Meet My Student Roland Who Turned $4,000 Into $170,000 In 7 Months**

URGENT: This just opened up today, jump on it ASAP

I hope you’re having a good weekend because I have so much good news to report, it’s crazy…first, my student Roland who I just featured here in this must read blog post when he passed $100,000 in profits is now at $170,000 in profits.  You can see ALL his trades HERE, after starting with just $4,000 less than a year ago…he’s just the latest after this young man to experience these kinds of exponential gains and it all comes down to preparation. THIS DVD and THIS GUIDE shaped Roland’s knowledge, along with THIS DVD he also mentions, so study up as I want more dedicated students like this! **

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Secondly, get excited, all of you Trading Challenge students because this great trader just informed us he’ll be doing a live trading webinar tomorrow at 9am EST, so be ready!

Third, my conference sold out in just a few days and we had the biggest room at the hotel, but we just bought out one of the neighboring smaller conferences in the room next door, so we have 50 extra spots HERE and trust me they will go fast so lock in your ticket ASAP.

So, enjoy this awesome video below, please share it on Twitter, Facebook and tag me, as you can help me spread inspirational stories like these and good rules too that more people should utilize.

And please congratulate Roland in the comments section of this blog post, I know he appreciates our community so much and I’m SO proud of this hard-working stay-at-home dad’s success, as he is proof that hard work and studying pays off



And, on a personal note, let this be the latest lesson for ANYONE who rips on penny stocks or me, nothing is stopping more and more Trading Challenge students from achieving six-and-seven-figure success.  It all comes down to dedication and persistence and just taking it one trade at a time while recognizing that you won’t win every time.  But, if you aim for singles instead of home runs, those singles can really add up, as you see more and more from students like these guys too:



There’s SO much BS out there these days, after such a long bull market, so be careful who you believe and learn from…I’ll continue trading and teaching transparently and if you listen to me and actually study the past and come better prepared day in, day out, your odds of success go up.

I can’t guarantee that you’ll be my next Millionaire Trading Challenge student and there are no possible profit guarantees in the stock market — anyone who says otherwise is straight up lying — but I do guarantee you I will teach you every single thing that I learned the hard way over the past 2 decades and hopefully, if you pay attention like Tim G., Steven Dux and now Roland and so many others, I can help speed up your learning curve.

If you have ANY doubts about me or my trading rules whatsoever, it’s totally fine, I get it every day, especially from lazy people.  So please, there’s NO pressure whatsoever to do this, especially since I have ZERO patience for lazies these days, as the good news about being real is that I’m overwhelmed from people who ARE serious and ARE willing to be dedicated, so it’s for those people who my team and I bust our asses for.

ONLY go apply for my Trading Challenge if you’re ready to study your ass off and you’re not gonna waste my time trying to correct my grammar, or whatever other BS excuses lazy people come up with. I’m not here to be your friend, I’m going to be the toughest damn teacher you will ever have, but if you’re serious and willing to follow my instructions to a T, I could change your life with my knowledge and experience and rules I learned the hard way over time.

Sorry I’m in no mood to deal with any negativity or doubters whatsoever right now.  The market is so hot with too many plays, I’m preparing for my TED Talk next week, which is an incredible honor and then I’m meeting up with this guy, who is also giving a live trading webinar tomorrow to Trading Challenge students (so head’s up guys and gals, come ready to learn tomorrow morning at 9am EST!) to visit the first school my charity built in his name!

We’re doing big, big things every day lately because it’s good to be real and self-sufficient and I want you to get to this point too!

Please do leave a comment and congratulate Roland below, we’re all SO proud of his success and we want him to continue staying humble — for if he doesn’t, the market will humble him VERY quickly — and continue working hard the night before the market opens, and on weekends, as preparation is key to his and pretty much everyone else’s success too!