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Brand New Broad Street Prop Account : $174,777, no trades, up $25k since I opened the account 2 months ago.

Thinkorswim Trading Account: $158,946, lost $2.3k shorting VTRO like an amateur, this account is up 57% in 2010, up 141% in 2009, up 197% in 2008 and up 1,200% since Nov. 2007 start

Conservative SogoTrade Account: $149,798, no trades, account is up 116% since Nov. 2009 start

Total Accounts including IB: $687,500ish up 52% in 2010

Yesterday was a $4500 profit day ($3800ish in realized profits for me) for subscribers and I:

Too many trades lately, check out PennyStocking Silver trades and the trades of TIMalert subscribers too; liars will be rooted out soon…

Willow Creek Enterprises Inc (WLOC), Monster Offers (MONT), Horiyoshi Worldwide Inc. (HHWW)are the only 3 paid pumps still holding up whereas AENY and AMOK turned out to be dead pump bounces that failed nicely…potential short always and forever but let’s root for bigger spikes first to increase the inevitable downside!

RiT Technologies Ltd. (RITT) I was surprisingly dead on in my video yesterday saying it would be a good short of 1-2/share off its highs if it did a big spike…thanks to Harry Boxer being a bit late and calling it a potential buy (haha Harry, I said potential buy at 8, beat you, you surprisingly fit man!) it spiked all the way to 12ish before retreating to the mid 9s and then bouncing…choppy illiquid, hard-to-borrow stock is obviously not ideal for shorting, but if you can catch a big spike like that in the morning, risk/reward is decent…potential short still but not aggressive.

eOn Communications Corporation (EONC) spiked back to the low 3s proving why I don’t want to short such low marketcap/former runner-type companies…let it spike to 4 before I really would get aggressive in wanting to short.

Magic Software Enterprises Ltd. (MGIC) dropped back to the mid 6s and is now mid-range…lots of people love dip buying or trying to call the tops, I call this mid-range and a non-play, see ya.

Asia Entertainment & Resources Ltd. (AERL) squeezed back to the low 9s on increased volume…technical breakdown has failed…spike likely to continue although for long, how far, that is the question…no play…50/50 odds each way it seems like…especially with all the Chinese sketchiness.

Mitek Systems, Inc. (MITK) dropped 10%+ to the mid 3s as Superman’s tweets stopped and this stock had to act on its own…I would’ve LOVED to short this, but given Superman’s stock promoter-like pumping and others lack of ethics over at, I can’t short these low floats or else they specifically try to squeeze me…lesson learned, opportunity wasted…I hope you guys understand how to trade this because the risk/reward shorting an artificially inflated stock is great…whether the pumper is paid or has 100,000+ shares like Superman and Lyinmaster like doing (speculation considering they don’t show position sizes nor exact entries and exits so assume they go big and sell directly into their messages and tweets every time…yes, assume the worst of everyone in penny stocks until they prove otherwise), no play now.

Gryphon Resources, Inc. (GRYO) I nailed my entry to short at 33 cents/share…thanks to IB for having shares to short….dropped all the way down to 20 cents/share area intraday, making my call rather dead on even if I took profits at 26 cents/share for $4k…see my video review of this trade and setup

Vertro Inc (VTRO) dropped below 6 proving the Seeking Alpha hype can only last so long…I played this so completely wrong it’s sad even though my initial thesis was correct…congrats to those with better timing/patience than me….still a potential short although risk/reward is worse up here.

Icagen, Inc. (ICGN) jumped on a deal with Pfizer…very good news, but it was kinda already announced…extremely low Superman-like low marketcap/float mean it’s not an immediate short at all…potential short if it spikes too much.