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Regarding Fake News On Penny Stocks


Here’s my first little birthday gift and here’s my 2nd gift for you in honor of my 36th birthday next weekend and I HIGHLY suggest you take advantage of them ASAP

The vast majority of the world ignores reliable patterns like THIS and THIS and generally, as a rule, hates penny stocks and all the scams that go along with them, while my top millionaire trading challenge students and I find that being meticulous and focusing on patterns that work far more often than they do not is the key to actually making millions.

This is how, despite being warned by family, friends and pretty much everyone in the financial community to never trade penny stocks due to the inherent risk associated with them, we continue to grow our accounts exponentially within a few years and the central theme of this must-watch video from my hottest trading challenge student of the moment is to have patience and wait for the best setups to increase your odds of profit:

The highest odds of profit with these kinds of plays come when a penny stock is greatly mispriced due to hype/manipulation (short sell the misguided euphoria) or sheer panic and stop loss selling (this pattern works SO well, although not 100% as ZENO longs learned the hard way today (I still made roughly $2k by playing it safe, as I always do and when your thesis doesn’t pan out on ANY pattern, simply cut losses or take gains quickly and move on, not sure why this is so difficult for so many people, but welcome to my life as a teacher)

Download the key points of this post as PDF.

In breaking news from yesterday “Scammers Used SeekingAlpha for Bogus Stock Promotions, SEC Says” we learned that:

On Monday, the Securities and Exchange Commission sued 27 individuals and companies for their involvement in hundreds of conflicted articles that appeared on SeekingAlpha and other sites. The authors checked a box that said they hadn’t been compensated, concealing the payments they’d received from stock promoters, the SEC said in a statement.

To hide their identities, writers used multiple pseudonyms, even creating separate personas who claimed to have 20 years of investing experience. At one promotion company, writers even signed a contract forbidding them from disclosing their compensation. SeekingAlpha wasn’t accused of any wrongdoing.

“These companies, promoters, and writers allegedly misled investors by disguising paid promotions as objective and independent analysis,” Stephanie Avakian, acting head of SEC enforcement said in the statement.

…something that I’ve been warning about THE ENTIRE DECADE I’VE BEEN TEACHING, as you can see in articles like “MSN Money, FOX News, Motley Fool & Seeking Alpha Implicated In Penny Stock Pump & Dump Cases” and “Are Penny Stock Promoters Using Seeking Alpha For Stock Promotion?“.

In that second blog post of mine from 2010, I linked to a Seeking Alpha article that was pumping up the terrible penny stock, APPY, and now that the case has been broken wide open, this is what Seeking Alpha has in place of that article:

As for “Takeover Speculation Swarms at AspenBio Pharma” instead of an article, we now get this legally mandated disclaimer:

This article has been removed; Seeking Alpha has dissolved its relationship with the ‘author.’

So, am I saying, look I told you so?

Sure, that I am, but more importantly, this is a classic example of how penny stock promoters simply aren’t very smart and with a little digging, you can figure out their schemes and profit from them, either short selling them, aiming for this kind of pattern, when you can find shares to short (not always easy, the main problem with one of the strategies that made me my 2nd million dollars), or by watching this guide, understanding the ins and outs of the #5 pattern that works most of the time, that being to wait for the intraday crash, ideally morning panic, on these pumps and then buy the dip as the penny stock promoter supports it enough to lessen the odds of an investigation into their manipulative dealings.

The promotion and manipulation in penny stocks is abhorrent, but it’s always going to be there so you better accept it and learn how to profit from it…legally, by learning how to spot it and trade the patterns it creates.

Don’t believe me?

Sure, I get that all the time, it’s no surprise, but now with 4,700+ video lessons in my library for newsletter subscribers and 8,000+ blog posts, nearly half of which have been on outlining the ins and outs of these penny stocks scams like such classics as:

How To Get Rich By Short Selling Mini-Enrons Faster Than Jim Chanos

10 Reasons Why Mesa Energy Holdings, Inc. (MSEH) Will Drop 50%+ (it did do just that within a few days and even some press was surprised by how I called it)

(I should also mention Mesa Energy went so far as to tell people not to listen to me in an SEC filing here LOL…whoops!)
The Seemingly Unchanging Million Dollar Profit Stock Market Pattern: [8 PRETTY CHARTS]

…and thousands and thousands more of video lessons and blog posts on this same phenomenon.

You can ignore me and my warnings if you want, stay far away from the big bad penny stock niche and it won’t matter to me one bit…I’ll keep creating more and more Millionaire trading challenge students and it won’t be you.

But, if you do want to learn and see how to predict these stock moves and beat the SEC to uncovering these kinds of scams BY YEARS, then start watching my free video lessons here and start studying my free penny stock guide here and apply here to be mentored by my top millionaire trading challenge students and I.

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  1. OceanRider

    Just about everyone who writes something or has a serious opinion has an angle they are trying to promote. Although some things cannot be completely avoided, at least the technicals give warning in advance when trouble is coming.

    Once again, pay attention to price action and not noise from folks.

    I remember in college reading in my finance text book about Enron which at the time, Enron was on top of the world. Everyone was drinking the same kool aid back then blind to what Enron was actually doing.

    It pays to be skeptical especially about a company, or company news, or a report or an opinion for that matter.

  2. Patrick Jepsen

    Hey, Great post Tim! It’s funny how people are so scared of penny stocks because the way I see it is:
    “The only thing that scares man is the unknown, until it becomes the known”
    You have to learn to profit off these scams! For your benefit! Not theirs!
    It must be so frustrating as a teacher to have to constantly repeat yourself over and over again to people that just are not putting in the effort.
    I wrote the first comment on your last blog post “How My 22-Year-Old Student Made $900,000+ In 1 Year”
    I got a pleasant surprise on my morning run today when I was mentioned in your newest you tube video and that really meant a lot to me.
    Again Happy Birthday!!! – P.S. I’ve been working my butt off recently, I have really dedicated myself to this game. Thanks

  3. HimmenyDiggaley

    nice Tim thank you for this post! lol the real world is so delayed with pennystock data it hialrious

  4. Eric

    Scammers .. They think they are so clever .. They always get exposed … But until they do .. Capitalize on the way up .. Wait for the bail to drop and make money when they fail … That’s the name of the game .. As Dux says “Easy money”

  5. jsmay23

    We’re all learning here, including Tim! He looks very impressed! I’ve got a lot to learn, but still inspired!

  6. Snaper

    Greate subject we all learning together. We all playing together. We are Sykes community .that’s what makes as stronger in every way. Thanks Tim

  7. alan pennock

    Shalom as my dad use to say. I’ve been learning from you for a long time now(6 yrs) and u were good enough to teach me 4 free, mostly because I wanted to learn it myself and save some money, but for the 1st few yrs, I lost more than I saved. U were right again, but it has been fun. And the patterns just keep getting more clear. Just like in the earlier post, the unknown is difficult until it becomes known and then it is simple. Thank you are just 2 words, and they mean so much. Hope to see you someday as a Tim Sykes millionaire, or thousandaire. It is so much fun, it is worth the price of a ticket to take that ride.

  8. johnny

    it’s great to have mentors like you alerting us to the shady practices in this market.evrything you teach us will only make us wiser investors. thank you tim

  9. Fred Becker

    Tim, I would love to see this 22 yr young man have a small class on his 3 techniques that are presently working for him right now, at a winning rate of 85%. Thanks again for this great interview and my congrats to this young man!

  10. jonan friesen

    I’ve joined Tim Sykes challenged program a few months ago and have not really been trading accept follow his and his students videos, post and comments pretty much on a daily basis.
    People tell me that what I’ve gotten my self into is very risky but yet tell me I have a great trucking business which they don’t think much off the risk thats involve in trucking. In the last month and half, I’ve spent around $5,000 in repairs which didn’t really repair the issues but just charged me for putting new parts on that didn’t solve the issue until I brought it to a none educated mechanic who found a faulty wire connection on one of sensors, problem fixes.
    Last week, one truck broke down in Florida and the cost to fix is $17,000 I decided not to fix but get out of this “no risk trucking business once and for all”
    Loosing $22,000 in 2 months seems very risky to me, so now my plan is to get out and start full time trading, hopefully in a few months, until then, I’ll keep watching and learning as much as time allows.
    I’ll take any advice I can get to focus on the right direction, which videos and webinars to watch and on top of that, I’ll watched the daily watchlist and videos posted.
    thanks Tim and every one else for what you do to help students.

  11. Peter Chartier

    Almost 40yrs ago my uncle gave me a hot tip on a penny stock. It was great, Atlas yellow knife, A “gold” mining co. I believe. I conned my folks into letting me buy it, I had to get them to sign papers because I was underage, lol. It tanked. I laughed, it was fun, I think I lost $2-300CDN. Zip ahead to 25 years or so, and Nortel is on the pink sheets. I bought it at $.90 sold at $9. That’s after everyone told me I’d lose $$, LMAO. I’ll learn your methods ( teachings sounds like we’ll all be drinking the Jones town kool-aid) and we’ll all prove them wrong.
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  12. sue sgaggero


  13. JD

    As always, your commitment and dedication towards us (students) are truly appreciated, and I am very grateful for the time and effort you put aside on training everyone. Looking forward to continuing this journey and learning from all the hundreds of videos and blogs! Thanks, Tim!

  14. Marc

    Awesome stuff… looking forward to capitalizing on what most ignor…. Happy 36th in advance!!

  15. Jeffrey Borja

    “The promotion and manipulation in penny stocks is abhorrent, but it’s always going to be there so you better accept it and learn how to profit from it…legally by learning how to spot it and trade the patterns it creates.” Great stuff, Tim! Just got my Challenge Box, gonna dig into it all weekend. Thanks for leading by example!

  16. SpaceBoundT

    In my short-term time of trading I’ve learned from you and your blog posts that Seeking Alpha is not what it once was and not a definitive reliable news source. First thing I go to after an article is posted is whether or not the author has any positions in the stock they are writing about before reading the article. Thanks for keeping us updated on the change in trends.

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