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By Updated on February 7, 2023

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I jumped for joy when I bought my first Lamborghini.

It felt like I had achieved my boyhood dreams.

So, imagine my surprise when I bought a second one and felt…nothing.

I thought something was wrong with me, that maybe I was sick.

It turns out I reached an inflection point in my life.

Working for myself meant very little anymore.

As we laid the last brick on the first school I built in Bali, I realized what I was meant to do.

Working for others now means everything.

This was a bit of a shock to Ryan Pineda, famed podcaster and real estate investor.

He knew me from the internet and the personality I presented to the world over the last two decades.

However, the ‘real me’ often gets lost – the one who advocates for the environment, donates his trading profits, and helps children around the world,

I recently sat down with Ryan to tape an episode for his YouTube channel.

Ryan and I talked about everything from penny stocks to real estate.

It was a great interview where I got very candid.

But it was three things in particular that really surprised Ryan because they shattered his preconceived notions.

I exploit my niche very well

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During the dotcom bubble, I bought any company that added ‘.com’ to its name.

Sure enough, they’d skyrocket in days.

It was my first foray into hype trading and not my last.

A few years later, I learned to short many of those same names as they plummeted.

This was the beginning of my 7-Step Penny Stock Framework.

I’m not great at math. Frankly, I don’t think I’m that smart academically.

But I also am lucky and intuitive.

Ryan didn’t believe me when I told him I’m a terrible investor.

So it took a bit of convincing.

Early on, I learned to spot the Supernova promotion cycle work its way through stock after stock.

At the same time, I saw promoters talk up these same companies.

The whole environment coalesced around this boom/bust pattern that still works today.

It forms the foundation I teach my Millionaire Challenge students.

What I teach works across asset classes

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Ryan asked me whether penny stock trading was a side hustle or something more.

He didn’t expect me to say it could be whatever you want.

Some of my students trade full time.

Jack Kellogg studied his butt off to earn over $10 million in trading profits.

Other folks keep it small and follow my Weekend Profits, which trades one of my favorite patterns – buy on Friday and sell on Monday using a specific strategy.

My methods are designed to help everyday folks grow their small accounts, whether its a few hundred or a few thousand dollars.

Small and steady wins the race

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I’ve made over $7 million trading.

However, I’ve only made over $1 million a few times in a single year.

For example, last year, I barely broke $100,000.

Over time, even these small gains add up.

As I explained to Ryan, throwing so little money at bluechips will not help you in the long run.

However, as Ryan noticed, the swells (bubbles) in asset classes that build and burst offer opportunities to really move the needle.

Earning 10%-15% on $2,000 isn’t going to do much.

But if you manage to take just one great trade per week that nets you 5%, even if you lose one out of every three trades, you’d more than double your account in a year.

Most of my students don’t become millionaire traders in their first few years.

However, the ones that dedicate themselves to studying, learning to identify setups, managing risk, and properly executing trades stand the best chance of generating consistent trading profits.

That seems counterintuitive, considering we’re trading stocks that sometimes move hundreds of percentage points.

However, the goal isn’t to capture the entirety of a move.

It’s to make a consistent profit.

Once you treat trading like a business and not a casino, everything changes.

That’s something Ryan teaches his students about real estate.

So you know, if two successful folks offer the same advice, chances are it’s worth listening to.



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