TIM Seminars- Penny Stocks Trading

Unlike the entire joke of an industry of “gurus”, Timothy Sykes details his entire superior track record (turned $12,415 to $1.65 million 1999-2002, #1 Ranked Short Bias Hedge Fund Manager 2003-2006, lost 35% when he ignored PennyStocking 2006-2007, up 197% in 2008, up 141% in 2009 & has been the #1 ranked trader out of 50,000+ traders on Covestor, along with 1/4 of the leaderboard being his DVD students) using PennyStocking), trades (see them all HERE), strategies, lessons learned, successes and failures alike for all to see learn from.

Now is your chance to meet Tim in person, pick his brain, ask any questions you want and learn exactly how it’s it’s possible to turn thousands into millions trading low priced stocks and penny stocks.

Learn the strategies and rules he’s refined over a decade of trading the scummiest, trashiest stocks in the world and making a fortune (and plenty of mistakes from which you can learn) doing so.

The only scheduled group seminar is Timothy’s annual PennyStocking 2-day conference held each Fall, 20 people attended in 2008, 55 people in 2009…80 in 2010…and most likely 100+ in 2011……contact Tim to stay updated about the 2011 event!

Tim also does private and group full-day coaching sessions in NYC so please contact him for more details!