One of my Challenge Students, Roland Who Turned $4,000 Into $170k

Meet My Student Roland Who Turned $4,000 Into $170,000 In 7 Months

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I hope you’re having a good weekend because I have so much good news to report, it’s crazy…first, my student Roland who I just featured here in this must read blog post when he passed $100,000 in profits is now at $170,000 in profits.  You can see ALL his trades HERE, after starting with just $4,000 less than a year ago…he’s just the latest after this young man to experience these kinds of exponential gains and it all comes down to preparation. THIS DVD and THIS GUIDE shaped Roland’s knowledge, along with THIS DVD he also mentions, so study up as I want more dedicated students like this!

Download the key points of this post as PDF.

Secondly, get excited, all of you Trading Challenge students because this great trader just informed us he’ll be doing a live trading webinar tomorrow at 9am EST, so be ready!

Third, my conference sold out in just a few days and we had the biggest room at the hotel, but we just bought out one of the neighboring smaller conferences in the room next door, so we have 50 extra spots HERE and trust me they will go fast so lock in your ticket ASAP.

So, enjoy this awesome video below, please share it on twitter, Facebook and tag me, as you can help me spread inspirational stories like these and good rules too that more people should utilize.

And please congratulate Roland in the comments section of this blog post, I know he appreciates our community so much and I’m SO proud of this hard working stay-at-home dad’s success, as he is proof that hard work and studying pays off


And, on a personal note, let this be the latest lesson for ANYONE who rips on penny stocks or me, nothing is stopping more and more trading challenge students from achieving six-and-seven-figure success.  It all comes down to dedication and persistence and just taking it one trade at a time while recognizing that you won’t win every time.  But, if you aim for singles instead of home runs, those singles can really add up, as you see more and more from students like these guys too:

There’s SO much BS out there these days, after such a long bull market, so be careful who you believe and learn from…I’ll continue trading and teaching transparently and if you listen to me and actually study the past and come better prepared day in, day out, your odds of success go up.

I can’t guarantee that you’ll be my next Millionaire trading challenge student and there are no possible profit guarantees in the stock market — anyone who says otherwise is straight up lying — but I do guarantee you I will teach you every single thing that I learned the hard way over the past 2 decades and hopefully, if you pay attention like Tim G., Steven Dux and now Roland and so many others, I can help speed up your learning curve.

If you have ANY doubts about me or my trading rules whatsoever, it’s totally fine, I get it every day, especially from lazy people.  So please, there’s NO pressure whatsoever to do this, especially since I have ZERO patience for lazies these days, as the good news about being real is that I’m overwhelmed from people who ARE serious and ARE willing to be dedicated, so it’s for those people who my team and I bust our asses for.

ONLY go apply for my trading challenge if you’re ready to study your ass off and you’re not gonna waste my time trying to correct my grammar, or whatever other BS excuses lazy people come up with. I’m not here to be your friend, I’m going to be the toughest damn teacher you will ever have, but if you’re serious and willing to follow my instructions to a T, I will change your life with my knowledge and experience and rules I learned the hard way over time.

Sorry I’m in no mood to deal with any negativity or doubters whatsoever right now.  The market is so hot with too many plays, I’m preparing for my TED Talk next week, which is an incredible honor and then I’m meeting up with this guy, who is also giving a live trading webinar tomorrow to trading challenge students (so head’s up guys and gals, come ready to learn tomorrow morning at 9am EST!) to visit the first school my charity built in his name!

We’re doing big, big things every day lately because it’s good to be real and self-sufficient and I want you to get to this point too!

Please do leave a comment and congratulate Roland below, we’re all SO proud of his success and we want him to continue staying humble — for if he doesn’t, the market will humble him VERY quickly — and continue working hard the night before the market opens, and on weekends, as preparation is key to his and pretty much everyone else’s success too!

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Timothy Sykes

Hey Everyone,

As many of you already know I grew up in a middle class family and didn't have many luxuries. But through trading I was able to change my circumstances --not just for me -- but for my parents as well. I now want to help you and thousands of other people from all around the world achieve similar results!

Which is why I've launched my millionaire challenge. I’m extremely determined to create a millionaire trader out of one my students and hopefully it will be you.

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  1. Louis

    HUGE CONGRATS to you, Roland! You’re an inspiration indeed as I too am a devoted family man and father looking to be a successful, self-sufficient Trader myself.

  2. OceanRider

    Thank you Tim and thank you Roland for for inspiring video. Roland, I wish you many more successes in the weeks and years to come.

    As I write this I am in bed getting over a cold but found the time to watch this before bed. I can relate to what Roland said about being prepared. I think preparation is the key for having a game plan for the next week just like in sports. Although sick, I made time to have some set ups for this week that I will watch from my phone at work tomorrow. It is exciting to be ready and prepared.

    In the coming months I will watch the SEC DVDs and the other guide as well now that I am nearing completing Trading Tickers.

    Roland, your success and story is great to hear. Looking forward to implementing some improvements to join you on day as my success takes further shape.

    Tim/Roland wishing you all the best that life has to offer.

  3. Cody

    Awesome job Roland. I need to stop making excuses to why I can’t properly prepare. Kudos to you brother. Keep it up and keep inspiring other’s

  4. Anonymous

    Good job Roland. Congrats man. Sorry to hear about your ankle. Maybe one day we’ll compare ankles. I broke my left, shattered right into 30 pieces. At least now you have something to look forward to. Keep up the good work.

  5. Chris Robinson

    Wow!!! This was an awesome video. Really enjoyed listening to you both. Thanks for the encouragement..

  6. Jnarine

    Congrats, Roland! I started similarly to you, not taking it as serious as I should, but I am starting to buckle down and hope to have similar success!

  7. Arthur Icasiano

    Wow! Congratulations are definitely in order! Im watching and soaking up everything! I blessed just to have an opportunity to follow! Go man GO!!

  8. Vic siever

    You da man roland!!! Can’t wait (but will be patient along the journey) to be where you’re at……

  9. Ryan Huber

    Congratulations Roland, stay hungry and humble. Motivation and desire are the keys in life to unlocking any doors that lay before us. The fuel to our fire. Thanks for the inspiration and knowledge Tim, i appreciate it.

  10. Greg

    Congratulations Roland ! especially from.all the other father’s. Turning everything around keep it up!

  11. Lenka

    Thank you for this video to both of you! Very inspiring and also amazing to see real person like me to achieve such success and also to see that all what is Tim again and again repeating about strategies, preparations and etc. is real and true and not just empty words.

    Huge congratulations Roland, you are my hero of the day!

  12. DNN

    Those part-time jobs known as “Bridge jobs” should be the jobs that inspire you to work smarter on your side hustle while you don’t rely on “the man” to completely pay your check.

  13. Anonymous

    Woah congrats man, and great interview!! Very inspiring for some of us that are newbies!!!

  14. Mark K

    Great Job Roland, inspiring stuff, amazing to see the exponential growth that comes with serious focus. I love hearing from the 6 figure students, they’re growing in number so fast.

  15. Frederico Rijo

    Congrats Roland!! You’re inspiring newbies like me!! I will meet you in the 6 figures!! 😛

  16. Jamey

    Roland, congrats on all your success. Very inspiring to see that someone can make as much as you have while starting out with just $4K. Amazing. Keep it up!

  17. ABLAZA

    Roland Congrats on your success thus far and on the interview. looking forward meeting you all one day.

  18. Deann King

    Congratulations Roland you are doing so great!! Keep up the good work!! Hopefully we are all right behind you….

  19. Nate

    congrats bud, truly an accomplishment. hope to see more successful traders like yourself up here real soon

  20. Joey Joffrion aka Ironman Engineer

    Congratulations on the success so far Roland Wolf!!! That kind of profit in less than a year is staggering. I’m following you and with Tim’s helpful lessons will soon catch up as I recently joined the Millionaire Student Challenge program. See you in the chat room.

  21. Jeffrey P. Borja

    Right on, Roland! Encouraged by your SINO experience. Had a similar thing happen with NXTD a couple months back. Was up $477 overnight on my small account, got greedy, held….then took a $21 loss. I WAS PISSED! But no one to blame but myself. Learned a great lesson: don’t be greedy AND lock-in profits! Congrats on the early successes…see you at the top!

  22. Anonymous

    Congratulations Ronald!, Great job, and great interview, thanks for sharing your experiences, very inspiring!

  23. Cure1Proprietor

    Roland! Yee! Wussup, Dogg! My interview with Timothy Sykes will be up here next year when I begin to actually cut my losses quickly. Congratulations to you, yo!

  24. Carlos R. Alfonso

    Congratulations Ronald, Great Job, and Great Interview, thanks for sharing your experiences, very inspiring!

  25. Jason Chandley

    Great job Roland on that making the mark to 170k. You are an inspiration to me as you show how quickly you can grow an account when having dedication and not giving up. Keep up the great work and you will soon pass the seven figure mark. Thank you for the great video lesson you did a few days back also. I was able to learn a lot watching your video as you were explaining your thinking process for your trades.

  26. Anonymous

    very big congratulations to you, Roland 🙂 you’re a huge inspiration!!! PS: please keep uploading YouTube videos, loved your last one – there is so much to learn 🙂

  27. Ed Humphrey

    Congrats Roland! You are showing us all what is possible if we apply ourselves and stick to the rules!

  28. Olav Gade

    Congratulations Roland. Great job!! True inspiration (love your bandana it´s so 1980´s 🙂 )- in the cool way!

  29. Kenz4

    Great Interview Rowland and Tim Thank you both for being real and showing that by sticking to the rules and studying pays off in small gains and increasing as the knowledge increases and the gains add up over time. Congrats

  30. Joseph Moreno Sr.

    Youngster you are another prime example study with discipline.. pay your dues and it does pay off. U knew that coming in to the class … great Job… continued success!!!!!

  31. Nate E

    Congrats Roland for your success following hard work and study. You are an inspiration for people like me. Great work!

  32. JoAnne McNamara

    LEARNING. Best video yet! I laughed so hard “Ghost”! – RUN (backing off) ….BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP

  33. Spenser

    Great video and blog post! Watched it last night and it is very inspiring and motivates me even more. Congrats Roland keep up the hard work!

  34. Vaytzman

    Great Job Roland. You are an inspiration to us all. Keep up the good work and dedication! be the next 7 figure!

  35. Glenn Deleon Guerrero

    Great interview, great advice and great tips! It is inspirational and motivating to know that there is money to be made if you follow the rules and be smart. A little can go a long way.
    Congratulations Roland! I hope to achieve the same level of success as you and more.
    I never get tired of listening to Tim talk and hear about his amazing students. The more I hear, the more I want to learn and become part of this great opportunity.

  36. Cory

    The thing that I respect most about Roland is that he is humble. He is in TimAlerts chat every night answering questions for new traders and he genuinely wants to help people. He is a great trader but he is also a great person. Congrats on the success man! Well deserved.

  37. Cory Millikan

    The thing that I respect most about Roland is that he is humble. He is in TimAlerts chat every night answering questions for new traders and he genuinely wants to help people. He is a great trader but he is also a great person. Congrats on the success man! Well deserved.

  38. Louis Horvah

    Congratulations! Roland Wolf. Tim, these Q&A are the best. You should do a Q&A with Arick Russel.

  39. Anonymous

    Congrats Roland! Thanks for being an example of how successful people can be in penny stock trading if they study and work hard. Makes me (an average joe) believe in myself more.

  40. Mitch

    A BIG CONGRATS TO YOU ROLAND!!! I hope i can achieve the level you are at some point in the future!! Until then keep on making the big bucks!!

  41. Damian Flores

    Thanks so much Roland for this interview, I’ve been wating to hear about your success. It is very ecouraging video. Dont give up. Dont blow up. Learn from tehe past learn from your mistakes. Learn new strategies but learn you own trades. That some of what I took note of and I hope not to forget. Congrats Roland!!!

  42. Kevin

    Congrats on your success Roland! Thanks for the video guys. Some great pointers in here. Thanks! and Congrats!

  43. Anonymous

    Awesome job Roland,
    I’ve been struggling with trading and working trying to figure out how to do both for now. I guess it really can be done with success, thanks for the inspiration!!

  44. Dominique Natale

    Tim where a microphone next time 3rd time watching this still trying to hear every word your saying


    Congrattts Roland !

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  46. DNN

    If I accumulated money that fast in a business venture, I think many ex girlfriends would come calling again if they found out! lol 🙂

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