3 Things The Haters Always Get Wrong

By Updated on July 11, 2023

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Not sure if you caught this or not…

The piece talks about how David discovered me online via my YouTube channel. 

Like many folks…he was skeptical…even believing I was a scam.

He went as far as to contact some of my students to see if I was legit.

If you want to read the full story, you can do it right here. 

Today I want to talk to you about my haters. And while they do me a lot of good by posting on my social media, boosting engagement, and multiplying impressions…

They’re DEAD WRONG on so many things, it’s time to clear the air.


#1: Tim Sykes Isn’t A Real Trader, He’s Just Good At Marketing.

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I get it.

My story is hard to believe. I turned a small amount of money into millions of dollars trading penny stocks.

I became a self-made millionaire in my early 20s.

I travel the world year-round…

And I was one of the first people online showing folks how to live the laptop lifestyle.

But you know what?

I celebrate my wins not to rub into anyone’s face or to show people that I’m better than them.

It’s the complete opposite.

I came from a small town in Connecticut. I didn’t have Wall Street connections growing up. I was just a young kid determined to make in trading.

I’ve maintained my success because I worked my butt off.

You see, I believe my haters take shots at me because I’m doing something they want to be.

But maybe they don’t have the courage to try…or believe in themselves.

It makes them feel better to think that I’m fake…and that my results are too.

However, there’s ONE THING the haters forget to tell you…

I post ALL of my trades on Profit.ly. 

That’s right…You can see the GOOD, BAD, and The Ugly right here. 

Take a look for yourself.

It’s transparency at its finest.

Unlike most people on social media who only show wins and hide their losses.

Who else is doing that?

#2: Tim Sykes Got Lucky, There’s No Way His Success Can Be Replicated

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In fact, I have two students who have already surpassed me in career trading profits.

That’s right…Tim Grittani and Jack Kellogg have both made more profits than I have.

Again, most “gurus” would HATE admitting their students have surpassed them.

But not me.

You see, I don’t teach people how to be Tim Sykes clones.

In fact, I tell my students not to copy what I do.

I want them to become independent thinkers and to develop their own style.

For example, David, my student highlighted in that BI piece, loves short-selling and is good at it.

If you’ve been following my blog or my trading, then you know I don’t promote that strategy. I think it’s difficult, and the risk vs. reward doesn’t match up.

But if it works for you…then go for it.

If Tim Grittani and Jack Kellogg decided to be Tim Sykes clones…they would have never become 8-figure traders.

I teach a process and help people build a foundation to become independent.

Do you think my millionaire students hit me up and ask me what I think about every trade they are about to place?

Heck no.

They are free thinkers…and that’s what I want from all my students.

#3: If Tim Were So Good At Trading, He Wouldn’t Need To Teach

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I started teaching my trading process after I became a millionaire trader.

I didn’t initially set out to be a mentor.

But I was receiving so many emails. from aspiring traders to help them, I wanted to show people that great traders aren’t born…they’re made.

Early on in my journey, I had a major chip on my shoulder.

I was motivated by money…

I wanted exotic cars and fancy dinners.

But after a while, I got sick and tired of it.

I discovered charity, and my life changed for the better.

Today all of my trading profits are donated to charity.

The more trading success stories I produce…, the more popular I become.

And while that might sound egotistical…I’m using my platform to bring awareness to those in need.

Strange right?

My haters talk so much junk about me…yet I’m the one who is donating all their trading profits to charity and raising money for worthy causes.

They usually don’t have a good rebuttal to that. So they change the subject and try to find something else to attack me about.

What Are You Going To Do?

If you want to know more about me and how my program differs from anything else out there…And most importantly….why the haters have been DEAD WRONG about me for decades…

Take this moment to join one of my free training classes. 



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