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By Timothy Sykes

Last updated on January 26, 2023
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SIRC ‘Weekend Trader’ Trade and Analysis: Key Takeaways…

  • SIRC was a perfect example of why you should learn the Weekend Trader strategy.
  • The Weekend Trader setup can outperform the entire market when indicators line up.  
  • The SIRC price action on Tuesday confirms this is my top-performing strategy right now.

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I just had another weekend winner. For me, the weekend trader strategy is working better than anything else right now.

Congratulations to anyone who traded it. But also a huge congratulations to anyone who witnessed and learned from it. Your education is what counts in the long run.

Let’s review the setup and my trade…

Weekend Trader Trade Review: Solar Integrated Roofing Corporation (OTCPK: SIRC)

SIRC’s strength on Tuesday was crazy. The same day the DOW closed down 543 points and the Nasdaq lost 2.6%, SIRC had a 42% spike.

Check out the SIRC chart showing my entry on Friday and exit on Tuesday…

SIRC chart
SIRC chart: January 14–17, weekend trader, first green day gap-up (Source:

Yes, I sold right near the market open … too soon.  I made roughly 10%. Why did I sell so soon? I got scared by the overall market. Three out of four stocks follow the market. Obviously, SIRC didn’t — it kept going.

At one point I sent out a second alert when the price approached Friday’s high. Based on the overall market, I thought that would be the top, but it blew through it. Not only did I underestimate it in my sell, but I also underestimated it in my follow-up commentary.

This is a good problem to have. On a terrible day for the overall markets, my Weekend Trader pick was one of the top performers. And I don’t mind locking in 10% safely when the overall market is dropping hard. That’s how I trade and there’s nothing wrong with making $1,150 over the weekend.

Lessons from SIRC Weekend Trader Play

Reviewing trades is one of the best ways to improve performance. I review every trade to learn the lessons and for a better understanding of the current market.

In hindsight, I should’ve gone bigger and held longer. But the price action is a great example of the opportunity…

Weekend Trader: A Rinse and Repeat Strategy

tim sykes and kyle williams on laptops
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I’ve made over $7.3 million in my trading career. The weekend trade is one of my top strategies. I’ve personally made tens of thousands using it. And I had my first six-figure win while still in college using this strategy. Review my ISCO trades here and…

Read about it in my best-selling book “An American Hedge Fund.” It’s on me. All you have to do is type your email address. (Yes, I’ll send emails with valuable content. If you don’t gain valuable knowledge you can unsubscribe at any time.)

It’s not an exact science and my Weekend Trader strategy doesn’t work 100% of the time. But right now it’s working great.

It’s crazy that a $1,150 win is a pittance … a pittance … to what I could’ve made had I been more aggressive. I’m not complaining — I live a solid life and donate 100% of my trading profits to charity.

I’m proud to play it safe. But I’m more proud that out of thousands of stocks, I picked one of the biggest winners in the entire market.

Weekend Trader Catalysts: Watch Company Press Releases

The spike on Friday came after the company had solid earnings news

(Source: Company update via Accesswire)

When I bought it on Friday, SIRC hadn’t done much after the morning spike. So why buy? Because the earnings report was solid. It largely held its gains and has a history of multiday spikes.

Weekend Trader Insight: More CEOs and Company Presidents Should Do This

I admit the premarket press release on Tuesday was a lucky catalyst

(Source: Company update via Accesswire)

The Tuesday morning acquisitions press release was great. I have to give props to the CEO and the company president for the solid job. Here are a few quotes from the press release that helped drive Tuesday’s price action…

CEO David Massey said, “[…] we don’t anticipate these acquisitions will have any adverse effects on our  plan to uplist to the OTCQX by mid-March, following a successful near-term uplist to OTCQB.”

He went on to say “These all-cash, no-dilution planned acquisitions […] have the potential to pay for themselves within two years. […] We eagerly await our Discord Q&A session with shareholders this afternoon.”

To top it off, company President Pablo Diaz said, “Looking back, joining SIRC was the best business decision I have made in my life.”

It’s just crazy how positive it can be. And that’s why the stock spiked so much. I read the press release in premarket. But again, the overall market guided me in the trade.

Weekend Trader Risk Management: Play It Safe

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When the Dow is down 500 and the Nasdaq is down 2% … big percent gainers usually don’t spike much.

For example, here’s another stock I was watching on Tuesday premarket and near the open…

Surgalign Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: SRGA)

Surgalign Holdings spiked on news it got FDA approval for its AI-guided surgical system. I’ve been following another company, Intuitive Surgical Inc. (NASDAQ: ISRG), for years. Robotic surgery is one of the biggest winners in the healthcare sector over the past two decades.

SRGA was up 25% and then dropped off a cliff…

SRGA chart: January 18, 2022, premarket spiker with news, failed to hold (Source:

That’s what I thought was going to happen with SIRC. And it’s why I took my conservative 10% profits. I usually play it safe.

Learn the Weekend Trader Strategy

Now that you understand the opportunity, I encourage you to learn the strategy. After I posted my trade, people sent DMs asking, “Where can I learn to do this?” 

Click Here for More About the Weekend Trader Strategy

It’s a specific strategy. One that takes time and experience to master. That’s why I created my Weekend Trader program. Click the link and watch the video now.

Are you ready to learn the Weekend Trader strategy? Comment below, I love to hear from all my readers!


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