How I Master the “Buy the Dip” Strategy {VIDEO}

How I  Master the “Buy the Dip” Strategy: Key Takeaways

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  • The mindset that can help you avoid early entries and costly mistakes…
  • Must-learn lessons from two of my recent dip buy trades…

Dip buying isn’t an exact science. If you try to catch a falling knife, you can get bloody hands. But if you prepare and learn from successful traders, you can potentially avoid those messy mistakes. Watch the video below to learn from my recent trades, so you can become a dip buy master!

While you’re watching, take notes on how I master the “buy the dip” strategy. Here are a few hints…

  • Think my students and I are perfect traders? NOPE. Find out what separates us from the 90% of traders who lose.
  • Repeat after me: “I don’t want to trade.” It sounds counterintuitive, but here’s how that mindset can help your trading…
  • I got faked out and lost almost $1,000. Learn what I did wrong and how you can avoid costly mistakes like this…
  • Pattern recognition is only part of your trading education — see what you must also understand.
  • One indicator is key to the dip buy strategy. Learn how you can spot it.

Watch the video below to learn all that and more from two of my recent dip buy trades.

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