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How To Make Exponential Gains

Your goal should be to make exponential gains. Unlike most of Wall Street that is obsessed with generating 10-20% annual returns for investors — because it’s safe and a good cash cow, in terms of fees for brokers, mutual funds, hedge funds and pretty much the entire financial industry — I’m focused on helping to generate ridiculous annual returns in the realm of 200%+, 500%, even 1,000%+, by focusing on weird little niche strategies that are ideal for small accounts.

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3 Must Watch New Video Lessons

You gotta see these new trading video lessons!

If you read my Friday blog post entitled “You WILL Study These Videos This Weekend…Or Else” you might have sensed that despite there being SEVERAL perfect plays the past few days — for longs and short sellers alike — and the fact that SEVERAL of my top students and I are on absolute fire with our trading, I am not a happy camper right now because only a few of my top trading challenge students and I are profiting consistently while the vast majority of my social media followers and students waste opportunity after opportunity.

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Why must I keep featuring the same top trading challenge students like this who understand the key to profiting four and five figures in a day or two is constant study and preparation as the absolute best trades can be planned in your head BEFORE you risk your hard-earned money: Continue reading

The Best Play That’s Working Well Right Now

Over the years, I’ve seen several penny stock patterns working time and time again, and more often than not…patterns like “Try This Every Morning And You’ll Make Money” for dip buying and for short selling I really love the pattern outlined in the blog post “4 Live Penny Stock Trades On Video

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But right now it’s earnings season and if you’ve watched my 1,100+ video lessons HERE on earnings plays then you know it’s a great season to buy, especially if you’ve watched my recent video lessons like this new one I made earlier today: Continue reading

Warning You Of Some Changes Happening This Week

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In case you hadn’t noticed I’m starting to write more and more blog posts, everything from “what is the meaning of life deep blog posts like this “The 36 Best Lessons I’ve Learned In Life” to hardcore stock market education posts like “Lessons From The Hottest Stock In The Market Right Now” to posts that aren’t specific to life or the market, just topics I think that may help you and be of interest to you like my latest “5 Lessons From The Best Business Movie You Should See“. Continue reading

8 Ways To Survive And Profit From A Crash/Bear Market

Here’s How You Survive/Profit In A Bear Market

The current bull market has scaled numerous walls of worry and the Dow Jones has gained the third spot in longevity, behind the roaring bull market of 1921-1929 and the bull phase from 1990-1998.

With the US Presidential elections around the corner, it is unlikely that markets will enter true bear market territory this year. Continue reading

8 Lessons I’ve Learned From My Students

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One of the most important aspects of attaining and maintaining success is that you have to keep on learning every day. A mentor can be a huge help here, helping to streamline your learning curve and guide you in the right direction. 

I have become a mentor to my trading challenge students and one of the greatest gifts that it has given me is that my students teach me valuable lessons about trading and the stock market every day. It is my students who keep me asking the right questions and inspiring my path moving forward, even as I am helping guide them. Continue reading

Changing The Way I Teach

A lot has happened over the past 8 years, since I began teaching.  Most of it very good, but some of it bad and so, I must acknowledge the bad and try to fix it. Just as I teach traders to refine, refine, refine their trading strategies, I too must refine, refine, refine my teaching strategies.

I won’t brag about any of my teaching success — I’ve done far more than my share of that already — this post will be specifically about the misguided approach too many students are taking and why they do it.  The blame for it all lies squarely on me and the learning environment I’ve allowed to go on for too long and the steps that I’m taking to improve that learning environment. Continue reading

Be The Change You Want To See

Upcoming Event With Larry King

I’m traveling to Asia the next few days, so before my long journey begins, I thought I’d leave you with some good advice…

Many readers will see me in person at my upcoming annual conference Sept 10th-12th (only a few seats left, see details HERE) and you will see the results of all of the hard work that I’ve put in the past few months, getting healthier and fitter.  My weight is Jonah Hill-esque, which has made for some fun jokes, but lately I’ve been really focusing on being the less funny, but fitter Jonah Hill…I’m not exactly on Jonah’s fat level, but my weight has fluctuated dramatically over the years, due to the success of my education business (thanks to my millionaire trading challenge students), my love of food and travel and a disturbing lack of maintenance that I fully take the blame for.  But, no more and I will be the change I want to see.

Because of the success of my education business, I’ve recently become overwhelmed by new students and as a VERY immature way to discourage non-dedicated students, I’ve developed quite the attitude, which I recently acknowledged and apologized for.

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No matter how many students want to learn and no matter how big my ego has gotten (I’m trying to reign it in), under no circumstance, whatsoever and in no way, shape or form should I EVER act the way I have or say some of the things I have said.  I don’t regret much in life, but I definitely regret the way that I’ve treated people who just want to learn.  So now, every single minute of every single hour of every single day, I’m focused on being nicer and putting myself in the shoes of my hungry students who just want knowledge…and they should be rewarded, not maligned, for their desire!

NEVER again will I resort to what I used to do…I will be the change I want to see.

For too long, as I told this media legend, I solely promoted this hedonistic/material lifestyle, because it was fun and it made the vast majority of my students study harder…which in turn led to better results like these and substantial growth in my education business.  But, it also turned off many students who get inspired by other things, like videos like THIS and the ones below, which I personally greatly prefer anyway:

And, because I GREATLY enjoy my charity work much more than my Lamborghini, Ferrari and other crazy splurges, I’ve been posting a lot more about what I favor, even though the photos and videos aren’t nearly as popular as my outrageous videos like these:

…I am much happier posting them and sharing them with you!

Despite the lower popularity, these videos are more in tune with who I am and what I value, so I gladly accept the consequences of having fewer students, but students who have better mindsets…be the change you want to see!

But also, as you will see in the coming days from my latest trip to Asia, I LOVE TO EAT GREAT FOOD AND TRAVEL, so I’ll ALWAYS makes videos like this:

That’s the thing, ALL I want is more successful students…awesome testimonials like these grow my education business, fulfill me and it’s something NOBODY else is doing very well in the financial education industry, so full of scammers, frauds, liars and non-transparent traders, some of whom claim big feats, but can’t show their real names or their ENTIRE track record publicly.

As I tweeted today, imagine a baseball player too afraid to show his batting average!

Is it any wonder that stock trading (and really the entire industry of financial speculation) is looked down upon by society, compared to baseball, where players don’t just share their stats publicly, but entire websites and games have been set up to analyze these players’ performance?

Why do we not have that in finance?

Can you imagine if we did?

I can.

And, just because I’m SUCH a big believer in transparency, I’ve also been working, for the past 2 years, on a book detailing how I’ve grown my online business so much the past few years…as you might’ve read in my 1st book HERE, I’m a BIG fan of learning from your success AND your mistakes…and mistakes and failure are even more useful to your education, and mine.

I don’t just preach the good fight and transparency, I back it up…be the change your want to see!

Sadly, I see too many whiners who complain about the way the world is and do nothing to change it, although I guess I should thank them for their laziness and cynicism, because the #1 secret to my success has been sharing EVERYTHING…what I’ve done right AND wrong over the years.  If there were more people who did that, I’d probably be out of a job!

The good news is that most traders are far too introverted, strange, egotistical, selfish, spoiled, full of BS or just too lazy to be fully transparent and hard working, guiding students to the key lessons, rules and patterns, that they learned the hard way over the years.  Only THIS veteran trader and this newly minted millionaire seem to fit the profile required to create more successful students.

So we’ll continue working our butts off and teaching, because it’s what we believe and what we’ve learned is most helpful to others…and because we are being the change we want to see in the world!