you’ve got what it takes? Apply to my Trading Challenge today!

Why You Should Consider Penny Stocks

Penny stocks get a bad rap.

Sure, 99% of them are crap. Most are even outright scams.

But where else can you earn 15-30% profits on a single trade?

Penny stocks are only bad if you start to believe the hype. Take BTTX above…

It’s got an awesome story to sell. And — just maybe — they’ll become the maker of a front-line diabetes treatment.

But you know who I’d bet on instead? Eli Lilly and Co. (NYSE: LLY), a $300 billion company that’s one of the leaders in diabetes care

They’ve got a $7 billion R&D budget. So yes, they’ll probably beat BTTX to any game-changing advancements.

If you buy a penny stock thinking it will become the next Amazon, you’re basically buying a lottery ticket. That can be fun, but it’s no way to build your trading account.

The right way to go about it requires discipline and a good trading plan.

How to Choose the Right Penny Stocks to Trade

I want my students to become self-sufficient. Like I said before, my watchlists aren’t rocket science. I build them by sticking to these eight steps.

Look for Big Percent Gainers

How do you find hot stocks? The first step is learning to use a stock screener.

I scan in premarket to know what’s moving. Penny stocks that know the game often put out PR in premarket. This gives traders the whole day to send their stock prices up before they dilute.

I typically look for 10% gainers. These are the stocks that the rest of the market has their eyes on.

Does it Have News?

We’re in the world of penny stocks, so this is a fair question to ask.

The ‘product’ of most penny stocks is their own stock. They want to pump it up, then insider trade/dilute into this built-up demand.

A lot of penny stock traders will believe anything — but I won’t. I want to see more than a celebrity tweet of a stock before I trade it.

How’s the Volume?

Volume is the proof of demand. If a stock has enough volume — on a small enough float — that’s a good sign that the price will continue to move.

Look at the Exchange

The OTC exchanges aren’t for everyone.

Figure out whether your strategy works with OTC stocks. If you’re not willing to pay the fees and deal with low volume, you might want to stick to listed stocks.

Investigate the Company History

This is another good way of seeing whether news will hold up.

Is this a real company? Is their stock a former runner?

You know the saying ‘fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me?’ Smart traders don’t get fooled twice.

Always Verify Their Claims

Sketchy penny stock companies will say anything to pump their stocks.

Luckily, you have the internet at your disposal. Always check up on their claims.

Be Skeptical

Expect the stock you’re watching to tank. Nine out of 10 will — the percentage goes higher if you watch them long enough.

Rinse and Repeat to Add Penny Stocks to Your List

That’s it! Keep an eye on stocks that are moving, and wait for their next move. Never trade them before they fit your preferred setup.

Frequently Asked Questions About This Penny Stocks List

Trading is the hardest thing you’ll ever learn. There are no dumb questions.

How Do You Create Your Own Penny Stocks List?

Look at the section above for a detailed how-to…

How Can You Create Your Own Watchlist?

Follow my logic, and watch the stocks that are moving. Soon enough you’ll have a few different watchlists.

Should I Create a Watchlist Every Day?

Absolutely. Self-sufficient traders have several watchlists, and they learn to watch stocks on a daily basis as well as longer timeframes.

Does Tim Sykes Provide a NO-COST Watchlist?

LOL, trick question. Check out the next section for the link.

For more information and a detailed guide on how to create a watchlist, read “Stock Watchlist Guide: Tips & Examples to Develop Your Own.

How to Use the Top Penny Stocks List

You should use this list as a model for your own watchlists.

Don’t just copy the stocks on this list. Learn my selection process and create your own.

Sign up here and I’ll send you a new NO-COST watchlist every week.


Penny stocks can be a blessing or a curse — it’s all in how you trade them.

If you’re new to this, start paying attention. Study the patterns I teach.

That’s the only way to survive in this penny stock game.

Do you have your own penny stock watchlist? How many of the stocks on this list are on yours?


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