10 Traits of Powerful Leaders

10 Traits Of Powerful Leaders

So, let’s first start by asking what is a leader? And what are the trails of powerful leaders?

The other day I posted “10 Things You’ll Never See Millionaire Traders Do” and it was basically a list of do NOT dos…today I want to showcase a list of solid traits that powerful and successful people have, a followup to my all-important post from a few months ago entitled “A Key Trait You Need To Become A Millionaire” as it’s CRUCIAL you learn the rights and wrongs in life if you want to be the best possible version of yourself that I know you can be.

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In business, there are specific traits of powerful leaders, including vision, direction, and the ability to inspire others to follow on their journey.

It’s far from an easy role, and requires patience, integrity, and plenty of hard work, but it can REALLY pay off, in business and in life.

So how does one become such a leader?

Start by cultivating these 10 traits, and see how they inspire others to follow your lead.

1. Bravery. Who will follow your lead if you don’t demonstrate that you’re courageous enough to lead the way? A great leader must have enough bravery to see the difficulty and risk on the road ahead, and to forge a path anyway.

Of course, this isn’t to say that a great leader can’t be without caution. There’s comfort with risk and there’s recklessness. A great leader sees the risk and does all that he or she can to mitigate it, but nonetheless has the bravery to forge on ahead.

2. Self motivation. An inherent part of leadership is having the ability to lead the way. They won’t necessarily have someone holding their hand along the way, so it’s one of the most important traits of powerful leaders that they have a strong sense of self motivation so that they can make things happen.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that they have to work from the ground up. But it does mean that they have to have the wherewithal to seek out appropriate resources to help them accomplish their goals. For many of my millionaire students, signing up for the Tim Sykes Million Challenge team is an inspired way to begin working toward their dreams and leading their own path.

3. Purpose. Regardless of their style, career, or setting, every great and powerful leader has this in common: they have a sense of purpose. After all, to lead, they must be headed in a particular direction. People follow great presidents because of where they promise to lead the country. People follow great business leaders because they have a strong vision and the motivation to carry it out.

Whether you’re a trader or the owner of a dry cleaning business, get a sense of purpose if you want to be a great leader. Have specific goals, and figure out clear ways that you can attain them. Overall, this should not scare you. Your methods and goals can change and evolve over time; they may need to so that you can stay committed. But you must have a sense of purpose from the start even if that purpose changes or evolves over time.

4. Constantly seeking. Leaders are seekers. They are constantly seeking new paths, ideas, and solutions. Moreover, they get this way by constantly and continually learning as there is no magic formula or exact science for becoming successful or wealthy or even happy, you must test and test and test, then optimize, optimize, optimize over time.

There’s a reason why great leaders and businesspeople are addicted to learning, and it’s not just to increase their vocabulary or appear impressive. The more you know, the more ideas you have and the more flexible you are in various environments and predicaments.

For instance, as a trader, learning about how various industries work can expand your knowledge and inform whether certain trades are worthwhile risks or not. Constantly learning keeps your mind nimble and keeps you able to generate solutions and brilliant ideas. This is one of the most vital traits of powerful leaders. It’s a habit that I try to instill in my students via the Tim Sykes Millionaire Challenge.

5. Transparency. Nobody trusts a leader who holds everything close to the vest. It can be a difficult step to take, but to be an effective and powerful leader, a certain level of transparency is necessary. For one, it builds trust. Unless you happen to be a charismatic cult leader (and please don’t be), you generally can’t expect people to blindly follow you without knowing your goings-on. You need to be honest about how you are going about attaining your goals and dreams without shutting other people out.

Transparency isn’t always easy. It takes integrity and humility (more on that below). However, in the long run it will make you a more powerful leader…that’s why I show ALL my trades here (even though it’s a pain in the butt to keep it all updated all the time!)

6. Humility. If you look up the definition of “humility.” you’ll find things like “freedom from pride or arrogance” or “the quality or state of being humble”. It might sound from the outset that this is a suggestion to be meek. But truthfully, it’s quite the opposite.

Humility doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take pride in your accomplishments. Quite the contrary: shout them from the rooftops! However, what it does mean is that as you gain power, money, or influence, you shouldn’t use it to abuse or alienate others, nor should you take it as an indication that you are better than anybody else.

As a leader, humility means, basically, not forgetting who you are. Remember what you’ve had to do to get where you are, and be humbled by it. Use your power for good, and don’t forget all of the people and things that have helped you along the way.

Look how humble my 2nd millionaire trading challenge student Tim Grittani is:

7. Awareness. Powerful leaders must be extremely aware. This is on a few levels, so let’s explore.

First off, a leader must be aware of the goings-on of their surroundings. In business, this means knowing what is going on in current events and in the business news.

However, it also goes internally, too. Great leaders must have a strong sense of self awareness. This is what allows them to identify their strengths and weaknesses. Knowing their good and bad points allows them to work on the negative and highlight the positive. It also allows them to have specific personal goals and to continually work on bettering themselves.

8. Enthusiasm. Have you ever noticed how much more pleasurable it is to be around successful people who love what they do, as opposed to nasty people who just happen to be rich?

When you have enthusiasm and true, deep passion for what you do, it shows through. It gives you an authenticity that people gravitate toward, and your enthusiasm will be contagious. It’s as simple as that. If you don’t love or have passion for what you do, why are you doing it. And further, why should people follow your lead?

Listen to how pumped up my upcoming Millionaire trading challenge student Steven Dux is talking about his passion for studying:

9. Accountability. Mistakes and poor judgments happen to everyone. Even leaders and visionaries like Mark Zuckerberg aren’t immune from making mistakes.

Overall, it’s not a lack of making mistakes that makes a great and powerful leader. It’s how they react after making a mistake.

For example, have you ever noticed what happens when a so-called leader tries to deflect blame on another person, thing, or circumstance? People see him or her as weak, lacking in credibility, and they quickly turn on that person. However, when someone in power is brave enough to admit that they made a mistake and to do all that they can to move forward differently, people can appreciate that.

10. Generosity. Great leaders are generous.

Perhaps the most obvious is that they can give back with money. Doing things like establishing schools is one of the ways I give back, for instance…this $1 million donation I made is one of the proudest achievements of my life, if not the single proudest!

However, it can also be with their time. It’s a hallmark of a powerful leader that they are available to be a mentor or guide to those who aren’t as far along in their career. If you’ve ever heard the phrase “you get what you give”, this is it in action.

These ten traits are extremely common among powerful leaders. If you want to cultivate leadership in your own career, see how cultivating these traits of powerful leaders can help you on your way.

Leave a comment and tell me which trait you think is most important and/or which traits do you have? I’m curious to hear your thoughts!

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  1. Eric

    Be accountable for you leading genorosity, brave enough to admit you are wrong, and constantly seek transparent awareness of your surroundings. A purpose driven life flled with humility and (the) self motivation to work harder than you ever thought possible (to achieve goals with enthusiasm and devotion), will drive you toward success.
    ( I think most of the wonderful blog post adjectives have been used… Nice post Tim)

  2. April Baker

    Thanks! Tim I’ve learned so much from you over the weekend and this week has been my best week since I started back 2015! Thanks so much!


  3. Fred Becker

    I will definitely add these 10 Traits Of Powerful Leaders, along with 17 Lessons/Remember/Read Each Morn and 36 Commandments That You Should Live By/Remember/Read Each Morn and Read them all each morning before I start.


  4. Carolyn M.

    Be accountable for your actions. Treat everyone the way you want to be treated. Be excited even when it doesn’t look like you are winning. Be a giver, because God loves givers. Constantly seek new knowledge because it helps one to grow. I’ve learned all these traits through my life experiences, and always eager to take a challenge. The trait which is most important to me is humility, because I believe as you stated one should remain humble no matter their financial status, education, experience, and stability.

  5. De Wayne J

    1-5, and 7-9 are my strong points. I’m still working on the others but nevertheless I won’t stop. You influenced me 2 hold the mirror up to my self. Preciate it!

  6. Osvaldo Alvarez

    Tim, you’re the best, you have them all, thanks for your teachings, see you in Orlando

  7. Dwayne M

    Evening Tim,
    Thank you again for another well given post. I just want you to know that I am structuring a study schedule to get in as many short videos and post – readings as possible with out over load through the course of a day. # 6. Humility really stands out to me. I work to be humble in all my interactions; business or personal. In fact I began creating my Personal Rules for Penny Stock Trading. So far the 9th Rule is BE HUMBLE!!!
    One way or another I am creating a mindset for trading which seems to reflect some of your mindset too.
    Thank You Again. I am pleased to be part of the MMP.
    Dwayne M

  8. Anonymous

    I am already in the ball game of giving. I just would like a little more to give to cushion myself if l have to take a fall.

  9. Brownie taua

    I think if you can take 10 steps forward and turn back a helping hand to others you are already on your way to being something special.
    As you do this daily with schools, learning centres, and teaching, you show that money is good but having the willingness to help the unfortunate, teach the unknown, is an achievement that no value can be attached (priceless)…..

  10. Ben

    A desire to be the change I want to see in the world and provide for my family.
    “You can have anything you want in this world if you help enough others get what they want”-Zig

  11. Peter Chapman

    I think all of those traits are important!! I call it Tim’s 10 commandments of success lol. 1 of my favorite traits that you listed is Enthusiasm. I love surrounding myself with positve and successful people because that enthusiasm is very contagious!

  12. Vincenzo Migliaccio

    Thank you Tim. This blog reminded me to pick up and read (all the way till the end this time) again the book Tribal Leadership. Many of the traits you outlined are also mentioned and explored in this book.

  13. wassim Nabulsi

    Thank you Tim

    This is very inspiring.

    when you love what you and do it passionately, nothing else matter.

  14. Edit

    Thank you Tim for this great post. It is wonderful to be reminded on all of these important traits. It is almost impossible to pick the most important as all are equally important for me with sense of purpose, awareness and humility being on the front.

  15. Ryan

    I think self motivation is the most important because if you have that you can figure out how to attain the other 9 items on the list. Thanks!

  16. Michael

    These are great reminders for all of us that are still at the beginning of our journey. I’m at the point of taking action, and these posts are helpful to keep focus and perspective.

    Thank you!

  17. matt_law

    Nice write up. For me it all starts with self motivation/discipline (my personal biggest hurdle)
    As always, thank you for taking the time.

  18. Richelle

    I think being brave is the most difficult. It is easy to project some of the others, but bravery has to come from a deep self-acceptance and I am still working on that; acceptance that is. I believe bravery comes from being able to reflect on what you’ve been told, and still be able to move forward regardless, whether an introvert or extrovert. Thanks for the article, it was very motivating for me today.

  19. Liz

    Humility stands out! The rules of nature is “you receive 10 times what you give” so be conscious of what you give to the world
    Tim you are the best can’t wait to work with you

  20. Tripper32

    Bravery and Constantly seeking are probably my most but hope to become more charitable through your teachings as well.

  21. Wellington

    number 10 is the most important and the most difficult! “it is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven” but besides that, when a man dies, he doesn’t take anything with him, no tittles, no degrees, no money, the only thing that counts are his good deeds, generosity, and all other virtues that make God smile. Thanks for sharing Mr. Sykes, definitely your legacy and your good heart are noted in heaven.

  22. Myra

    Constantly Seeking, I’m constantly seeking ways to be and do better and learn something new,, it’s fun! Purpose for me very important or why and how can you truly exist. Generosity, I need to share important things, which is very fulfilling. Enthusiasm, I must say I’m very enthusiastic about being a MMP member. I remember buying a very inexpensive book on penny stocks back around 2008 and did not understand what I was reading. Forward to now I’m very surprised that I am understanding everything you’re saying (still sketchy on how to short sell) but I’ll get it!

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