7 Trading Lessons With Mariana, My Youngest Millionaire Student

By Updated on October 15, 2021

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Trading Lessons From Mariana: Key Takeaways

  • Find out why Mari thinks anyone can learn to trade penny stocks and what it takes…
  • My youngest millionaire student shares how she accomplished an incredible feat*…
  • Watch the video below to see our interview and learn from her journey!

Take Your Trading Discipline And Strategies To The Next Level Now

I have a great lesson for you today that comes from my youngest millionaire student! Mari (aka Mariana) joined my Trading Challenge in 2018, and now she’s up over $1.3 million.*

Here’s the kicker. She’s just 20 years old. Read on to find out how you can learn from this powerhouse trader. But first, I want to answer a key question…

Can You Learn to Trade Penny Stocks?

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I have men and women millionaires. I have young and old millionaires.* Maybe I’ll try to teach a dog to trade stocks. That would really grab people’s attention.

I’m joking … kinda.

So can you learn to trade? Yes! Anyone can. You just have to learn the right lessons. Sometimes those lessons come the easy way, and sometimes they come the hard way.

My goal as a teacher is to get you to learn as many lessons the easy way as possible.

Some of my students had to blow up a few accounts before reaching the $1 million mark. I don’t want that to be you. Mari started with $15,000. But she lost $3,000 before making any money.*

She quickly realized how easy it is to lose in the market. And now she’s my youngest millionaire student. You can learn from her.*

Here are Mari’s top 7 lessons for trading…

7 Lessons on Trading Penny Stocks With Mariana

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There are a lot of lessons to learn in the penny stock niche. And understand that everyone’s different. Some people learn differently than others. But I encourage you to learn these simple lessons the easy way.

  1. See how Mari learned my #1 rule quickly and still sticks to it today.
  2. Mari’s key for sizing up — I’m impressed!
  3. How can everyday traders approach their journey? THIS is key.
  4. Find out why the time of day matters — no matter where you are in your journey.
  5. Miss a play? Find out what Mari does with missed plays to maximize her KNOWLEDGE account.
  6. No, you won’t win every trade. Here’s how this trader embraced breaking a few eggs to make an omelet.
  7. Discover this young trader’s tips for managing emotions and getting in the right mindset.

Check out the video where Mari and I go over all of these crucial lessons and more!

How to Get Comfortable Trading Penny Stocks

I want to quickly hone in on one of the central themes of this video.

Day trading sketchy penny stocks is as nerve-racking as it sounds. Especially at first.

If you’re a newbie, I think your time will be best spent getting comfortable. That means starting with a basic understanding of the market.

Read some books you might like. Here are some of my suggestions but feel free to jump around. Learning should be fun, so find what interests you. Here are a few reads…

(As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.)

You can also watch my DVDs. Watch all of them! Mari says they helped her a lot. And all my millionaire students had access to my DVDs.* The more you study the sooner it can click.

Once you build knowledge, ease your way into the market. Try watching the market every day without taking positions. Next, paper trade. Then start with small positions and size up when you’re comfortable.

It’s sort of like getting into a hot tub. Everyone wants to get in because it’s so warm, but if you jump in too quickly it’s way too hot!

Move at your own pace.

Learn More With Mari and Other Millionaire Traders

Videos like the one featured in this post are a great way to get to know Mari and my other top students. But you have the opportunity to learn from her even more

Along with Jack Kellogg and Kyle Williams, Mari runs the StocksToTrade educational alert service Breakouts and Breakdowns. These three also host the TWIST podcast. (Mari’s taking Matt Monaco’s place as co-host.) Check out the TWIST archive here.

She’s also one of the many millionaire mentors in the Trading Challenge chat room.* I want you to learn from all these traders. They’ve worked so hard to reach their goals. You don’t have to just learn from me. That’s what’s so great about the Trading Challenge. But be ready to work your butt off…

Think you’re up for my Trading Challenge? Apply here. That’s where all my millionaire students started. And look where they are now!*

Comment below with the lessons you promise to learn and use! It’s my way or a dangerous highway. Tell me how you’ll stay safe and improve!


*Results are not typical. Always do your own research as trading is inherently risky. You should not mirror the trades or alerts of the instructors and attempts to do so may result in substantial financial loss. Past performance is not an indicator of future results. I’ve also hired Mari, Jack, Kyle, and Matt to assist in my education business.


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