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My Secret Formula For Finding Penny Stocks Pre-Spike

Penny Stocks Pre-Spike

Penny Stocks Pre-Spike

Traditional stock traders buy low and sell high. My students take things one step further, both buying low and selling high, and then selling short when prices begin falling and buying to cover. This lets us make a profit both on the way up and the way down, but there’s one question you have to be able to answer to do this: How do I find penny stocks before they spike? Continue reading

How To Buy Top Penny Stocks Before They Spike Big

Liquidmetal Apple Spike

I am mostly known for short selling penny stocks, but those who have read my bestselling book — download it for free for a limited time — know I made my first million buying hot penny stocks before they spiked.

And I am already up 135% halfway through 2014 again mostly due to my buys, not my shorts.

Here’s a great video lesson from late 2013 where I explain some of the keys to finding penny stocks that spike a ton later on…as my longterm newsletter subscribers have seen, this can be achieved with a high degree of predictability: Continue reading

How To Buy The Best Penny Stocks [CRUCIAL 30-MINUTE VIDEO LESSON]

Yesterday I posted how I picked/bought/alerted the single hottest stock in the stock market, made several thousand dollars (sold far too soon before much of the 40% intraday spike) and my trading challenge students know this wasn’t luck or random.

I’VE DONE THIS OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN AND THAT’S WHY I’M RICH…and that’s why I have students like this who are getting rich:

That’s why I drive a $235,000 Lamborghini to Dunkin Donuts for my cheat meal 🙂 Continue reading

Invoice #31011

I should invoice you for this valuable information, but because I want more dedicated trading challenge students and newsletter subscribers I’m gonna show you how I made several thousand dollars in a few hours by picking the single hottest stock in the market before it spiked 40% a few hours later FOR FREE:

Here’s the intraday chart of WATT where I alerted my newsletter subscribers about my buy at $8/share…just hours before it spiked to over $11/share: Continue reading

The Best Penny Stocks To Buy To Grow Your Account FAST (Like $YOD Did Today)

Today I have yet another huge winner under my belt, watch this free video lesson and within hours of my publishing that lesson, the stock spiked all the way to nearly $6/share so YOD is a 100% winner since my buy alerts last week at $2.68 and $3/share….I sold a bit too early but still made nearly $10,000

yod 570 copy

My trading challenge students and especially my longterm newsletter subscribers BANKED as I’ve been talking about this stock’s potential for months.

These are the kinds of stocks I detail in my 7 free video lesson series HERE and these are the kinds of stocks that can grow your account exponentially FAST like this students who life montage should inspire you if you have less than $10,000 in your account:

Here are some of the patterns from which we make our millions: Continue reading

The Best Penny Stock To Buy Right Now (Free Video Outlining Why)

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See my top student & I on FOX the other night


Yesterday I wrote this post and included a free video on the best penny stocks to buy and invest in…read it HERE

Long story short it’s great to buy penny stocks with technical breakouts and solid earnings or contract winners with bigger multi-billion dollar companies. Continue reading

How To Buy & Invest In Penny Stocks (Must Watch Free Video With Examples)

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What a crazy week, my top trading challenge student whose story has gone viral HERE given that he’s taken $1,500 of his own money and turned it into $1 million, showing EVERY trade to get there, and I each made $50,000 this past week in trading profits.

Then we were featured on FOX the other night: Continue reading

The Best Penny Stocks To Buy & Short Sell And Get Rich Like Me

If you’ve read my bio or seen all my trades HERE you know I turned a few thousand into a few million dollars, all from buying and short selling penny stocks.

Six weeks ago I announced my first millionaire trading challenge student in this blog post and you can see a video about him and this milestone. Continue reading