Self-Care Lessons From Millionaire Challenge Student Mariana

By Updated on April 18, 2022

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Mariana’s Work-Life Balance Wisdom: Key Takeaways

  • All work and no play is NOT good for traders!
  • How big losses helped this millionaire focus on what REALLY matters.
  • Should traders have ‘cheat days’ away from their monitors?

Learn With Mari, Kyle, And Jack In This Awesome Chat Room!

What I’m about to say might shock you…

There’s more to life than trading. 

If all you care about is trading, then there’s nothing to motivate you TO trade.

I’m motivated to trade because I want to give back:

My millionaire student Mariana has had a crash course in trading and work-life balance over the past year. She’s learned a lot that’s worth sharing, so keep reading…


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Hard Work Takes a Toll

Here’s how Mariana’s trading career has gone so far.

  • 2018: She joins my Trading Challenge but doesn’t do much for a year.
  • 2019: Mari decides to get serious about trading, but loses at first. Read her full trading story here.
  • 2020: She finds her stride and hits trading hard.
  • Late 2020 to Early 2021: From October through March, Mari goes into ‘no days off’ mode. The market’s so hot that she and her boyfriend, $8 million+ profit Trading Challenge student Jack Kellogg, barely look away from their monitors. But it pays off for them both…
  • February 2021: Mariana passes $1 million in trading profits!

But all that hard work took a toll…

Adapting Isn’t Just About Your Strategy

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It’s SO important for traders to adapt. But adapting isn’t just about changing up your strategy when the market shifts. It’s about adapting to different settings and environments.

After a crazy few months of constant trading and studying, Mariana started to come back to the real world this past summer.

The market had shifted, and her go-to patterns like panic dip buys, first green days, and breakouts weren’t working as well. She had a little more time on her hands.

Mari started traveling again.

But she hadn’t really figured out the right work-life balance, and she didn’t have much practice at trading while traveling.

During this time, she experienced some of her biggest losses to date. Check out the details in this video:

How Mariana Found Her Equilibrium

The shifting market and her losses forced Mariana to look inward and consider what kind of life she wanted as a trader. Here’s what she’s figured out:

  • Take care of yourself. Mari says that the more consistent she is in maintaining healthy routines, the better off she is as a trader. If she’s exercising, eating three meals a day, and drinking plenty of water, she’s in the best place to make smart trading decisions.
  • Be efficient. Mariana maximizes time for things she loves like acro yoga and spending time with her family by putting technology to work. She reviews my alerts, the chat room, and StocksToTrade’s alerts and screeners to quickly find potential plays for her watchlist.
  • Know your limits. Mariana had some losses when she tried to force trades while traveling. Trading while traveling isn’t for everyone. You don’t have to force it.
  • Take days off. Taking breaks is important! It’s sort of like taking a cheat day from a diet. Days off help Mariana approach the market with a clear head.
  • Family matters! While in Italy, Mariana said bye to her laptop for a while and took her family to Rome. She gave them her full attention — and it was great for her mindset. Now, she says she feels refreshed and ready to trade the winter season.

Trading + Life: It’s a Balancing Act

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Mariana’s had a wild ride so far. And I’m glad she’s learning these important lessons about why it’s so important to take care of yourself. Here’s what I want you to remember:

  • You don’t have to trade every day. Sometimes if you’re traveling, don’t have good Wi-Fi, or just aren’t in the right mood, it’s better to avoid trading.
  • Health matters. If you don’t take care of yourself, eat well, and exercise, it can negatively impact your trading.
  • Care about something. If you don’t care about anything other than trading, what’s your motivation to trade? Find yourself a higher purpose!

How do YOU maintain a work-life balance as a trader? I want you to teach me … I’m working on it myself!


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