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My 10 Top Stocks to Trade Now in 2023

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Written by Timothy Sykes
Updated 5/22/2023 17 min read

My 10 top stocks to trade in 2023 have THIS in common…

They’re definitely not stocks for investing. In fact, I wouldn’t even trade them unless they stumble into the right setups…

That said, these stocks can yield enormous returns if you know how to trade them. That’s what this list is all about.

Let’s get to it!

Is Now the Right Time To Trade Stocks?

Now is the right time to trade stocks… IF the following things are all true:

  • You’ve studied chart patterns
  • You maintain several watchlists
  • You’ve built a good trading plan
  • You’re disciplined enough to follow your trading plan
  • You take small gains, and cut your losses quickly

Get it? Self-sufficient traders can trade in any market. Work on your trading skills, not picking hot stocks.

In the end, the only results that matter are the ones in your trading account.

It all starts with your watchlists. I keep several watchlists, so I can track different market trends.

That way, if one sector suddenly gets hot, I can quickly pivot and find the best trading opportunities…

These are the top stocks I’m watching this month!

How to Choose the Best Stocks to Trade

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Choosing the best stocks to trade isn’t like rolling dice. You’ve got to do your due diligence — that involves research, technical analysis, and chart study.

Avoid the hype and bad information around penny stocks. Most of these companies are sketchy. That’s why their prices are cheap.

They are not “going to the moon” anytime soon. Just hitch a ride with them until they hit resistance or your goal.

And cut your losses quickly!

What are the Different Types of Stocks?

There are a ton of different types of stocks.

I teach my students to think in terms of hot sectors and cap size. The thing we really care about are hot sectors — like artificial intelligence, EV stocks, and even niche sectors like Chinese IPOs.

Check out my artificial intelligence penny stock watchlist here!

Market cap (the total value of all shares of a stock) is also a big differentiator. These are the categories:

  • Mega-cap: $200 billion and up
  • Large-cap: $10 billion–$200 billion
  • Mid-cap: $2 billion–$10 billion
  • Small-cap: $250 million–$2 billion
  • Micro-cap: Under $250 million

The market is a game of supply and demand. When demand increases, stocks with a smaller supply will make bigger price moves.

That’s why market cap matters. A stock like Bank of America Corp (NYSE: BAC) is under $30 per share…

But  it’s a mega-cap stock. It won’t make a big move unless it has some earth-shaking news.

Check out my article on small-cap stocks here!

Lastly, let’s talk about growth stocks, dividend stocks, and value stocks.

Growth stocks are the analyst favorites, with sales, revenue, and earnings constantly on the rise. The business behind them usually attracts a good amount of customers. Their future growth estimates and profit target are probably several times what they are now.

Dividend stocks are investments, not stocks I recommend for trading. They generate income — but these returns can’t match what small-gains trading can bring in. They’re not exactly “safe” either — look into a CD or ETFs if you’re looking for that.

Value stocks have more in the way of fundamental strength, but they’re overlooked by analysts and the markets.

Read more about value stocks here!

Know the Risks Before You Buy

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You can’t avoid risk — but you can manage it.

I trade very sketchy stocks. The way I manage risk is by knowing these stocks are sketchy.

That means reading analyst opinions even if you don’t follow them. Is the company management shaky? Are their products and services lacking? Is their entire advertising budget going to Twitter promoters?

Well, then maybe you shouldn’t hold them overnight.

My Top 10 Stocks to Buy This Year (2023)

My top stocks to buy in 2023 are:

  • (NASDAQ: GFAI) — Guardforce AI Co., Ltd. — The Post-Dilution AI Penny Stock Supernova
  • (NASDAQ: CXAI) — CXApp Inc. — The Consolidating AI Penny Stock Supernova
  • (NYSE: BBAI) — BigBear.ai Holdings Inc. — The AI Penny Stock Sympathy Play
  • (NASDAQ: WISA) — WiSA Technologies Inc. — The Reverse-Split AI Catalyst Penny Stock
  • (NASDAQ: AMST) — Amesite Inc. — The AI Penny Stock Runner
  • (NASDAQ: WKEY) — Wisekey International Holding — The Breaking News Chat Penny Stock Spiker
  • (NYSE: FUBO) — Fubotv Inc. — The Earnings Winner Penny Stock
  • (NASDAQ: GSIT) — GSI Technology, Inc. — The Meme Penny Stock on Short Squeeze Watch
  • (OTCPK: ENZC) — Enzolytics Inc. — The $25K Biotech Penny Stock Pump
  • (NASDAQ: MEGL) — Magic Empire Global Ltd. — The Chinese IPO Penny Stock

Before you send in your orders, take note: I have NO plans to trade these stocks unless they fit my preferred setups. This is only a watchlist.

The best traders watch more than they trade. That’s what I’m trying to model here. Pay attention to the work that goes in, not the picks that come out.

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Guardforce AI Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ: GFAI) — The Post-Dilution AI Penny Stock Supernova

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My first 2023 penny stock pick is Guardforce AI Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ: GFAI).

AI is the hottest sector right now…

That’s why the next FIVE picks are dedicated to this wild sector.

Have you heard a lot about “diversifying your portfolio?” If that’s where your head’s at, spotlighting five stocks in the same sector might not make much sense…

Remember — we’re not investing in these stocks. We look at their charts to give us clues about the next move, not FOMO about past ones.

A hot sector can be your biggest clue.

In fact, hot sectors can even lift the crappy penny stocks on this list. Even when they’ve just done a new share offering like GFAI.

GFAI has already run several times in 2023 — most notably in April when the spike exceeded 660%.

Even though its May offering killed the rally, it’s since shown signs of life.

I’ve made $2,267 on GFAI (click the link for individual trades) by reacting, not predicting. The way I do this is to keep a watchlist full of past spikers.

Right now, AI stocks are at the top.

CXApp Inc. (NASDAQ: CXAI) — The Consolidating AI Penny Stock Supernova

My second 2023 penny stock pick is CXApp Inc. (NASDAQ: CXAI).

If you thought GFAI’s April run was impressive, check out CXAI. It went full on supernova, posting over 1,400% gains.

It’s since fallen about 45% from its highs. Why is that good?

Despite what you might have read on Reddit, stocks don’t typically go to the moon. They run, the smart money sells, they fall.

But sometimes, there’s enough demand to keep them from cratering.

That’s what we’re seeing with CXAI. It’s called support

It’s the foundation on which new runs are built.

BigBear.ai Holdings Inc. (NYSE: BBAI) — The AI Penny Stock Sympathy Play

My third 2023 penny stock pick is BigBear.ai Holdings Inc. (NYSE: BBAI).

BBAI is another 2023 supernova.

The difference between it and the previous two picks is that BBAI killed a 600% January rally by selling off 113 MILLION shares!

Like GFAI, it sold them through a private placement. That means that the float wasn’t affected.

Unlike GFAI, it’s got about 30 million shares in its float. GFAI and CXAI are both low-float stocks, clocking in at under 10 million.

That means the supply is much smaller. When demand comes in, it’s more likely to spike the price.

Now, it isn’t all bad news. BBAI is a lower-priced stock than the previous picks. These stocks are more likely to post higher-percentage gains.

WiSA Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: WISA) — The Reverse-Split AI Catalyst Penny Stock

My fourth 2023 penny stock pick is WiSA Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: WISA).

WISA is a crappy penny stock that recently waved the white flag on ever getting back above Nasdaq’s $1 share minimum…

It did this with a 1-for-100 reverse split. It’s still a penny stock.

I don’t usually think of reverse splits as catalysts. But this reverse split moved WISA’s bloated float down to 14 million…

However it got there, the float is now small enough for the price to move on hot news like its recent acquisition of an AI audio company.

That spiked the stock over 160% in May.

I traded it earlier in the year for $570 (starting stake was $10,950). That wasn’t the first opportunity to trade this stock, and it won’t be the last.

Amesite Inc. (NASDAQ: AMST) — The AI Penny Stock Runner

My fifth 2023 penny stock pick is Amesite Inc. (NASDAQ: AMST).

It’s the last AI stock on this watchlist …

And it has a history of spiking that goes back to 2021.

It’s in a nice spot. It’s held onto most of its 2023 highs. It’s got a TINY float of 1.74 million.

So far, I’ve managed to make $835 on this stock (click the link to see individual trades).

It’s in the perfect spot to catch the next wave.

Wisekey International Holding (NASDAQ: WKEY) — The Breaking News Chat Penny Stock Spiker

My sixth 2023 penny stock pick is Wisekey International Holding (NASDAQ: WKEY).

The Breaking News alert on WKEY’s CEO meeting with Elon Musk gave me one of my best trades of 2023…

I made $1,152 after the alert dropped (starting stake $3,120). That’s a nearly 37% gain in just a few minutes!

That’s why I love this niche. These are the kinds of gains that can really make a difference in a small account.

Get your 14-day trial of Breaking News Chat and StocksToTrade today — only $17!

I’ve made a total of $17,947 trading WKEY since 2020 (click the link to see my individual trades). That’s a testament to my former runner-watching philosophy.

You can bet this one is staying on the watchlist.

Fubotv Inc. (NYSE: FUBO) — The Earnings Winner Penny Stock

My seventh 2023 penny stock pick is Fubotv Inc. (NYSE: FUBO).

An earnings winner is a stock that delivered better-than-expected earnings in its quarterly report.

This is a fundamental analysis metric. But traders shouldn’t ignore it.

Earnings winners usually attract positive market sentiment. And that can result in profitable short-term gains.

FUBO’s May earnings win resulted in a 90% gain. It’s held onto most of that…

Right now it’s consolidating.

I’ve made $3,470 in total from this ticker (click the link for individual trades). I’m ready for more volatility.

GSI Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: GSIT) — The Meme Penny Stock on Short Squeeze Watch

My eighth 2023 penny stock pick is GSI Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: GSIT).

Traders can’t live in the past. Even though we need to know the charts of the stocks we’re watching, the past won’t tell us about future runs.

This is especially true for meme stocks. Meme stocks like GameStop Corporation (NYSE: GME) spiked more than 2,300% in 2021…

Good luck recapturing those types of gains!

But there are lessons we can learn from the past. Like watch the hell out for short squeezes.

A short squeeze happens when overconfident short sellers short a stock, and don’t cut their losses quickly…

When the price rises, some of the shorts buy to cover. That adds to the momentum. Buyers see this and get in, spiking the price even higher!

It’s happened to stocks since GME… GSIT is a recent example.

The price spiked over 340% in mid-May. And right now prices are creeping back toward the breakout level.

I’ve already made $6,857 in total from this former runner (click the link for individual trades). I’ll be watching…

Enzolytics Inc. (OTCPK: ENZC) — The $25K Biotech Penny Stock Pump

My ninth 2023 penny stock pick is Enzolytics Inc. (OTCPK: ENZC).

Speaking about stocks I’m always watching, ENZC is an all-timer.

Over the years, I’ve pulled $25,842 from this stock (click the link to see my individual trades). That’s a testament to how well it fits my 7-step penny stocking framework:

I wouldn’t hold this one overnight. But you’d better believe I’ll be watching for its next move!

Magic Empire Global Ltd. (NASDAQ: MEGL) — The Chinese IPO Penny Stock

My last 2023 penny stock pick is Magic Empire Global Ltd. (NASDAQ: MEGL).

We covered AI…

We covered meme stocks…

We covered crappy pumps like ENZC…

There are two more catalysts to watch out for in 2023. And they’re both ready to send MEGL higher…

IPOs and Chinese plays.

No trader worth their laptop can forget the stock that started the trend.

MEGL rode that wave, all the way up to $249.

Now it’s worth another watch, with this weird combo sector getting hot again.

TOP Financial Group Limited (NASDAQ: TOP) launched over 3,700% in late April. It sent Chinese plays like MEGL running in sympathy.

MEGL’s price spiked over 530% on April 28.

Since then the chart’s pulled back. But it’s showing signs of consolidation.

Let’s see if it can retest the highs.

Final Takeaways

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The only thing you can do quickly in the market is blow up your account.

Trading isn’t about riding the hype train best — it’s about understanding the data, capitalizing on volatility, and following your trading plan.

Inflation and mortgage rates are things that investors worry about. We’re not maintaining a successful portfolio, we’re stacking small gains.

The world of trading has as many strategies as there are traders. I’ve found that the most profitable strategy for small-account traders is a very conservative one. During turbulent markets with high potential for a recession, I leave the home runs to others — I’m most concerned about protecting my account.

Aim small, miss small. That’s the only way you can get trading to deliver on your greater goals.

If you’re ready to embark on this journey, I’ve got a lot more to teach…

It’s all in my Trading Challenge. That’s where I share my trades, current strategies, daily watchlist, and over 6,000 video lessons! It’s everything I wish I knew when I was starting out.

We don’t accept everyone.

If you think you’ve got what it takes, apply today.

How do my top stocks to buy compare with your list? Let me know in the comments!

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