The Hottest Sectors In The World That Everyone Hates On

Hottest Sectors

Hottest Sectors

Lately I’ve been talking A LOT about this hot sector and despite it being the best-performing asset class IN THE WORLD, I get more hate-filled messages about it than even the hate-filled messages I get every day related to penny stocks!

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That’s why I just made this new video:

…and why I write blog posts like “How To Make 100x Your Money” and “How To Make 1,000% On Your Money” (aka how to make 10x your money)…

…and why I must show you AWESOME charts like this:

…and incredible 2-day charts like these:

… to help put everything in perspective because despite the all the hate, penny stocks and crypto-currencies are the hottest 2 sectors IN THE WORLD right now and it’s absolutely laughable to me that anyone would hate on such solid performance, no matter each niche’s inherent sketchiness. ..especially when I have so many Trading Challenge students who are using these great plays to make $5,000, $10,000, even $30,000 or $80,000 in a week, check out one example here:**

…and remember if you saw this great interview I did with Roland when he just passed $100,000 in profits in July, and yes he’s now at roughly $400,000 in profits just 4 months later, his dad is a value investor and dead set against trading speculative/junky penny stocks…** but now due to Roland’s hard work, study and success, his value investor dad has seen it all firsthand/has been educated and gladly admits he was wrong.

Now to be clear, I’m not saying go out and invest in penny stocks or Bitcoin for the long-term, that might pay off, but the odds of great success are low and the risk in that strategy are very high, what I am saying, and what I’ve been trading for the past 2 decades and teaching now for the past decade, is to UTILIZE THESE NICHES AND THEIR VOLATILITY TO GROW YOUR ACCOUNT EXPONENTIALLY…read this blog post to understand better.

I would NEVER say put all the money possible into Bitcoin now, nor do I ever say go all in, let alone go big, in any one penny stock because while they are both top performers this year, their fundamentals don’t support current prices so they can crash VERY quickly and the sad truth is that a majority of people won’t study or pay close enough attention to their positions to limit that risk.


Why this simple thesis goes over the heads of too many people who refuse to listen to my strategy details, instead preferring to hate first and not give it anymore thought…

It truly blows my mind, but then again, after traveling to over 100+ countries and meeting people from all walks of life, I’m very confident to say that the financial education and know-how of the worldwide population is somewhere between pathetic and non-existent so assumptions, lies and BS carry the day and the vast majority of people think that the only way to make a lot of money in the financial markets is to buy-and-hold good quality companies over the long-term, a strategy that has worked very well the past few decades if you’re interested in making 10-20% PER YEAR on your money and only growing your account exponentially after SEVERAL decades, i.e. think about turning a $1,000 or $2,000 starting stake into potentially $10,000 to $20,000 over too many years that pass you by where you waste the opportunity to grow your account into seemingly impossible amounts like this “Trader turns $1,500 to $1 million in 3 years“**

So I now have 5,000+ video lessons and 8,000+ blog posts, not to mention 1,000+ live trading and question and answer webinars archived nicely for my Trading Challenge students!

Leave a comment below and tell me if this makes sense and you’re willing to go against mainstream thinking since I hopefully just made enough sense for those of you with small accounts to started to recognize the huge upside potential for your wealth vs. very low downside risk if you’re wrong about any stock or asset class (never forget rule #1 is to cut losses quickly, you don’t need to hold and hope, that’s actually a very dangerous strategy that too many spoiled bulls don’t realize right now, but trust me, when the bear market comes around, as is inevitable in the next few months/years, if you have the wrong mindset and are too much of a “gunslinger”, you and your account will get destroyed…and I don’t want to see that happen so please take my advice now!

Remember, this deal ends in roughly 24 hours from now so don’t miss it!