My TIM alerts & Penny Stocking Daily Research Explained!

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Over the past few months, I’ve received thousands of emails and comments from people wanting to know how I research all the stocks I trade. How is it possible to narrow down the seemingly thousands of penny stocks to just a few worthy ones? What websites do I most utilize? What’s my daily routine? What variables do I value more or less than others?

Well, now I’ve put together this 4-disc six-hour instructional DVD (with 95 page instruction manual) to answer all these questions and to help you learn my research process in detail….all for just $397+ shipping!

Stop wasting hours upon hours searching through irrelevant financial information and market noise—trust me, I’ve been there, I did that for the first years, unknowingly wishing for a product exactly like this—so you can focus on what really matters to help you profit from PennyStocking!

This instructional DVD package is still brand new as shipping just began on April 2nd, 2009!


(Or if you want to continue to be a dependent little financial baby, incapable of researching and trading on your own, go ahead and sign up for TIMalerts, my daily watch-list of potential plays is the result of the TIMfundamentals research process)

Most financial subscription sites would never give away this information, as it’s valuable stuff and it pays to keep customers in the dark (thus requiring a constant subscription), but my goal isn’t just to earn subscription revenue, I actually want you guys to learn so in time you don’t need me as you’ll know everything I know and be totally self-sufficient and profitable (meaning you’ll not only have great self-confidence, but you’ll be doing better than the 90-95% of traders who lose year in year out!) (yah the stats in this industry aren’t pretty)

Considering the price is only $397+ shipping, so approximately $412 if you’re in the US and $447 if you’re international, this can not only be paid back with one decent/good trade (as can alllllll my instructional DVDs), more importantly, this DVD helps save you time.

My guess is once you’re armed with the knowledge of information like how do stocks qualify to even make it to daily watchlist and my daily research routine (which has been refined over and over again throughout my decade-long trading career, outlined in detail for nearly 3 hours through the use of screen capture software), this instructional DVD package and help teach you which websites and variables can be ignored and which are most important cutting hours off your workload and making you more efficient!