One Of The Biggest Keys To My Success

One Of The Biggest Keys To My Success

UPDATE: My upcoming conference is still 2 months away, but we are 100% sold out and I gave tons of warnings

While becoming a millionaire is tough, there are a few keys to success that I’ve learned over the years and one of the most important is preparation….namely creating watchlists ahead of time to track possible stocks to buy…just like I did in my latest video lesson here:

LUNA was an absolutely perfect morning dip buy, it was this pattern outlined in my blog post “Try This Every Morning To Improve Your Chances For Profits” to a T, but the morning panic was also VERY quick so it was essential to be watching the stock ahead of time as anything later would be too late.

Several of my top trading challenge students nailed it, along with several more students too because I had LUNA on my watchlist the night before in which I said this:

TCS, LUNA, AUDC are the 3 top earnings winners I’m watching for potential dip buys…none of them are volatile enough for me, so I don’t want to chase any of them…I’ll wait for panics to dip buy into, ideally morning panics like this classic pattern

Download the key points of this post as PDF.

And when I saw the pattern playing out I immediately acted upon it and made nearly $1,000 in under an hour:

So, my actual trade was solid in this instance, but more important was the watchlist that predicted it ahead of time…and that’s why I’m proud to introduce something new right now, something I’ve never tried before!

Because I’m ALWAYS testing and trying out new ideas and ways of teaching, I’m proud to announce HERE that I’ll be giving a FREE watchlist every Sunday night here in what I called “Sykes Sunday Watchlists”!

Definitely visit and enter your email to receive these new watchlists 100% totally free, no BS, no obligation, no risk, no $, just 100% free to help reinforce the important of preparation ahead of time.

I know I’ll get a ton of questions about this so let me just answer some ahead of time — this is something totally new and free and different from my other newsletters that will have more detailed watchlists and as you know I do my other watchlists daily not just weekly so I highly encourage you to join one of my newsletters here, as this new Sunday Watchlist is just an intro.

Why am I making this new service 100% free? Because I’m sick and tired of people making excuses as to why they’re not studying, why they’re not preparing ahead of time, it’s so much $, it’s so much work, blah blah blah…so for this you don’t have pay ANY $, you don’t have to do ANY work, I’ll do all the hard work, you just have to read…and to get on this you have to signup here

Will this new service include trade alerts? NO!

For real-time stock trading alerts, commentary, chatroom access, all the good stuff, you have get in on one of my newsletters HERE, this is purely watchlists once per week to help you prepare better.

One Of The Biggest Keys To My Success
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And I’ll also be reviewing recent plays too so I won’t just name a stock then forget about it forever as too many people seem to do… even if I don’t trade the stock or it doesn’t do what I expect, it’s still SO IMPORTANT to review recent plays, recent potential plays, and various strategies and patterns too so you can adapt to what’s working best and minimize strategies/patterns that are not working right now.

NEVER forget that the stock market is NOT an exact science, it’s more of an art and it doesn’t have one bullseye for you to hit, it’s more of a moving bullseye.

Sorry it’s not as easy as most people assume, but this is why 90% of traders lose and the richest 1% are only a very small group of people out of the whole of people who try to get very wealthy…so I’m here to help you utilize the tools, techniques and mindset that successful people use.

And NEVER forget that I didn’t have a teacher, and so while I’ve made millions over the years, I made so many bone-headed mistakes and was on the wrong track for far too long so I’m here to be the teacher to you that I never had…so get used to me teaching you weird/counter-intuitive rules that will change your life and your family’s lives just like they changed my life and my family’s lives too!

So, let me just repeat, go to to fill out your email to get access to this new Sunday watchlist service and once you do, you’ll get 3 solid stocks to watch every single week, to be sent out on Sundays.

I pray that you take advantage of this and also see why I am doing this — to help you be better prepared for the opportunities that come about every Monday.

And please do NOT feel pressure to trade these stocks right away, a watchlist is NOT a tradelist so just watch the stocks and wait until they have the right patterns/price action that you should be studying from this new must read stock trading book too!

Some of these stocks on these weekly watchlists might make for great trades, many times there will be NO great trade, but the key is ALWAYS being prepared ahead of time and having enough patience to wait for the best plays as that patience is what will pay you the most in the long run!