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8 Ways to Stay Committed to Your Goals

As I posted on instagram earlier today:

Here’s some #dailymotivation for you as unlike @shadmoss I don’t have to steal other people’s photos to pretend this is mine and even though I became a #millionaire roughly 15 years like #bowwow did too, I am relatively #frugal with it so I’m not sure how he spent all of his money! As for why I post pics and videos of #stacksonstacks like this all the time, it’s not to be a dick like a #trustfundbaby or to get you to buy music like a wannabe #rapper it’s to inspire my students to #studyhard as I teach everything you need to know about the #stockmarket so these are the rewards as #studyingpaysoff and I encourage you to look up the revolutionary #goalsetting studies done by Professors Locke and Latham, having #biggoals helps your daily performance! #ilovemyjob #dailyinspiration #dailydouche #thegoodlife #workhardplayharder #jewspiration #jewishbedspread #liljewjew

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…it’s important to have big goals and dreams and sometimes they feel so close that you can practically taste them. At these times, staying committed to your goals seems effortless. However, at other times, your goals may feel so far away that they seem absolutely impossible to reach in this lifetime. At these times, it’s far harder to remain committed.

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So how can you remain committed to your goals? The goal, no pun intended, of this post is to help you figure out sustainable ways to stay focused on your goals, so that you can stick with them through the good, the bad, and all of those in between times…because as you saw in this blog post, sometimes your success takes longer than you first expect so you MUST allow your journey to play out and I hate it when students on the right track don’t have patience and cutoff their education, and their futures, prematurely.

1. Set goals. Before you can stay committed to your goals, you need to set goals. Setting goals that are as specific as possible is one of the most vital ingredients in making your financial dreams a reality. You must set goals.

Put it this way. If you want to become a millionaire (and who doesn’t?), rather than setting a simplistic goal like “make a million dollars”, it’s far better to think about what those millions could accomplish in your life. Set specific goals for what you hope to attain, or how you want your quality of life to change. When applicable, apply a specific financial sum to your goals.

It’s far easier to give up when your goal is very pie in the sky and vague. However, when you create specific goals, you will feel passionate about attaining those things and that quality of life; this will help you stay committed.

2. Revisit your goals frequently. Setting goals isn’t a “one and done” sort of deal. You need to revisit your goals frequently. It might not actually be on a daily basis, but it should be something that you make a regular habit.

It doesn’t have to be a big thing: simply consider your goals and evaluate your progress toward them. Are there things you are doing right or wrong? Evaluate these things and adjust your modes of working accordingly.

Also, if your goals are being reached too quickly, aim higher! This is a sure fire way to stay motivated.

3. Set routines. Routines might seem boring, but they can take you to sexy places (i.e., making millions). You just want to make sure they’re positive routines.

By and large, millionaires didn’t get to where they are by winging it. They’ve taken the time to cultivate good habits, and that takes discipline and routine.

So take the lead and figure out what routines work for you. Figure out the best times to trade, the best times to read and do research, and the best time to rest. By establishing routines, you’ll allow yourself to work more consistently, which will deliver better results.

4. Stay inspired. Sometimes your motivation needs a little nudge in the right direction. Seeking out external inspiration can be a great way to stay on track with your goals.

One great way to stay inspired is to look at people who are killing it as traders or in business, people like my top trading challenge students who you should get inspired by:

Maybe this means meeting with your mentor, or maybe it means looking at some of the success stories of the Tim Sykes Million Challenge Team. Or perhaps it’s reading trader biographies or listening to podcasts related to trading. Whatever inspires you, seek out that inspiration often.

5. Look at the big picture. It can be easy to lose sight of your goals and feel your motivation diminish when times get tough. Unfortunately, since tough times and mistakes are inevitable for every trader, you need to learn coping mechanisms so that you don’t give up.

Often, looking at the big picture can be helpful. Maybe things are not going as you’d like at this exact moment, but with enough hard work, dedication and patience, your future is bright. So, always remember to look at the big picture. You’ll realize that what you’re going through right now is temporary, and that it doesn’t mean you’re doomed to fail.

6. Stay accountable. Self motivation is extremely difficult. While you need it to be successful as a trader, sometimes you need to look to your network to help keep you accountable.

Members of the Tim Sykes Millionaire Challenge are held accountable because they have their peers, their goals, and me to hold them accountable. This can prompt them to step outside of their box and try new techniques and continue to challenge themselves. My students have a stronger work ethic because the challenge holds them accountable.

Having someone or something to answer to is a powerful motivator, so make sure you’re holding yourself accountable.

7. Don’t burn out. Believe it or not, sometimes taking time off is the best thing you can do to get closer to your goals. Trader burnout is a very real thing, and once you reach that point, it’s going to feel impossible to stay on track toward reaching your goals. Everything will seem hard.

So basically, what I am saying is that to stay committed to your goals, you have to commit to taking care of yourself. Know when it’s time to say when and quit for the night; be aware at what point you stop being productive and just start spinning your wheels.

When you’re in peak form, you are a better trader.

8. Stay the course. Follow the tips for staying to committed to your goals as listed in this post. And once you’ve done that? Rinse and repeat. To stay committed to your goals, you need to work hard on nurturing them and your career. The tips as listed in this post are not a one time thing. They are things that you should be doing constantly in your career to remind yourself of your goals and stay on track.

Staying committed to your goals does require effort and maintenance, but it’s worthwhile. After all, your goals are what keep you motivated and “hungry” as a trader, so it’s important to constantly remember and nurture them in a variety of ways. In time, these tips will become second nature, and you’ll never lose sight of your goals!

How do you stay committed to your goals?

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  1. James Broome

    Thank you for this post as always it is great to learn and be inspired. My goal is to be able to move to an island where cannabis is legal, so I can stop talking all the meds I take to control the RSD that has taken over my life. A constant temp would be a much needed help as well. I am at the beginning of this journey as a trader. I have been studying since last September and I have started trading some but I have a long way to go.

  2. Patrick Jepsen

    Great post, Tim, It has got me thinking about a few different things:
    The first step to becoming successful is raising your standards. Limits do not exist, they are there to be pushed. Any dream without a plan is NOTHING but a wish. You must shoot your goals up high! Set side goals as little milestones to measure your progress on the big ones. You must plan every charted course to make sure you are using every second you have on this earth efficiently. CONSTANTLY review and check up goals to see if you are efficiently making progress on them and how you could do EVEN better.

    I am going to use myself as an example referring to the way I structure my days (Not bragging this is just what I do):

    Every single day I have an extremely strict routine. I know what I am supposed to do with every second passing through my day. I make the time to plan the next day before I go to bed at night. I have a checklist (Plan) which is a list of activities and tasks I have to complete in the day ahead. There are side points that explain the task and help me achieve them.
    I have made a vision board in my room (Approximately around 60cm by 100 Contacted and finalised) It has life lessons, quotes, successful people, goals and things that mean a lot to me. This is what fires me up in the morning, It inspires me and gets me hungry for new knowledge at the start of the day.

    Network with people you aspire to be like, be inspired by them and learn all you can from multiple people and resources. Know when you have achieved your daily goal, it is essential to have some down time to refresh to be at your best for the next day. Always look at the bigger picture and don’t get worked up on meaningless things that won’t even matter in a years time, don’t let it distract you from working towards the big goal! If you have a sophisticated enough plan and stick to it, you will achieve your goals.

  3. Eric

    Stay inspired to achieve your specific goals and motivated to make a difference for yourself and others.. Giving back helps INSPIRE because after all. What good is money if you can’t share it .. You don’t want to be bitter, angry and alone . No one wants to be around a cantankerous old millionaire who is stingy , mean and generally hates that money defines him .. There are to many people that let money and status get in the way of. Being a kind, caring and helpful person

  4. alex martey

    thanks for all you do for me and all traders you are mentoring from both near and far.
    you are highly appreciated. presently i’m in the millionaire member program, aspiring and working to be
    your future challenge student.

  5. Ahmed ahmed

    Wow, you are starting to freak me out right now. This is all i have been thinking about all day. Im in the process of funding a small account. Im studying your videos and trying to make my game plan so that im prepared for whatever comes my way and how to deal with wins by not becoming overconfident and ending up with mistakes and not to get to depressed when i take a loss.

  6. Greg Halliwill

    Great rules to go by. Thanks Tim. I study in all of my spare time. I have a structure in place and in route to make a list of accomplishments to work toward. First of them are simple and humble when I can sustain those I’ll move on to higher levels of goals. My immediate goal is to study hard and know enough about stock trading to understand when to play a trade and why. When to enter a trade and when to get out. Utmost to losses quickly!

  7. Louis Horvath

    I enjoy reading your blogs. especially, this one. I look at my goals every so often to get inspire and stay on course. A mentor like you, helps tremendously, to attain my goals because there’s no B.S. with you. The community you have built on profit.ly are so supportive I never see anything like it. It’s worth the investment to build your knowledge account and surround yourself self made millionaire traders.

    Thank you,

  8. Mike Hutchinson

    Excellent advice. Always good to make your goals SMART (Specific, Meaningful, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Bound).

  9. Ryan

    Great stuff as usual. Thanks Tim! I do all of these things but I struggle with taking breaks. I’m much better about it now and I’m finally starting to realize how beneficial taking breaks really is. I only wish I realized it sooner!

  10. Paul

    All great points. I like the looking at the big picture and not getting discouraged by small failures. Learn from them and keep your goals in mind.

  11. Michael Smith

    Excellent advice. I type this as I am taking the weekend off to visit Napa with the wife and pup. See you in the challenge chatroom on Monday!

  12. Sylvia

    Soooooo truuuue! So inspiring! Because of my goals I just joined the millionaires challenge. I Love your pictures. Especially the last one, truly heaven on earth!

  13. Joseph Williams

    Thanks for the great post Tim. What keeps me most committed to my goals definitely starts with the trading challenge, and market mastery. Finding ways to keep track of my progress to see I am really learning, and moving forward in my education each day. Its truly been an amazing journey so far, and I am so excited to see where the future takes me as I keep reaching new goals. I’m now up to 3 times through the Dux interview, and you really do learn more each time watching.

  14. Justin

    I need to find a mentor or an accountability buddy to keep me going and keep me on the right track. Thanks for the post.

  15. Natalie

    Keep your big goal in mind, but make smaller goals along the way, so that each day you are making little progress and realize that those little steps are what it takes to reach your larger goals.

  16. Claudia Montoya

    I stay committed beacuase i realize that it takes long to get to my goal, I’m enjoying the process and even though I don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to studying I do everyday as much as I can. Thank you for keeping us inspired and going.

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