Shockingly Blunt Answers To Newbie Trading Questions {VIDEO}

Key Takeaways

  • New to trading? Don’t miss this Challenge webinar Q&A session!
  • Learn when to trade more conservatively and when to load up.
  • What I think about to keep me safe when I’m in a trade…

Don’t miss the latest installment of my Trading Challenge webinar videos. In this part of the series, the focus is Q&A. Will I answer your trading question? Watch the video lesson to find out…

  • Which trading indicators and tech tools are best? Learn my favorites and which I avoid.
  • What you must understand about trading promoted stocks — brainwashed newbies don’t know this.
  • Should you use the bid or ask … or scale in and out? Learn the best way to get in and out of trades.
  • Think any OTC with news is a buy? Study this!
  • What’s the best way to buy a morning panic? Tune in to learn what I watch for.
  • Feeling guilty for missing a trade? I’ll show you how to shake it off.

Don’t miss this must-watch video!

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