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Regarding Fake News On Penny Stocks


Here’s my first little birthday gift and here’s my 2nd gift for you in honor of my 36th birthday next weekend and I HIGHLY suggest you take advantage of them ASAP

The vast majority of the world ignores reliable patterns like THIS and THIS and generally, as a rule, hates penny stocks and all the scams that go along with them, while my top millionaire trading challenge students and I find that being meticulous and focusing on patterns that work far more often than they do not is the key to actually making millions.

This is how, despite being warned by family, friends and pretty much everyone in the financial community to never trade penny stocks due to the inherent risk associated with them, we continue to grow our accounts exponentially within a few years and the central theme of this must-watch video from my hottest trading challenge student of the moment is to have patience and wait for the best setups to increase your odds of profit: Continue reading

5 Thoughts On The Dodd Frank Act aka All The New Financial Regulation

LiveStock is later today 1-2PM EST so tune in or don’t, do what you gotta do.

Here my honest to God thoughts on this sweeeeeeping financial regulation

1. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

2. The financial media will pick apart and debate dealpoints for the next few weeks and months with endless guests representing all areas of finance….but who cares, listening or reading these guys is a waste of time, remember, they want to keep you financially ignorant.

3. This changes NOTHING, there will always be stock market manipulation and manipulators and subscribers to my 4 newsletters will always be kept apprised of the best opportunities.

4. Finance is really boring, I can’t even think of 5 thoughts on such useless “news”.

5. There no solid way to profit from this “news” so I’m not wasting anymore time on this, let the boring finance freaks debate it, welcome to why the world doesn’t give a shit about our industry.

Bernie Madoff Wins First Prison Fight (Seriously)

REMEMBER: You have until this coming Friday, October 16th, to register to attend this special event. from the comfort of your very own home or if you can’t make it live buying that 2-day pass will serve as your order for the DVD of the event, which will be 12+ hours of footage and come with an instruction manual too!.

That is The NY Post is to be believed, and their track record is a little spotty–correctly nailing SpongeTech Delivery Systems Inc. (SPNG) but choosing the wrong side in the fight of Trader Monthly (which later went bankrupt BEFORE the market crash…a feat that could only be accomplished by Randall “The Sick Twisted Son Of A Bitch” Lane) vs. little old me.

But here’s an eyewitness sketch of the incident: Continue reading