Top Penny Stocks List and Weekly Update

top penny stocks list and weekly update September 13, 2021

Top Penny Stocks List and Weekly Update: Key Takeaways

  • Even rumors of Pink Current status can spike OTCs right now, but you have to be FAST!
  • Using ‘crypto’ in a press release today is like adding ‘.com’ to a company’s name during the dot-com bubble. See featured stock #2 below.
  • In this week’s Top Tested Trading Tip: Crucial information about the next 4–6 weeks.

Have You Heard About Roland Wolf’s Major Career Announcement?

Last week was busy with so many OTC runners, but you had to be fast. The first stock below, AGGI, is a great example.

  1. Allied Energy Inc. (OTCPK: AGGI … read my analysis here)
  2. ISW Holdings Inc. (OTCPK: ISWH … read my analysis here)
  3. Kasten Inc. (OTCPK: KAST … read my analysis here)

Top Penny Stocks List: September 13, 2021

Stay in tune with the major stock market indexes as you trade this week. Remember, three out of four stocks follow the overall market. I underestimated this market run-up pretty much the entire way. (I’ll admit that.) But at the same time, I like to be cautious. Trade like a sniper.

With that in mind, these are the OTCs I’m watching this week…

And here are the listed stocks I’m watching…

3 Penny Stocks to Watch This Week

If you trade any of these stocks, remember — small and safe. See the Trading Mentor section right after this week’s featured stocks for my reasons why.

Top Penny Stocks List #1: Allied Energy Inc. (OTCPK: AGGI)

Allied Energy Inc. is a shell company formerly in the oil and gas sector.

Like so many OTCs, Allied Energy is submitting filings to regain Pink Current status. On August 31, the company filed supplemental information about a custodianship hearing.

AGGI was a big morning spiker on Friday based on rumors it’s “going current.”

Here’s the AGGI one-year chart…

AGGI spiked 619% in the first 40 minutes of trading Friday. It faded the rest of the day but still finished up 192%. I traded the initial morning spike for a $715 win.*

I’m watching AGGI for potential dip buys into any big morning panic. And I’ll watch for more spiking, ideally with news and big volume.

Top Penny Stocks List #2: ISW Holdings Inc. (OTCPK: ISWH)

ISW Holdings describes itself as “a diversified portfolio company.” But the main focus right now is crypto mining. Welcome to another penny stock crypto pivot.

On September 2, the company updated shareholders on plans to change its name to BlockQuarry Corp. Last week it announced a partnership with Bitmain Technologies to host 56,000 miners. The company is also presenting at the H.C. Wainwright Global Investment Conference.

Here’s the ISWH one-year chart…

ISWH is very choppy, and I’m not comfortable chasing it. I’ll watch for potential panic dip buy opportunities only.

Top Penny Stocks List #3: Kasten Inc. (OTCPK: KAST)

Kasten Inc. is a shell company. It recently regained Pink Current status on OTCMarkets.

Plays like KAST have been running after going current, especially with rumors of a merger. KAST went a step further by adding “currently looking for a merger candidate” to its profile. Twitter promoters love that kind of hype.

Here’s the KAST one-year chart…

KAST is up more than 150% in September. On Thursday it spiked 59% on higher than average volume before a pullback on Friday.

WARNING: KAST is a thinly traded OTC. Share volume and dollar volume are far too low for my liking. I prefer liquid stocks. For now, it’s a watch only — specifically to see how the market reacts to the rumors, speculation, and hype.

If there’s more spiking, ideally with volume and a news catalyst, I’ll watch for potential dip buys into any big morning panic.

Trading Mentor

If you trade safely, the worst-case scenario is small losses or break even. Which is why I trade the way I do. (Yes, black swan events occur. Sometimes trades are out of your control. But in general, disciplined trading means you can cut losses quickly or get out for break-even.)

There are people making money trading stocks who also risk too much. Eventually, it comes back to bite them. I often sell too soon. And I miss out on plays. But … I protect my butt. I protect against the threat of a big loss.

How? Check it out…

This Week’s Top Tested Trading Tip

Tim Sykes giving top tested trading tip from Venice, Italy 2021
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Most of the time I trade with small positions. I’m out in a moment’s notice if I don’t like the price action or Level 2. (One reason I love OTCs is because reading Level 2 is more useful and much easier. Check out my “Learn Level 2” DVD for a full explanation.)

Aside from January–March this year, which was a fire-at-will crazy market, I prioritize safety. That’s especially true now. We’ve had an extended bull market. September and October, historically, have the most stock market crashes.

If you’ve been OK during the bull market, be careful. Stupidity is not a good long-term strategy. Naivete and lack of preparation won’t make you rich in the long run.

Getting lucky on a supernova, short squeeze, or some pseudo-asset doesn’t mean you’re ready to take on anything the market throws at you.

Stay safe. Protect, protect, protect. I know that’s not the most exciting tip. But it will help you stay in the game.

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Monday Motivation

Too many people look in the mirror and see what others want them to be. Sadly, that’s often less than they could be. You MUST believe in yourself.  At the same time, you have to do everything possible to stay positive.

Building your positivity account is a daily process. Just like building your knowledge account.

Mindset Mastery

top penny stocks list September 13, 2021 Tim Sykes drinks coffee in Positano Italy working on Mindset Master
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One way to stay positive is to keep a gratitude journal. Every day, find something — or several things — to be grateful for. Do it at the same time each day.

For inspiration, read what Trading Challenge chat moderator Ellis Hobbs III has to say. He does what he calls ‘32 Appreciations’ every morning. Ellis is now over $404,000 in trading profits.* More importantly, Ellis is a mindset master we’d all do well to emulate.

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Trading Education

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This is where your journey begins. If you can change your mindset from making money to learning, there’s hope.

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How to Create Your Own Penny Stocks List

Answers to watchlist FAQs…

How Can You Create Your Own Watchlist?

To start, look for big percent gainers. For two decades, big percent gains have been my #1 criteria. After that, I look at trading volume and a catalyst or reason behind the price action. Read “Stock Watchlist Guide: Tips & Examples to Develop Your Own” for details about the entire process.

Should I Create a Watchlist Every Day?

All serious traders create a daily watchlist. If you’re serious about trading penny stocks, making a daily watchlist is essential.

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How to Use the Top Penny Stocks List Weekly Update

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