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Determining Risk/Reward: FREE 45-Minute Video Of My New ‘How To Make Millions’ Charity DVD


As I teased in this post earlier today, my ‘How To Make Millions’ DVD is 70% off here (remember all the $ from the sale of this DVD goes to charity) for just a few more days during it’s pre-sale…I previously posted this video preview of some of the other great millionaire traders featured on this DVD, but I thought I’d show you some awesome clips from a section I just finished today regarding risk/reward and trade planning…45 minutes out of right now 35+ hours of content, this section focusing on risk/reward…oh baby, this is going to be a GREAT study guide…I hope you enjoy and learn:

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Did I Succeed Or Fail At Harvard? [AWESOME VIDEO]

I get thousands of emails every day, most are from people who want to get rich, but who aren’t willing to do what’s necessary.

I give them clear instructions on how to be my next Tim Grittani, my 2nd millionaire student and top trading challenge student who has now turned $1,500 of his own money into $1.83 million in 3.5 years as my student, they ignore my free video lesson series and ignore my list of the best brokers, instead demanding hot stock picks. Continue reading

This Is Tough For Me To Say



Save up to 56% off HERE on this annual plan sale


Save 40% on these DVD study guides for a limited time

I already have 2 official millionaire trading challenge students, and 2 unofficial ones, and I’m up $625,000+ halfway through in 2014 trading (see all trades) even as I spend the majority of my time teaching.

And so this video lesson below is a difficult but important subject to teach you guys…my success and the success of my top students has nothing to do with 5- 10 cents/share gains…to make big money you need: Continue reading

10 Lessons To Truly Honor Memorial Day

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2 years ago I featured these amazing soldier-traders on Memorial Day and some of their badass trades using my strategy.

Now I want to celebrate/honor this important day with 10 lessons from these 2 HUGELY important videos I just posted — one featuring a montage of 40+ trades of mine detailed in my massive 2,000ish video lesson library available to Silver subscribers and one from my incredible Turks & Caicos villa in the Caribbean: Continue reading

Video Of My Harvard University Speech [INSPIRING VIDEO]

Special bonus HERE for you valued readers who take the time to read my blog posts/watch my video lessons, I’m immensely grateful as my life is fulfilled not only because of the millions of dollars I’ve made & the freedom that comes with it, but the students whose lives have been changed by my teachings.

(Please do wish my mom a Happy Mother’s Day HERE, we’re doing a spa day at the best spa in Beverly Hills right now…my insane work ethic comes from her so ALL my students are indebted to her bigtime!)

Several years ago I made a bold claim that I would create a millionaire from scratch…as you can see here I now have 2 official millionaire trading challenge students (and 2 unofficial millionaire students who don’t want public attention)

My 1st millionaire student is this guy and CNN wrote about my 2nd millionaire student HERE and FOX w/ Neil Cavuto & Fox & Friends interviewed my 2nd millionaire student & I: Continue reading

Invoice #31011

I should invoice you for this valuable information, but because I want more dedicated trading challenge students and newsletter subscribers I’m gonna show you how I made several thousand dollars in a few hours by picking the single hottest stock in the market before it spiked 40% a few hours later FOR FREE:

Here’s the intraday chart of WATT where I alerted my newsletter subscribers about my buy at $8/share…just hours before it spiked to over $11/share: Continue reading

URGENT: Win A FREE $10,000 Trip Aboard A $12 Million Yacht February 19-22 With Me

No catches whatsoever, I’m gonna take a few lucky students aboard a $12 million yacht to trade live with me later this week in the British Virgin Islands…I’m even gonna fly you out, total trip value is roughly $10,000 per person…watch this video and see what you have to do to enter in the next 24 hours Continue reading